McAlister wants new contract

Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister wants to finish his career in Baltimore, but he'll need a new contract first. He is frustrated and disappointed. And his current deal expires atthe end of this season and he wants a new one drawn up soon. With the Sam Adams saga now over, and linebacker Ray Lewis' contract redone, McAlister said he hopes the Ravens can find time to give him a new deal. The problem is, however, that the Ravens can't seem to find the time.

McAlister said the Ravens haven't even opened up negotiations with him yet.

"I don't know what they're doing. Sam's not coming," McAlister said. "They don't have anything to do with me at this time. They haven't even brought up [contract extensions] with me and I don't understand why."

McAlister is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL and the Ravens best defensive back as their lone returning starter from last season.

McAlister said that he thinks the Ravens may wait until after the season and then slap him with the franchise tag, which he said he wouldn't mind.

McAlister said the flaw in the Ravens' thinking is that they haven't extended linebacker Peter Boulware's contract, which ends after the season, too.

"They still haven't done Peter's," McAlister said. "If me and Peter aren't still done, somebody's getting the franchise tag."

As the Ravens' first-round pick from the 1999 NFL Draft, McAlister predicts a Pro Bowl appearance this season. He also said if he's given the opportunity to return punts this season, it will not ease his frustration over his contract situation.

"If I return punts, I'll be good at it. If you can do more than one thing we'll, you're worth more," McAlister said. "My stock is going to keep going up and I'll be harder to sign."

His major priority is returning with the Ravens, though.

"I just want to get a new deal done. I want to finish up a Raven. Just like Ray Lewis is," McAlister said. "I just want to get this done."

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