Camp Update 8/8

Thanks to Gary Zauner, there are some strange happenings go on around Ravens training camp. Onside punts, free-kicked field goals and punter passes are just some of the strangeness the special teams' coach has brought to the Ravens.

This week,Zauner lined his kickoff team up on 45 yard line while Ravens kickers took turns booting 55-yard field goals. "Didn't know about that rule did you? That's okay,not many people do," Zauner explained. "After a fair catch, you get a chance at free kick. The [defense] can't rush so you don't have to be as far back." 

With that in mind, Zauner is planning something special for teams that try to punt the ball out of their own end zone at the end of games – trying to preserve a win. Zauner will have his return man fair catch the ball, then give the kicker a free kick with no rush. The kicker can then boot a low, line drive and maybe the Ravens could pull out a win.            

"That's the plan," Zauner said. "Not a lot of people know that rule, so hopefully we can use it to our advantage."            

Zauner, a special teams guru, will have some hard decisions to make in the upcoming weeks. The competition between kickers Matt Stover and J.R. Jenkins is tighter than many would have thought and return specialist Lamont Brightful continues to struggle daily.            

In other Ravens' news, cornerback Alvin Porter will start in place of Gary Baxter who is out with a sore hamstring. Rookie running back Chester Taylor worked out Thursday, but will not play Friday because of a sore leg. 

WideoutRandy Hymes is slipping in the coaches eyes after dropping several easy passes this week after looking like Mr. Bigtop last week.

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