Guest columnist predicts Ravens' nine-point W

At the NFL combine people, scouts, fans, etc., all rave about 40yd times, for the Ravens defense today it is not a matter of how fast can you run the 40, but can you run fast enough to catch Michael Vick, there will be not 40yd area marked off with white tape at the end of it, it will simply be, catch the guy with the Falcons helmet on wearing #7.

The Ravens will try to give Vick different looks today to keep him second guessing as to what is going on, and more importantly who is coming after him, in the past the Ravens have been successful in stopping Vick.The key to today is keeping Vick in the pocket, again easier said than done, but if the Ravens defense can keep him in a contained area, they like their chances.That is not to say that they do not respect Vick's arm but, feel as though when he is in the pocket, his height comes into play a little bit. Warrick Dunn will be looking to have success, much like Travis Henry did last week, but before we get ready to send the Ravens run defense into the bad category, lets think about what happened last week. Go into the week with an idea you will have Ray, then find out Thursday evening/Friday morning Ray is out, so you fine tune some things to fit Mike Smith.Saturday you bring up Dennis Haley from the practice squad just to have some added depth at the position, 2 plays into the game in Tenn., and Mike Smith is out for the rest of the game, enter Dennis Haley.
While it looked bad early you have to give Rex and his staff credit for the adjustments they made at half time and on the fly during the game. This week they have known for pretty much the whole week that they would not have Ray, so that has given them time to work with Cody, Haley, Stills, Jarrett Johnson, Bart, Ad, and others to fine tune some things.Warrick is very aware that last week was a strange situation for this Ravens defense, and is expecting them to be firing on all cylinders today.
Steve put the air back in McNair last week and this week should continue to do the same, the Falcons have a middle of the pack defense, partly because the injury bug has taken residence up with the Falcons, most of if not all of their pass rush has been wiped out with the injury bug.Steve and his gang of wide outs should have success against the Falcons today through the air, look for Williams to get some passes thrown his way today, more than usual.
It seems like every time someone is ready to take Jamal Lewis to the junk yard, he reminds you he can still get the job done, and today I think will be one of those days. I am not saying Jamal will go for 296 or he may not even get to 102, but I think end of the day he will be right around the 100yd mark. If the Ravens can get a early lead, they will be looking to wear this Falcons defense down even more than they already are with Jamal.
Today is a huge game for the Ravens, not only because it is the next one on the schedule, but also because they realize that they control their own destiny, and with a little help from their friends the Saints, and the Browns, the Ravens could start to think about wrapping up the AFC North pretty soon, say a week or two down the road. The will not say it publicly, but they know that this could all be over with in a week or so, but right now it is the Falcons, and today the Ravens will be able to improve to 8-2 and take care of business at home, 26-17.
Fearless prediction Vick throws at least 2 picks, 1 to Landry Dan Cody gets a sack Jamal close to or just over 100yds rushing Demetrius Williams has career day Todd Heap 100yd plus day Vick will have less then 30 yds rushing Dunn will get about 55-60yds rushing
Casey Willett co-hosts the morning show at WNST-1570 in Baltimore and covers the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles for the all-sports talk radio station.

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