Billick Post Game

"Obviously, hugely disappointing to have to stand up here at this time of the season. It's always very sudden. I'm disappointed for the fans."

"This football team is as disappointed as our fans are, which is matched tenfold by the players. This team appreciates our fans. The energy that they had all this week. They were deserving of better than that, but it just wasn't going to happen and we will move forward now."

(On what he said to the team)

"As usual what I told them doesn't mean as much as what they told themselves. We're disappointed. At some point, not now, we'll look back and appreciate the year, learn from that, and use it to go forward next year. That's what this team will do."

(On the biggest hurdle offensively)

"Our turnovers, you can't turn the ball over in a championship-style game. We had an opportunity at the 32 yard line and we can't make the mistakes that we made. It's across the board. The quarterback, receivers, the line, the call, everything involved. You can't turn the ball over the way we did, that's an awful lot to overcome."

(On the interception pass thrown by Steve McNair at the goal line)

"You just can't do it. Obviously very disappointing at that point in the game to not come away with the touchdown and change the temperament of the game, and we didn't."

(On the time management at the end of the first half)

"We had very little time and the last thing you want to do in a two minute situation, particularly with an offense like that, is not have to punt it back to them. It was just enough time with our timeout situation that had we not done what we had done, there was the possibility we could have moved down the field, gone 80 yards and scored a touchdown or had to punt and give them one more opportunity. Their field goal kicker was having a good day."

(On the Ravens defensive effort)

"Great effort across the board. Great offensive effort, great special teams effort."

(On the play of the Colts)

"They played very well. They are a well-schemed team. They've got some excellent athletes and if the game call fall their way, the temperament that they want, they're going to be very good and very hard to beat."

(On the play of Ed Reed)

"Phenomenal. We had some great individual performances."

(On some of the third down plays falling short)

"Those plays actually are designed to get the first down. As odd as it may sound, defensives, they know what the [down and distance] is as well. If it's third and seven they're going to try to keep you from getting the seven as well. Sometimes you have to throw the ball underneath and make a play."

(On not getting the breaks in the game)

"I wouldn't say that, I just dismiss it. The breaks go both ways."

(On the offensive game plan)

"You've got to be balanced against a Tony Dungy-coached defense. You're not just going to run the ball, you're not going to just throw the ball. You've got to be able to throw the ball against an eight man front and you've got to be able to run the ball against a seven man front. We tried to do that. We had a lot of checks wherever they were presented. Steve (McNair) did a good job of checking us into the play that was designed against the front that we saw, but they executed very well."

(On if not having the turnovers would have made him happy with the way the team played)

"No one should be happy with the way we played because we lost. At some point we'll look at it, analyze it, critique it the way you do. We're going to have to build on it. That' the only value it has for us right now."

(On if the loss was more than just Steve's performance)

"Sure it was. When you miss a field goal, it's the snapper, the holder and the kicker. When you throw an interception or fumble the ball, it's the protection or the design of the play, there's a lot of things involved."

(On the Colts use of the sugar huddle)

"They've been doing that all year long. You have to be ready for what they do, and we tried to prepare for it the best we could."

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