No End In Sight To Reed Holdout

Instead of the Baltimore Ravens' anticipated resolution of the Ed Reed contract situation, there is no apparent finish line for the holdout of the rookie safety. "The lack of flexibility shown by the Ravens at this point is not likely to aid a quick resolution of our issues," said Jeff Moorad, agent for the first-round draft pick from Miami (Fla.), in a Saturday interview. "We disagree on several issues."

"Ed Reed wants a fair offer. Ed Reed will do everything he can to stay in appropriate shape, but there's no end in sight."

Entering the fourth day of his client's absence from training camp at McDaniel College, Moorad said he agrees with the Ravens that Reed should receive a five-year pact. He said he hasn't been able to reach a compromise with the Ravens on structure of the deal, including the initial signing bonus, incentive clauses and other aspects of the contract.

Ravens coach Brian Billick didn't have much to add about Reed other than to say, "I wish he was here. I'll send him a postcard."

Because Reed is the 24th overall selection and the draft picks sandwiched above and below him have signed, the All-American is supposed to be slotted into a certain financial range.

"You would think it would be easier at this stage to slot his deal, but that hasn't proved to be the case," Moorad said. "We drafted a proposal two days ago that fit neatly in the 24th spot, and at this point I'm waiting to hear from the Ravens.

"Ed Reed is working out diligently in Miami and studying his playbook everyday."

Oakland Raiders rookie outside linebacker Napoleon Harris, the 23rd overall pick, reportedly received a signing bonus of $3 million with base salaries of $470,000 in 2002, $587,000 in 2003, $705,000 in 2004, $822,500 in 2005, $940,000 in 2006 and $1.057 million in 2007. Voidable deals and buyout options were included in that contract.

According to a report, the New Orleans Saints' rookie defensive end Charles Grant. the 25th player chosen overall, will sign a five-year, $6.25 million contract, and the combined signing bonus and option bonus total $3.45 mil-lion. Grant will also receive a reporting bonus of $300,000.

Moorad said one of his associates heard from the Ravens late Friday.

"Other than that, the Ravens have been silent and there's still no agreement," Moorad said. Ravens senior vice president of football operations Ozzie Newsome declined to comment on the negotiations when informed of the agent's comments.

Meanwhile, sixth-round pick Chad Williams took Reed's repetitions with the first defensive unit for the second consecutive day. When the Ravens' players reported to camp Thursday night, Reed said: "I don't really want to get into all this business stuff because I just want to play football. I wish I was already there at camp.

"I know my agents are the best ones to get me into camp. I still think they'll get the job done."

Reed said he remains in South Florida partly because of tax purposes. Florida has no state tax, which is why Reed said he wanted to sign his contract there.

"If I get a good deal, I'm going to get on the first flight," said Reed, who intercepted a school-record 21 passes with 289 tackles and 54 pass deflections in four years while helping the Hurricanes win the national title last season. "I don't care how much money it costs. I'm ready to play some football."

Reed left himself little wiggle room when he was drafted when he said he would avoid a holdout at all costs. Now, he's missing camp and Williams is taking all of his work.

"Everyone else has been signing, but I haven't talked to Ed," said Reed's father, Ed Reed, Sr. "It's his business. I don't know how he feels. "I haven't put anything on his mind. I told him whenever he needs to, to call me. I'm staying out of it."

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