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Best of the Quotes Preparing for the Colts January 10, 2007

On the status of injured players:
"So far so good."

On the practice:
"Good, they are ready to play. With the bye, the time we have put into it, the week is getting a little long for us but I think they're okay. But we can't get to this game quick enough."

On a few losses being a good thing:
"Any time you get beat, it's humbling. This team has kept that balance well all year. You've got to have confidence in what you're doing. Some people call it swagger. By the same token, I think the people we've brought to the organization, the overall temperament has tempered that just a little bit in a positive way."

On QB Steve McNair's clock management:
"That has to do with playing good defense. You always want to bring the clock down when you have a good defense. He had a number of good defenses in Tennessee. He's a very efficient quarterback. His completion percentage over the last ten games is [67-percent.] So that's a big part of the team's ability to win."

On the lack of credit given to McNair for what he's done this year:
"No he doesn't get enough credit. I'm biased and I'm sensitive, but you hear a lot about a lot of other guys. This is a former MVP who has been to the Super Bowl; this guy is pretty good."

On the importance of ball control against the Colts:
"Any time you play the Colts and Payton Manning, the old adage is true. It's hard to score when you're not on the field. If we can keep them off the field, that's a good thing."

On K Matt Stover's value to this franchise:
"It's huge. The whole time he's been here, he's won a lot of games for us. Obviously if it comes down to that, we feel very good about it."

On Colts WR Marvin Harrison compared to Jerry Rice:
"It's hard to say. They're both such pure receivers. They are great route runners, their sense of timing, their hands-that's probably a fair comparison."

On whether the Ravens wore pads at practice this week:
"We did [put the pads on] yesterday."

On the success of the offensive line:
"It's very satisfying, particularly with the way we've had to roll guys through this year. To look at the sack totals and the productivity they've had, it speaks well of the group and it speaks well of Ozzie Newsome and his group and the athlete's we've brought in here. It's great to see those young guys mature."

On the effect of the crowd:
"That's what home field advantage is about. It really is; that's how the fans impact the game. Stadiums are stadiums, surfaces are surfaces, weather is the weather. When you talk about home field advantage, and however many points you want to put on that, you are talking about the fans. Our fans are the best in the league at it, and we're going to need that advantage from them."

On the importance of getting off to a good start:
"You always want to get off to a good start. I don't know anybody who likes to get off to a slow start. The key is, how do you overcome it if you do? And if you get off to a quick start and are overcome with that emotion and now lose your focus, [how do you respond]? You always like to have that quick start though."

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