Inside the Game: Part 1

During the preseason games, Dev Panchwagh will evaluate three Baltimore Ravens that are critical to the team's success for the 2002 season. The players are Edwin Mulitalo, Adalius Thomas and Kelly Gregg. Mulitalo is switching from left guard to right tackle, Thomas is switching from left end to strongside backer and Gregg is going to play nose tackle in the 3-4 set.

Edwin Mulitalo: was quick off the initial snap, got in position fairly well… Was choppy in the backpedal…He used his hands poorly, and he didn't anticipate the bull rush well… The opposing DE (Porcher) did an excellent job of using a wide array of moves on Mulitalo, thus keeping him guessing… Mulitalo tried to push Porcher to the edge, but that ploy didn't work because he lost his balance on a number of occasions, allowing Porcher to dart back inside…In terms of pulling and getting out in space, Mulitalo did a nice job… He missed his targets at times, but this is something that Mulitalo will master given time… He also consistently walled off Porcher in the running game and any other end for that manner… The Ravens should be able to run on the right side behind Mulitalo this year.

Grade: D-

What to look for against the Jets: Mulitalo will face another top-notch power rusher in Shaun Ellis from the N.Y Jets next week. Ellis is quicker around the edge than Porcher is, but he doesn't always play with as much consistency.

Adalius Thomas: I was disappointed in Thomas tonight… He had a tough time disengaging blocks against the run, often times getting cut off his block… He also didn't use his quickness to his advantage against the run… Surprisingly, Thomas didn't use his straight-line speed well around the corner… When he needed to play end, Thomas did fairly well… He used the swim move, and the up and under to his advantage, but he didn't use these moves consistently in third down situations…Thomas was solid in pass coverage… He dropped back well, and his long wing span made the QB think twice about throwing in his direction.

Grade: C-

What to look for against the Jets: Thomas will go up against one of the best pass blocking lines in the league. He will also face Jason Fabini, a tough right tackle, in third down situations.

Kelly Gregg: Gregg started at left end today, instead of the nose guard position…surprisingly, Gregg held up well against two lineman…at times, Gregg blew the opposing guard off the ball…he used his quickness to shoot through the gap, and he was fairly explosive when he the chance to make a stop against the run… Gregg's stout body and solid technique allowed him to stay on his feet often… For a 310-pound tackle, Gregg has as much quickness and high energy as you will see… Gregg never stopped playing, even when he was blocked.

Grade: A

What to look for against the Jets: Gregg, like Thomas, faces one of the better pass blocking lines in football next week. He will also play at nose tackle in all likelihood, which will be his first time playing at that position in a live game situation.

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