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WESTMINSTER -- Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Mark Clayton consulted a doctor regarding his chronic left hamstring injury, and received a mixed message. While he's not immediately capable of returning, Clayton said he's confident that he will be out for a matter of days, not weeks.

He might be available for practice next week after missing the past three days of workouts at McDaniel College.

"I'm just feeling it out," Clayton said. "I want to get out there with the guys, but taking care of yourself is the same thing as doing what you can to help the team.

"It's the exact same thing I've done to it before. It's the same procedure and same process to treat it."

Ravens trainer Bill Tessendorf reiterated that Clayton's injury is regarded as day-to-day.

Clayton, who finished third on the team in catches last season after being drafted in the first round, has previously injured his hamstring twice and tweaked it again Monday.

"I think we have it figured out and hopefully it won't come back again," Clayton said. "Only time will tell."

Clayton stressed that the injury stems from an alignment issue in his lower back, which places undue stress on his leg muscles and can be aided by visiting a chiropractor. He added that he has injured his hamstring whether he's accelerating or slowing down.

"It can be connected to the back," Tessendorf said. "Mark is working very hard to get back, but he's not able to be productive yet. It's hard to say when he'll be back exactly. The back is one of the things we're looking at."

TRAINING ROOM: Outside linebacker Dan Cody sprained tendons in his ankle and left practice, but indicated that the injury isn't serious.

"It's not that bad," said Cody, who hopes to play in a scrimmage Saturday against the Washington Redskins.

Wide receivers Demetrius Williams (hamstring), Clarence Moore (hernia, physically unable to perform list), wide receiver Rufus Skillern (calf), safety Steve Paris (leg) and tight end Bobby Blizzard (back) didn't practice.

Meanwhile, cornerbacks Samari Rolle (knee) and David Pittman (hamstring) returned to practice.

WHO'S RUNNING THE OFFENSE?: Billick took umbrage with a published report that stated that offensive coordinator Jim Fassel didn't call all the plays last season with Billick taking over inside the red zone.

Billick, who was ordered to avoid confrontations with the media by owner Steve Bisciotti when he was allowed to return after last year's 6-10 campaign, resembled his old fiery self after practice while disputing the story. Billick acknowledged that he did call some of the plays, but said it was only on a handful of occasions.

"Jim Fassel made it very clear twice that he called every play last year, virtually every play," Billick said. "He made it clear and repeated himself twice, saying he called virtually every play last year and you can't be any more direct and honest than that.

"I don't want to get in a confrontation and the new me isn't going to do it, but man if you ask a direct question and we give you a direct answer are you not incumbent to put it out there? Now, you can call me a bold-faced liar if you want: 'He said this and I think he's lying. That's fine."

Following the loss to the Denver Broncos last year, wide receiver Derrick Mason pointedly criticized Billick after the team unsuccessfully decided to go for it on fourth down near the goal line rather than kick a field goal.

"You need to ask coach Billick if he made the right call or not," Mason said. "He'll probably give you a straight answer. He'll probably give you one of those intelligent answers. Go ask him. You ought to get a mouthful."

When asked how the new Brian Billick is doing, the coach quipped: "Um, the old Brian just showed up a little bit, but that wasn't my fault."

Fassel attempted to make light of the controversy when asked who would be calling the plays Saturday: "We're going to have a drawing."

FASSEL TO MISS SCRIMMAGE: Fassel won't be calling the plays or attending the Ravens' scrimmage Saturday at FedEx Field, but it's not because of a power struggle. His daughter is getting married.

"She told me Aug. 5 is the only day she could do it and if not she was going to have to wait a year," Fassel said. "I went to Brian and said, ‘In my heart of hearts, I can't make my daughter wait a year to get married because of a scrimmage,' and Brian said, ‘You're right, go.'"

QUICK HITS Cornerback Chris McAlister was given the morning off, but isn't hurt, according to Billick. … The Ravens will have a full-team practice this morning with veterans being excused in the afternoon to attend the funeral of offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden's father. Ogden is expected to report to practice next week. … As part of his bar mitzvah service commitment, Cody Gelvar, 13, of Pikesville, raised $1,000 toward offensive guard Edwin Mulitalo's Big Ed's Band Foundation to benefit Baltimore city schools programs. He also donated over 25 new and used instruments.

Aaron Wilson writes for Ravens Insider and the Carroll County Times in Westminster Maryland.

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