The Windbag Report 7/11/02

Well here we are, 3 weeks to camp, the Orioles hovering around .500, finally got some golf in, deck is started on the new house, things are looking up…and not a Raven draftee signed. Why? Why is it we don't have these guys wrapped up? It's as simple as pie, and easier than pi. Last year the 23rd pick got X, the rookie salary cap went up Y. We offer Mr. Reed X times Y. He seems reasonable and this deal could have been done.

The lower rounds even easier, maybe we have to go to 4 years instead of 3 to stretch the bonus on some of these guys, but big whip.  I think we have a great FO when it comes to finding impact football players, but when it comes to signing them we are below average and need work in the area.  This is not dependent on Ray and Peter getting new deals, so let's get done what we can get done!


Speaking of getting things done (R thinks he is the king of segues), what about this whole baseball situation?  LOL.  Who are the idiots in charge of this mess?  Fehr and Selig?  What a pair of dumbass evil titsticks.  I view Fehr as the greater of the two evils while Selig is the dumber of the two.  Who in their right mind thinks another baseball strike, and if it goes that long, missed post-season, will be fine with the fans?  Here is one who, in 1994, did not take the pledge of never returning, but will in 2002.  I didn't go to a game in 2001, Cal's last.  It was hard to stay away, I had offers of free tickets and the like, but made myself stay away to make a point to King Pete.  Now, just as I am getting juiced again and ready to attend and buy the Italian Sausage with the works and drink 8 beers and drop $40 not including ticket the strike starts looming.


Let me make it clear Messrs. Fehr and Selig, I am your backbone, the guy who normally shows up 10 to 20 nights a year and drops $30 to $40 in concessions himself, not including those with me.  It's all gone, permanently, if there is a strike that lasts any length of time.   Maybe I am not Mr. Cellphone buying 81 games for the corporation, but I am the guy who uses those tickets.


Go ahead, make my day.


And speaking of making my day….DAMN…can't work that in, I surrender to R's segue greatness.


As you all are painfully aware because I love to talk about myself (no better subject), I have just moved.  Let me start off by saying Adelphia Cable blows, but I am not that much into TV that I will spend the extra bucks on satellite.  However, on one of the local county channels I am catching a HS baseball game one day, Liberty and Westminster going at it.  I am watching this two bit production with three cameras and a couple of announcers who probably just got an AA in communications from Carroll Community when it hits me…this really isn't that much worse than Reghi or the dumbasses who produce and direct Os games.  I can take Palmer in stints and I like Flanigan.  Reghi blows, he is terrible.  It is one thing to shill for King Pete, it is another to just suck at announcing, and he does.


And the camera work, please.  How many times do I need to see a runner bounce across home plate while the ball is being thrown to 3rd trying to catch a guy coming from first.  Memo to the jackasses producing the Os games, follow the ball and you can't go wrong.  The 3 cameras at the HS game worked better, the director was not inclined to continually switch from one to the other for the sake of it, nor did he get confused by his options when the action was starting. Addition to the previous memo, lose all but 3-4 of the cameras.


Better yet, hire me, I have never directed or produced a TV show, I have only done porn.  But I am quite confident I could nail that better than the current selection of schlocks.  I was never focused on a facial expression and missed the money shot, covering a play at third and ignoring the guy crossing the plate can't be any tougher.


Mr. Reghi, you can book this one up your butt.


Thankfully we have a solid crew here to cover football, Dev and Pro do a great job of covering the Ravens as fans with their input while Aaron is giving us the gift of an insider's view, and with a quite polished writing style.  Frankly, I am, like many of you, completely bored.


Remember, family day is August 3rd and we are meeting at my place afterward.  Sign up on the pinned thread in the Ravens forum.  Even if you are new here, that's cool, I'll just have my dog sniff you to make sure you don't smell like burning river or iron smelt before you can gain entry.


Until next time, bask in my brilliance.


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