Site Staff Weekly Pick Tourney

<p>Although I will certainly take the credit for it, Dev and Sephy had a nifty idea about doing an weekly article picking 10 winners from 10 games. Then, to absolutely guarantee that no one will take any interest whatsoever, we decided to have a weekly straight up pick competition and attempt to keep score so that the eventual winner may somehow be rewarded - probably with a 6 pack of some generic swill.

In addition, to ensure that we have a definite loser (and increase my chances of winning), I invited the honorable Arthur B. Bietz, Ohio resident, closet Raven fanatic and webmaster of to partake in the action! Art plans to pick against the Ravens and for the Browns whenever possible just to make it interesting and guarantee him last place.

We also have our resident Insider Aaron Wilson playing to keep us all on our toes. Obviously, I will crush him and win the large quantities of ale. If not, I will simply cheat.

The picks for this week are at

Dev will wrap up the scores every Tuesday.

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