New Premium Features Announced

What an amazing transformation for the old Ravensnest2 site. In the last 4 months, we've evolved (some say mutated) from a simple message board to a full-featured portal for web-savvy Ravens fans. Becoming part of TheInsiders network along with fellow AFCN team sites from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincy (yikes) has allowed us to to integrate a ton of new technical features into our site: the newswire and tiplines, Huge Post and ‘Last Update' to name a few.

In addition, the hiring of a credentialed writer and reporter brings team accessibility to the site as well as breaking news and in depth features on Ravens players and personnel.

Our focus continues to be making Raven Insider a great free site, as well as rolling out some great new services this weekend for a new area of our site known as Raven Insider Club. For a small monthly charge, Raven Insider Club will offer members great premium features as described below.

With many sites moving to subscription based services, let me explain the reasoning behind our introduction of premium features.  The first very important fact is that with the exception of the Insider chats, which we have been testing for the past 3 weeks, nothing currently available on Raven Insider will be premium.  Everything that you have access to now, the forums, the newswire etc will be free.  The chat room will also be free for general use.

Secondly, this site is pop-up free.  With the exception of me pimping tags, there is no significant advertising run on this site.  Note that this is not necessarily the case for other Insider sites. You will not see a pop-up here, no siree! In addition, the banner ads are all ours (thanks to R.Maniac and others) and either make mirth of other teams or tell people about stuff going on at RI. There is talk of TheInsiders adding some banners across their network in the future however we will do our best to delete them as we do now :)

Thirdly we formally hired a writer who has already provided us with great articles and chats.   Since Mrs. Adminsteve likes those $120 kegs of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the Big Admin Basement, we have to look for alternative methods of keeping Mr. Wilson in those nice TV suits (hopefully, I'll get the old ones).

So, "what do I get" I hear you ask collectively. Here are some of the features that will be introduced soon:

Premium Forums: New premium forums will allow club members to ask questions not only to our Insiders but to guest reporters and personalities from other AFCN sites.  Premium forums will be a great place to find out what's happening at camp in depth or to ask about and discuss camp updates as they are published. 

Premium Chats: So far, these have been very successful and it is our intention to bring in other personalities for chats as well as our weekly Tuesday affair with Aaron Wilson.  Who knows who we may get in there in the near future.

Premium Stories: Additional stories and articles will be available only to Club members.

Hot News: Fully integrated into our new player profiles (which are also available to non-Members), Raven Insider Hot News will present original scoops from our Insiders as well as the latest from across the web. Tied into TheInsiders network, Hot News will also present club members with information impacting the Ravens from other Insiders sites and also from dedicated TheInsiders NFL experts. Expect a constant stream of updates into Hot News throughout training camp and the rest of the season, as we hope to have multiple updates daily. Hot News gives us a convenient way to quickly get news and rumors out to you faster than any other independent Ravens site and can be done faster than putting together a full-fledged article.

Fast Training Camp Coverage: This time last year, we relied on 316 and a couple of others going to camp and starting a message board thread for our camp fix. We were doing the best we could to cover training camp on the weekends or if someone took a day off of work. This year, Raven Insider will be providing the fastest training camp coverage out there with Aaron Wilson covering every practice. We are planning a minimum of two-a-day updates after each practice session. These updates will take the form of either Camp Notes articles or Hot News. After several days, we will make training camp articles available to non-members, so that everyone can read them.

Access to All NFL Insider Articles: Becoming a Raven Insiders Club Member will allow you to get to all premium articles on all TheInsider NFL sites. This does not include premium forums on other sites, but will allow you access to Hot News and Articles. With Clubs on all AFCN sites, it will be a great way to stay up-to-date on our rivals. It's also terrific for fantasy football players who want to stay a step ahead.

We hope you enjoy the new Raven Insider Club features as they become available. To sign up click HERE.  If you have questions about the services, or have ideas or comments... feel free to write to me personally at

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