Questions and answers with Brian Billick

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick reacts to a 28-6 win over the Oakland Raiders: (On his impression of the defense) "Six turnovers. If they keep that ratio going they're going to do good things.

They haven't crossed the goal line yet. That's something for the defense to hold on to and continue to motivate themselves."

(On his assessment of the passing game) "We're 2-0 and I'll take care of all those assessments tomorrow."

(On Steve McNair in the second half) "I'll take care of that tomorrow." (On the defensive linemen not being able to score) " I don't know what drills we can do to work that. Maybe get a track coach."

(On the team's preparation) "Preparation was outstanding. It was as focused a three days as we've had and hard-fought in execution. We achieved a great deal in a lot of different areas."

(On special teams) "They did some great things. Gave us field position. Obviously along with the defense, did a number of things that will help you win a game that's a much tighter situation we fortunate enough that we weren't in that tight situation. But a tight situation can make a difference in the ball game."

(On Matt Stover kicking off) "We're going to rotate he and Sam to a degree. I try not to wear one or the other out. He did a nice job."

(On keeping up the momentum) "That's what life in the NFL is all about. What have you done for me lately?' Today was pretty good because it's a win. We'll rip it apart tomorrow."

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