We Must Protect this House!

Taking a trip around the league, writers, reporters and fans are continuing to compare this year's Baltimore Ravens number defense to the record-setting 2000 squad that eventually led their team to a Super Bowl victory. There is no question in what the team is doing as a whole this year, but just like the championship squad, the 2006 Ravens put a lot of pressure on the quarterback.

Not too mention tying the game record in sacks (7) when the Pittsburgh Steelers were in town and the defense dominated the game across the board.
Ray Lewis and the rest of Baltimore's defense will need that same dominating performance when they face the original Baltimore team, the Indianapolis Colts. The word around town is, "we must protect this house."
Baltimore fans are still in depression mode when it comes to celebrating and honoring their original team. Not too mention in total hate mode with the team's owner Jim Irsay. However, too much of a surprise, a caller by the name of Mike from Indianapolis called the Rob Long Show and said the word around Indianapolis is that they were displeased with the owner as well. He is not taking care of his own house. Maybe Mr. Irsay is not cut out on being an NFL owner.
Nevertheless, the Ravens will have to play their game in scoring first and often and keeping the Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in check. Of course we know that Peyton can put up the numbers but can he dismantle the number one defense and future hall of famer Ray Lewis.
It is going to be a purple party in Baltimore so let the games begin! We must protect this house!!!
********** Sean A. Stinnett is a staff writer for Football.com covering the Baltimore Ravens. He is also the co-host of the Saturday Lowdown Show with Rob Long and co-host of the Ray & Sean's Baltimore Ravens Pre-Game Football Show with Ray Bachman on Sports Talk 1570AM WNST Radio in Towson/Baltimore.

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