Reed Is Movin' On Up

Ed Reed is moving on up, and Chad Williams will soon be moving on out – of the starting defense that is. Reed, the Ravens' first round pick, rotated in at safety with the first string defense Sunday, a good sign for him. But to make way, Williams,who has been working with the first team since camp began, is having to watch about half of practice from the sidelines.

Williams, a sixth round pick, has been working as a starter because of Reed's 10 day holdout. He was thought to be a placeholder, but has held his won and impressed coaches.

But Reed is the first rounder, and after spending his first week in camp working with the third stringers, he's ready to move into the starting position. "It feels a lot better [practicing with the first team] than running with the twos and threes," Reed said. "It helps me get into a groove. I didn't like [not playing defense]on Friday. I'm not used to that, but it's something I have to do. Going with the ones will help me get in game tempo. The threes don't go as fast, so this will help me."

Williams, who hasbeen playing with a sore hamstring, said he knew this would happen and added that he's not bitter about it. With Williams, Reed, veteran Anthony Mitchell and rookie Will Demps, the Ravens' safety situation seems pretty locked up.
Something that's not locked up, anymore, is wideout Randy Hymes' roster spot. A week ago, he seemed an easy fit to make the squad as the fifth receiver, but since, he's dropped almost as many passes as he's caught, receivers' coach David Shaw said the final receiver spot is once again wide open. "It could be him. It could be any body," Shaw said. "All rookies receivers go through this where they start dropping balls. Hopefully, he'll get out of it."

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