Baxter working back in at Ravens' intense practice

Gary Baxter practiced Sunday for the first time in two weeks. However, the results weren't all good. The cornerback worked in some team drills before trying to cover in 7 on 7 drills. After being in for one play, quarterback Jeff Blake identified Baxter and attacked his wounded target by tossing a beautiful 60-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Kenyon Hambrick, who easily ran past the defensive back.

"It's a little early for me to be covering. I just wanted to test it," said Baxter. "I'm just trying to get a feel for my leg now."

Baxter's burning was just part of an intense practice that featured some of the best hitting of camp. Linebacker Ray Lewis absolutely smashed a running back on one play and then began taunting the offense.

"Get your punk asses out of here," he screamed throughout practice. "Get these punks off the field." 

 Lewis also helped inspire his defensive teammates after the offense had completed several big passes in a row.

 Lewis ran from the sideline and into the huddle, consisting of second-teamers, and screamed, "Get your heads up. We're here to play!"

Said Ravens coach Brian Billick: "Ray's a leader. That's part of it."

Also on Sunday, linebacker Peter Boulware got some work in 7 on 7 drills at outside linebacker. The move shifted Shannon Taylor to the left side, possibly opening to the door to move Adalius Thomas back to the defensive line.

Thomas has worked with the defensive line for the first time in training camp. 

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