Guest columnist predicts a win

Finally it is here, it has been a week of build up, hype, old feelings and memories toward that team that will come in to here on Saturday afternoon wearing that blue and white uniform and that familiar horse shoe on the side of the helmet.

Peyton will lead his explosive offense into town against Ray and his dominating defense, it will be a dream match up and on the surface it looks as though it could be a game that people will talk about for a long time.
Let's look at the Colts offense versus Ravens defense:
Peyton will be tested more Saturday than he has been tested at all this year against the defense, Rex Ryan will bring different looks to Peyton and you will see the defense moving around, if you are a defense you can not get set in your formation to soon and allow Peyton time to recognize it and change his call at the line of scrimmage. He loves to run the play clock down right to the very end before running the play, hoping that he can get you set in your formation to soon, something the Ravens did last season. The Colts running game is a very solid 1-2 punch of Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes, Addai is the better all around back of the two, much like Chester Taylor he is patient waiting for the holes to develop and then exploding through them, a very solid pass protector and good at catching the ball out of the backfield. Rhodes is a very good running back but his pass blocking and catching skills leave something to be desired, which can lead to Peyton being sacked.
Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne are hands down, no questions asked; the best 1-2 WR duo in the NFL, Chad and TJ are not even a close second. Marvin and Reggie are both game breakers that can stretch the field, one is not more the possession receiver versus the deep threat, and they can both be that player. The duo is very good at the double moves getting separation, one of the patent moves that the Colts like to use is the slant pass route which tries to get the safety to bite, then after a very quick pump fake by Peyton he looks for the homerun ball to Marvin. The biggest x factor in the game on Saturday will be coming from the tight end position; Ben Utecht and Dallas Clark are a very solid duo. Utecht is more of the typical blocking/position TE of the two, very sure hands, a big target a 6'6" and 251 lbs, but perhaps the biggest key to the Ravens success on defense will be stopping Dallas Clark.
The Colts love to put Dallas in the slot position, usually on the same side of the field as Marvin, the patent Dallas move is to jam whoever is guarding him at the line run a short route and almost post whoever is opposing him up and catch the football, he is another big target for Peyton at 6'3" and 252 lbs. The one benefit that the Ravens might have on Saturday is that they have a big guy like AD who can cover him, however look for them to go to him a lot if he has smaller guys like Corey Ivy, Ronnie Prude or others that might line up across from him, stopping him is a most on Saturday.
This will be a very physical, exciting football game, but in the end I think the Ravens will walk away with a win, I will say 21-17 Ravens. Then my other bold prediction of the day, the Ravens will host the AFC Championship game when the New England Patriots come into town after they knock off the Chargers.
Casey Willett co-hosts the morning show on Baltimore's WNST-Radio 1570 AM.

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