Inside the Game: Part 2

During the preseason games, Dev Panchwagh will evaluate three Baltimore Ravens that are critical to the team's success for the 2002 season. The players are Edwin Mulitalo, Adalius Thomas and Kelly Gregg. Mulitalo is switching from left guard to right tackle, Thomas is switching from left end to strongside backer and Gregg is going to play nose tackle in the 3-4 set.

Edwin Mulitalo: what a difference a week makes…Like last week, Mulitalo did a nice job forcing the DE (Ellis) to take the outside edge…This time, Mulitalo was not met with any moves because Ellis underestimated Mulitalo's ability to handle his speed rush…Mulitalo's footwork is still off, and this is a concern, but he was still able to keep his balance fairly well…The Ravens did a nice job of helping Mulitalo on some passing downs, bringing in a TE to help chip block the opposing DE…For the second week in a row, Mulitalo made a difference in run blocking situations…He got out into open space a number of times, but he missed his assignment a couple of times too…Mulitalo was able to consistently seal off the right side of the line.

Grade: B

What to look for against the Eagles: Mulitalo will face a combination of Brandon Whiting and Derrick Burgess next week. Whiting is more of a power rusher who uses precision to get passed the line. Burgess uses straight-line speed and quickness off the edge.

Adalius Thomas: chalk this up as another sub par outing for Thomas… The Jets pinpointed Thomas as their target to block when they ran the ball off the edge…They were able to seal off AD a number of times, allowing them to rush off the edge with ease… Thomas is still having trouble disengaging off of his block, and he was controlled efficiently at the LOS… Thomas' only opportunities to get after the QB came when he broke off of a stunt blitz…He did a poor job of using his acceleration around the corner…Unlike last week, Thomas didn't use any moves to get passed the right tackle...Against the pass, Thomas was able to drop back fairly well…He also did a nice job of locking into his man at the LOS, and five yards after.

Grade: D

What to look for against the Eagles: Thomas will have another stiff test next week against the Eagles. He will play against Jon Runyan at times, and the Eagles' TEs and RBs are efficient at picking up the blitz.

Kelly Gregg: the defensive line was controlled at the LOS most of the game, but Gregg didn't make it easy to control him…He was stood up a couple of times, but he didn't get turned around too many times either…His motor ran well last night, as he was able to push the pocket some, although not as well as he did against the Lions… Gregg was able to stay on his feet the whole game and he ran to the ball every time…He was not able to get off the angle blocks well, despite the high effort to do so.

Grade: B

What to look for against the Eagles: Gregg has played at end the past two weeks, but he will likely play NT against the Eagles. He will face a solid center in Hank Fraley most of the game.

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