Guest column: Ravens will win by 10 points

Steve McNair has been to the Super Bowl , the Pro Bowl, been a co - MVP of this league, a possible Hall of famer, he has seen a lot of things, but Monday night he will see something for the first time. Monday night Steve will lead the Ravens offense into Invesco Field, while it will not be a first time for the Ravens, it will be the first ever appearance there by McNair.

Steve will make his first appearance in Invesco with a offense that has caused more questions than they maybe have answered.
Why is that running game not working? Why doesn't Musa Smith get more carries? Has anyone found Mike Anderson since he signed with the Ravens ? How many more times can Steve McNair continue to take the hits he is taking right now ?
These are all legitimate questions, and deserve some answers but with this offense, you have had to think of them like 695 most of the time, "Under Construction." Steve McNair is getting some on the job training with this offense and while it has not been pretty at all times, the end result has been the same 4 wins 0 losses.
Denver will present a very solid challenge for Steve McNair and this offense, a outstanding group of LB's, very talented secondary, very big and physical defensive line.
The defensive line features some guys who are very familiar with Jamal Lewis, Michael Myers, Kenard Lang, Gerald Warren, Ebenezer Ekuban, are all former Cleveland Browns who know what Jamal can do. They also have seen Mike Anderson up close and personal and know what he is capable of doing with the football.
Steve McNair will face the most talented secondary he has faced all season, led by Champ Bailey and the hard hitting John Lynch, but Mason and Clayton may not have to make the big catches, but help open the field up for the rest of the offense.
The Broncos will be looking to stop Jamal and the Ravens' stale running attack, but the Broncos have given up an average of 106 yds per game 18th in the NFL, Jamal will start to get on track but the big night could come from McNair's favorite targets.
Dan Wilcox and Todd Heap have caught all of Steve McNair's TD passes so far this season, and Monday could be another big night for the TE's. If the Ravens can come out and establish somewhat of a running attack, doesn't have to be Jamal running all over the place, but present a threat running the football, and Mason and Clayton will be followed all night by Bailey and Williams, that will open up the middle for Heap and Wilcox.
Denver has a very talented group of LB's, probably one of the best in the NFL, but there are not many if any LB's would can stay with Todd Heap in 1-on -1 situations, and Dan Wilcox has is a very solid possession receiver.
Monday night the offense will begin to get on track and while it will not be like the greatest show on turf from a couple of years ago, it will be enough to allow the defense to play with a little bit more margin of error, and force the Broncos into bad decisions and turnovers.
Steve McNair will make his mile high debut in Denver and when the final whistle blows he will be 1-0 versus the Broncos and the Ravens will move to 5-0 and get ready for the Carolina Panthers.
My prediction : Ravens 23-13
Casey Willett is a reporter for WNST-1570 in Baltimore and co-hosts a radio program with Ray Bachman on Sunday mornings.

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