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Defensive tackle Kelly Gregg said there is no animosity between him and linebacker Ray Lewis. A month ago, Lewis criticized the Ravens' personnel on national television, saying their small defensive tackles don't allow him to be a dominant player.

"It didn't hurt me at all, not one bit," said Gregg, who stands 6-0, 310 pounds. "You can talk about whatever was said in the off-season, but the thing that hurt me the worst is losing and not getting to the playoffs."

Gregg is considered the unsung hero of the Ravens' high-profile defense.

Using his great strength and leverage, Gregg plays bigger than his frame, developing into one of the team's most consistent defensive players since taking over as a starter in 2002. In fact, he has as many 100-tackle seasons (two) as Lewis since 2003.

But Lewis prefers to have tackles such as Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams who shield him from blockers rather than accumulate tackles. That's why Lewis sounded off on the Ravens' defensive front a week before they drafted 340-pound Haloti Ngata, saying, "The thing that frustrates a person like myself is when you don't give me the proper tools to be dominant."

Gregg doesn't plan to approach Lewis about his comments, saying he understands the circumstances surrounding the remarks.

"It's great to make buddies and friends, but we want to win," Gregg said. "Everything stinks when you're losing. Everyone is mad at each other, and the food is not as good. But when you're winning, everything is great. I'd go out there and eat a boot and it would taste good."

Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan seemed more upset by Lewis' criticism than Gregg.

"The unfortunate part is how it makes Kelly look," Ryan said last month. "It seems like I'm always defending the guy. He's a damn good football player."

Before joining the Ravens' coaching staff last season, Clarence Brooks oversaw the Miami Dolphins' defensive line, which started prototypical, bigger tackles such as Tim Bowens and Larry Chester.

It didn't take Brooks long to look past Gregg's lack of size and appreciate his skill as a technician.

"Until you really study him and are around him every day, you don't realize what he can do," Brooks said. "He's the best leverage player I've been around. He's the best player I've ever been around as far as always being on balance and staying on his feet."

In defense of his play, Gregg pointed out that Lewis was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2003, when Gregg was the biggest defensive lineman. The other starters that season (Tony Weaver and Marques Douglas) both weighed less than 300 pounds.

"Sure, it would be nice to have those big guys, but change always happens," Gregg said. "We're going to go out there and compete. All we care about is winning. Nobody's feelings are going to get hurt."

--Undrafted rookie cornerback Ronnie Prude got an unfriendly welcome when introduced at the festival. He was booed by the crowd for wearing a New York Yankees hat.

--Fullback Alan Ricard was working off to the side with a trainer during the second week of spring practices. The three-year starter played only two games last season because of a calf injury.

--CB Dale Carter might return in a specialized role to cover tight ends in dime packages.
--WR Patrick Johnson was a little-used reserve who could come back for depth in training camp.
--LB Tommy Polley was solid and could return as a starter for a bargain price.
--RB Jamel White is unlikely to return.
UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS (not tendered offers)
--LS Drew Caylor (not tendered as ERFA).
--DT Gary Gibson (not tendered as ERFA).
--CB Cash Mouton (not tendered as ERFA).
--DT Cedric Hilliard (tendered at $350,000).
--CB Robb Butler: ERFA; $425,000/1 yr).
--PK Aaron Elling: RFA; $721,600/1 yr.
--NT Aubrayo Franklin: RFA; terms unknown, had been tendered at $721,600.
--LB Dennis Haley: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr.
--DE Jarret Johnson: RFA; $1.573M/1 yr.
--LS Matt Katula: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr.
--RB Jamal Lewis: UFA; $26M/3 yrs, $5M SB; 2006 cap: $2.67M.
--FB Ovie Mughelli: RFA; terms unknown, had been tendered at $721,600.
--CB Zach Norton: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr).
--CB Evan Oglesby: ERFA; $350,000/ 1 yr).
--OT Tony Pashos: RFA; had been tendered at $1.573M.
--OG Brian Rimpf: ERFA; terms unknown.
--QB Brian St. Pierre; ERFA; terms unknown.
--RB B.J. Sams: ERFA; $425,000/1 yr.
--LB Bart Scott: UFA; $13.5M/3 yrs, $6.5M SB; 2006 cap: $3.17M.
--LB Mike Smith: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr).
--RB Musa Smith: RFA; $721,600/1 yr.
--C Thatcher Szalay: ERFA; $425,000/1 yr.
--DE Benard Thomas: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr).
--CB B.J. Ward: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr).
--TE Daniel Wilcox: Potential RFA; 3 yrs, terms unknown.
--LB Zac Woodfin: ERFA; $350,000/1 yr).
--RB Mike Anderson: FA Broncos; $8M/4 yrs, $2M SB.
--P Leo Araguz: FA; terms unknown.
--DT Justin Bannan: UFA Bills; $8M/4 yrs, $3M SB.
--CB Corey Ivy: UFA Rams; $2.16M/3 yrs, $250,000 SB; 2006 cap: $668,333.
--LB Tim Johnson: UFA Raiders; 1 yr, terms unknown.
--DE Trevor Pryce: FA Broncos; $25M/5 yrs, $10M guaranteed.
--LB Gary Stills: FA Chiefs; $2.6M/3 yrs, SB unknown.
--LB Peter Boulware (released).
--OT Orlando Brown (released; post-June 1 designation).
--S Will Demps: UFA Giants; 5 yrs, terms unknown.
--TE Darnell Dinkins: UFA Browns; $2.1M/3 yrs, $200,000 SB.
--WR Randy Hymes: UFA Jaguars; terms unknown.
--DT Maake Kemoeatu: UFA Panthers; $27.5M/5 yrs, $6M SB/$2M OB '07.
--CB Deion Sanders: UFA; retired).
--RB Chester Taylor: UFA Vikings; $14.1M/4 yrs, $5.6M guaranteed.
--DE Tony Weaver: UFA Texans; $26.5M/5 yrs, $12M SB.
--S Chad Williams: UFA 49ers; terms unknown.
--QB Anthony Wright: UFA Bengals; 1 yr, terms unknown.
--P Dave Zastudil: UFA Browns; $8M/5 yrs, $1.66M SB.
MEDICAL WATCH: No updates.

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