Free agency chat with Wilson and Caplan

OWINGS MILLS -- A chat with NFL expert Adam Caplan and Ravens Insider's Aaron Wilson.

Hey, Adam
hi all
6,0Hi Adam
should be a very busy 72 hours in the NFL
6,0What other Big names are you hearing from the rest of the NFL as to FA anyway, BAL wise, Pashos could be talking to the Cardinals later tonight
Let's get started since Adam is a busy guy
Clements to CLE or TEN
right now
but I would expect other teams to get involved
Ovie M also could visit ARI
Adam, the Ravens are expecting to be slow starters in free agency. Do you expect them to be able to retain Ovie Mughelli or Jarret Johnson?
they need a younger and more versatile FB
AA: 50-50 on both
Johnson is a good hybrid OLB/DE and there are teams that would like him, 3-4 schemes Mughelli had a good year so he'll find some interest
6,0Who do you think might come available that we would be interested in (and could afford)?
it comes down to what they pay J Lewis if he comes back but they have enough cash now to sign 1-2 UFAs
There have been rumors that Baltimore has one player they would like to sign tomorrow and that they could afford. Other than Jamal Lewis, I'm not sure who that would be.
but they also have more needs now because of the guys who are unsigned
I find it hard to believe that Jarret Johnson is not signed yet since A. Thomas is a goner
that's a big gamble
and cody hasn't done a thing yet
stills is a backup basically
i'm interested to see what they do at RT
One thing about the Ravens is they are fairly strict about not exceeding their price for a free agent.
with pashos gone
What do you think about Adam Terry moving over to RT? He doesn't seem to be a good enough run blocker.
6,0will there be a complete list for us somewhere of who each team let go?
AA: Agreed and that's why it's going to be hard for them, bad year for free agency so you'll see other teams overpay yes, we plan to have a free agency blog up later tonight
with every move
Did the Seahawks make a mistake by not going higher on the tender (second round) to D.J. Hackett?
AA: I was surprised because they would want to move D Jackson and some other team could sign him to an offer sheet
big gamble there
I was kind of surprised the Ravens tendered Moore and Darling especially
They aren't committed to keeping them necessarily, but Ozzie Newsome traditionally keeps all RFAs.
moore goes in and out of the dog house and Darling hasn't done a thing
$850,000 for doing nothing, must be nice.
I do recall they were high on darling at one point a few years ago
AA: ha
Who do you think will improve their team the most in free agency and turn themselves into a playoff contender?
AA: Probably SF
based on their cap space and what they did last year
6,0I just have to ask.... Do we want anything to do with Porter?
Interesting question. Lot of baggage with Todd Heap.
WAY: HE could get some interest there because of J. Johnson's situation
there aren't many good UFA OLBS, sleeper would be Antwan Peek of HOU
Is Peek more of a rush end type or can he drop into coverage?
Good athlete, definitely Thanks Aaron, Well I read ESPN Magazine interview with Heap and he said at Gridiron Stars(name?) show on ESPN that he and Porter kinda buried the hatchet on that, he did admit at first he felt akward around him at first..
But please dont waste our small cap room on him
6,0What position do you see most in need of filling from FA?
AA: 250-260 lbs, HOU
is Peek
and can run
Adam, do you see the Titans or Browns winning the Clements sweepstakes?
AA: Whoever pays most, I don't buy he wants to go to CLE because he's from there BTW, some late notes, Michael Lewis of PHI has SF interested
Dielman-CLE, DAL, SEA
Adam, do you see Baltimore getting involved in trade discussions for Thomas Jones or Willis McGahee or probably not?
Also, is Corey Dillon a good alternative to Jamal Lewis at age 33. I wonder how much he has left at this point.
1,0Do you think the Ravens are targeting W. Maghee of the Bills?
AA: Depends on J Lewis, if they move on without him, McGahee or Dillon make sense, CHI still would like to keep TJones as insurance because Benson hasn't proven anything yet
BTW, I'm getting calls as we type here
so that's why I'm a little slow
Adam, interested to hear your thoughts on hometown boy, Josh Wilsom from the Terps..he's quick, tough as nails, great returner..but do you think he projects?
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Its alright, we appreciate both you and Aaron talkin to us
DIE: I'm going to limit this to free agency stuff, we'll do draft stuff in a few weeks
Since the teams have to spend up to $92 million of the $109 million cap, do you see teams being basically forced to spend more on a weak free agent class than they would like to?
AA: Funny you should ask, teams tell me they are more skeptical
Adam, take your time. Sorry about the thin turnout. Some peole had trouble logging in. Bug with the chat room.
they may try to extend their young player contracts
that's ok, we'll make enough here to get a transcript
it's not a good year to have a lot of cap room
6,0Who do you think we are most likely to resign ?
WAY: Good question, I would say J Lewis then J. Johnson
they're gambling on JJohnson though not finding interest, I think he will How much do you think Baltimore would need to sign J. Lewis. It's loooking like a one-year deal.
I hear Jimmy Sexton, Johnson's guy, has been marketing him aggressively. With his connections with teams, do you think he can get someone to overspend for an underrated reserve?
aa: i AGREE on J Lewis, 1-2 years, 2-3 mill/season
AA: Like MLB this year, it could happen but teams are wary of that
BTW: Antonio Bryant cut by SF I think Drew Bennett goes there Interesting. He has quite an attitude, right?
yes, bad one
Drew Bennett made Samari Rolle look silly last year down in Nashville, spun him like a top.
off field
Wow, that was unexpected wasn't it? Yeah has to be the attitude..He was pretty explosive some games, other times wouldntshow up
6,0Do you think anybody else is going to want BJ Sams? and what is up with his playing status?
Note: Sams got the $850,000 tender, according to his agent, Mitch Frankel. He is due in court March 6 for a DUI arrest.
He got a PBJ on his first one last year. 1,0Is there any interest in FA tackles?
Yeah, I was wondering if Colombo, McIntosh or even Verba, who's more of a G, could fit the bill.
WAY: No, I think he stays
1,0I'm bringing in questions from the forum if thats OK
AA: DAL wants to keep colombo
Verba is toast
backup only for a team that is smart
McIntosh is serviceable journeyman
I have to go in a few mins
but I think BAL will look for a free agent RB if they can't get JLewis done
but a short-term solution
they could draft a RB to eventually start
Couple more quick questions for Adam
I'm staying until 8.
i have two more mins, I promise to stay longer in the next chat
very nuts tonight

No problem. Quite understandable and thanks for coming by
Guys, ask your questions
1,0Fun time of year
Yeah thank you..Pashos..did we do the right thing in letting him go, and who's interested in him?
1,0Anyone know if the Ravens are targeting FA tackles?
I believe will talk to him
6,0 Thanks Adam Thanks, Adam
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DRK: none yet on RT, there are a lot of Gs out there
guys, I have to run, speak to you soon
Guys, I'm staying. So fire away.
Aaron: will the Ravens have to be a very young team again this year? I don't see us picking up veterans since we're so tight to the cap.
They are trying to get younger because it's more affordable, yes. Their salary-cap situation isn't terrible, about $11.3million under the limit, but they have to withhold a lot for the rookie cap.
They think they can replenish the roster through the draft and second-tier free agents. Perhaps they can.
Couple updates for you guys from today.
6,0Ditto here, but was Scout letting the non-subscribers in?
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1,0A lot are having problems signing on still. The questions I've been asking are from the forum
Agents for Alex Bannister and Musa Smith have been in preliminary discussions with Baltimore. Likely back for the veteran minimum.
Nothing imminent on those two players.
Good I liked Bannister, he was great on Special Teams for the 2 games he was here.
Thanks for carrying questions in. Please let them know they can keep doing so.
Let's ask enough questions for a good transcript
Keep 'em coming.
1,0I just put out another call for questions
If you were Oz Aaron, would you want JLew back?
Did we miss our Super Bowl window last year? Losing all these vets has got to hurt the team in skill and in morale.
6,0Which of our rookies do you see taking it up a level this year?
I would considering it's a weak free agent class and the draft isn't much after Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch. I would draft someone to go with Jamal, though. I know Jamal has his drawbacks, but he can still grind out some decent yardage. It's a shame he's not better in the red zone. Would cut back on those interceptions.
I think they might have seen it close. Next year's schedule is tough and McNair is 34 and everyone else is a year older.
Who knows when Ray Lewis is going to really decline? So far, it's been subtle, his decline. It wasn't with Samari Rolle last year.
Do we want to sign TSizzle to a long term deal this offseason or are we in no hurry to do so?
I think Haloti Ngata has a great chance to be more of an impact player next season because of his comfort level increasing. He needs to get in better shape and remember to fire out low out of his stance, but he's potentially an excellent defensive lineman.
They will likely try to talk to Terrell Suggs about a new deal and get an idea about how much it will cost by the summer Remember, he's friends with Dwight Freeney, who thought he should get a $30 million bonus. The Colts laughed and franchised him. The Ravens could face a slightly less expensive dilemma with Suggs.
1,0Aaron, do you expect the Ravens will re-sign J. Lewis? If not, how would the Ravens replace him as the starting RB?
1,0Draft? FA? Trade?Thank youRavenatic20 I think they will be able to re-sign Jamal. They have already exchanged offers, just none that are mutually attractive according to his agent, Mitch Frankel.
If he's gone, don't be shocked to hear Corey Dillon's name surface as a potential replacement.
He's expected to be cut by New England before midnight.
What about Boller, is he still in the teams plans for the future..I mean looking to 2008, McNair will most likely be done and theres no one else on the roster.
Kyle Boller is likely just the backup this year and then he'll leave for a change of scenery. I think this guy will not have trouble finding a job. Baltimore ought to look at possibly trading for David Carr. He can be had on the cheap. This is a thin QB draft and it may be hard to find a QB of the future there. The Ravens don't seem sold on Kyle at all to replace McNair by next year.
Remember, McNair is likely here for the next two seasons.
Hey Aaron, what's the deal with Olson, we've heard you say that he is not NFL caliber, so why waste our time with him?
Because they only have two quarterbacks on the active roster.
Are there better developmental types? Of course. I think they are making a mistake by not being more proactive with their third QB.
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Next question. I'm channeling Drew Rosenhaus. :)
Ten more minutes, let's make it count.
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Sorry, laptop crashed. Took a while to get back in.
hello, Does it look like we are going to go hard at keeping Ovie
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Ovie might get more money elsewhere, possibly Arizona.
6,0What positions do you see posing the most trouble for us this year?
Offensive tackle
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DieHardRavensFan17 Quit (Web Browser closed) We may need to do the next chat a little later. 7:00 is pretty early for most of us poor working stiffs.
1,0Or with kids, thank God for a ton of HW
Before the crash, I was trying to ask if you saw anyone else making a bid for either Devard or Clarence?
No. They are not worth it.
Can you see the Ravens making any moves in the next 24 hours?
I think Devard and Clarence will have trouble making the team.
I think Baltimore is likely to be cautious at the start of free agency.
They are negotiating with Baltimore, but haven't made offers to Johnson or Mughelli.
Is it true there's a private jet at BWI waiting for AD? If so, whose?
I think his first visit will be with the 49ers. He isn't likely to travel tomorrow because he's scheduled to have outpatient surgery on his throat.
Has anyone asked about what Stan White said?
No questions yet.
So, go ahead.
What did Stan White say?
He said the Ravens have one player they are targetting and have the money to make a run at him if he's available, have you heard anything like that?
That's contrary to what they're saying actually. They are likely to monitor the market and then move on Jamal Lewis and maybe Ovie Mughelli and Jarret Johnson.
They don't have that much cap room, and the prices are going to be outrageous.
I'm not saying someone didn't tell Stan something, but it's not what they've been telling the agents or the players.
Ah I see. Thanks.
Guys, couple more questions and I have to go.
Do they think that the running game can be good enough with Jamal carrying the load again, or do they plan on bringing in someone else as well?
They want to have a promising rookie to pair with Jamal ideally. They know he needs help. Their silence about Mike Anderson speaks volumes. They love him as a person, but it's clear that was a bad signing.

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