The Windbag Report 7/31

FINALLY, football is happening and the information is flowing very well here. Props to Steve for making this the best place on the internet for a Ravens fan. And I am not saying that as a commercial. You can talk Ravens here in many forums, talk smak, read stuff only available here, chat with people in camp every day who talk to the coaches and front office and be part of a great on line community. Nobody can match this for Ravens fans.

So let's talk football.  Fans are starting to make their predictions, I have only made one, one I made months ago in April and stand behind, we will have a better record than the Browns.  I know, I know.  They have done this that and the other.  I will believe it when I see it.

But one thing I want you to consider as you look at the Ravens possibilities this year.  1999.  In 1999 we had a WR corps from the scrap heap, a guy named Qadry we picked up for nothing, guys like Justin Armour and a pack of TEs I don't even remember.  An aging Harry Swayne at RT.  Erict Rhett at RB.  And at QB, Mitchell, Case and Banks.  The defense had been respectable in 1998 and showed signs of being good, but had not proved anything.

Now, what was the record of that team?  I then point to two losses, the Bills and Pats.  We laid down for the Pats in the final game once we were out of the playoff race, a race we got knocked out of because of a loss to the Bills in a game we should have won.

That team was a 4th and 15 stop and playing with heart in NE from being 10-6.


If we can finalize Ray and or Peter and get Gash, Adams and/or Freeman in the fold and maybe a guy like Coleman for some OL depth I think this team can be respectable.

When we were winning the Super Bowl 2 years ago I said that when the inevitable rebuild happens that if we could go 6-10 I would be happy, that would be respectable.  That is what the Broncos did after winning 2 Super Bowls.  As we are situated now I think we can go 6-10.  Billick and his coaches are the difference between a 3-13 collapse and a team that gets those 3-5 extra wins.  Adding a few vets maybe get us another win or two.

More Front Office Bitching

Ed Reed still not signed, Boulware and Lewis still not redone, no movement on McAlister AT ALL.  Thanks for waiting until the last minute!  We do this every single damn time we have important contracts to finalize, we are always down to the last minute (or later) on these things.  There are all kinds of excuses, a bunch of bull crap is what it is.  There is no reason these things cannot be done months ahead of what they are.  We have our top pick miss camp time almost annually.  Our renegotiations with vets always drag out into camp.  For what?  We don't save any money or cap space, the Modells are quite fair with their contracts, if not generous, maybe too generous.  So why are we always on what would look like a Mike Brown time-table to sign players?


Perception vs. Reality

First a note to thank Bob Haynie who, while I was writing this, reminded me of something I wanted to cover.  Billick and his quick hook for QBs.  I keep reading and hearing about what kind of leash Redman is on and how fast The Master will yank him.  Let's cover the QBs we have had here under The Master and maybe we can make a firm prediction on how long Redman will last.

Scott Mitchell, he lasted 1.5 games in 1999.

Case?  How many games did he last, 5 or 6 if I recall correctly.

Banks, about a full season over 1999 and 2000.

Dilfer, half a season plus the post-season.

Grbac, a full season plus the post-season.

Let's review, Mitchell was obviously floundering and didn't have it.  Remember Case tying up the 2nd game in 1999 against Pittsburgh (and add that to my first point covered about 1999) that we eventually lost because of ST?  Did Mitchell get a quick hook or was it as obvious to you that move was the right one?  Case, anybody think he didn't get a fair shot?  I was on this guy's band-wagon as much as anybody and I don't think he got a quick hook.  Banks, 3.5 games without a touchdown.  And please, you didn't need a scientific poll to get a reading on how the fans felt about him staying in there in 2000.  Dilfer?  Was that a quick hook?  You could make an argument here.  But that wasn't quite the same thing since it was an off-season move.  Grbac?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA, tell me HE got a quick hook.

On to Redman, from this analysis The Windbag says the kid gets at least 6 games of REALLY stinking before he gets pulled and at least a full season if he appears marginal with any improvement over the course of the season.

My forecast is for Redman to show he is a serviceable QB who will slowly gain confidence and experience and last the whole season.  He will prove to be a leader and in the next year or two show himself to be a solid QB in a league quite lacking at the position.

Write it down and purchase your #7 jerseys sans trepidation.

RManiac Update

You may have noted RManiac isn't posting as much and (like me) isn't regularly keeping up with his articles.  Let me just say Antonio's mom had enough and we are currently waiting for a few more membership signups before we can get enough bail together to get R back to our wonderful site here.

Steeler Fan Sighting

My wife and I spent a recent Saturday working in the yard all day.  We didn't feel like cooking or going out.  Se we decided to order a pizza.  She went in to place the order while I continued working.  About 30 minutes later I am walking around from the side to the front and see our delivery man (not boy or young man) on the porch.  He notes my Ravens stepping stone next to the porch and says something like "If I say something about the Steelers here is that okay?"  I told him he could talk about the stellar playoff choke job all he wanted and then walked around the side of my house to avoid laughing in his face.  The next time a Steelers fan talks up how many people in our area root for the Steelers just remember, we need somebody to deliver our pizzas, cook our fries and mow our lawns.  WAR BLACK AND YELLOW HAIR NETS!  (That isn't gold, it's yellow).  And besides, it isn't like these folks can find work in western PA.

Ravens Fan Day Get Together

Remember, this Saturday we are getting together at my house after morning camp (Ravens Fan Day).  If you are interested in joining many other Ravens fans go to the Your Baltimore Ravens forum and sign up.  Also remember, my dog can sniff out western PA hilljacks or OH slack jaws a good distance away, so if you are considering infiltrating our get together do so at your own risk.

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