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OWINGS MILLS -- Here's a transcript of our latest subscriber VIP club chat with publisher Aaron Wilson and and NFL Sirius Radio's Adam Caplan

I see BAL going for a LT, C (Ryan Kahlil makes sense at #29), DE, CB as the top priorities three weeks from the draft. Problem is there won't be a LT to take there in the first. Aaron Ross or Chris Houston could be there at No. 29.
why don't we trade down to mid 2d to get a 3rd r pick?
RAVEN: Anything is possible, teawms love to do that but it's easier said than done.
need to find a trade partner, i know, but still makes sense to me
Adam, do you think these guard-tackle combo types like Justin Blalock and Arron Sears are viable possibilities for the 29th overall pick or would the value be higher for a cornerback still on the draft board?
AA: at #29-C (Kalil with Flynn at the end of the line) or one of those CBs I noted above or Blalock (projects more to guard).
Do you think we will be going BPA 1st round?
WAY: BPA at a need position-C, CB Flynn turns 33 in June and they want to find his eventual replacement.
my concern is do these various OL prospects merit a 29 pick?
RAVEN: Kahlil does based on Senior Bowl week and combine work. But Blaylock probably early second rounder at Guard
How sincere do you think the Ravens' interest is in these QBs? They seem to like Kevin Kolb and Trent Edwards and, to a lesser extent, Troy Smith and John Beck? Do you see Baltimore waiting until the fourth round to take one? Is anyone worthy of their second-round pick?
AA: They have to decide who the future at QB is. Edwards may not be there in the second round for them.
Wow, rising that fast. They sure have kept Rick Neuheisel busy. Lot of frequent flier miles.
that's the problem. Kolb should be there in the third but they moved their third in the McGahee deal. Teams are really high on Edwards. Kind of like Kellen Clemens last year.
How far do you think Brady Quinn will fall?
DRK: Back of the top-10.
Are there any defensive ends that might be worth taking at No. 29 or tweener OLB types?
AA: More tweeners The top three DEs will be long gone
The Ravens seem to be lucky on draft day . . . some great player will fall to them at 29. Any thoughts who that will be?
RAVEN: I usually get an idea the week of the draft of what teams will do but BAL's needs are clear which makes it a little easier.
I agree needs are clear, but my gut tells me there will be some stud who is still on the board at 29 and it will be a no brainer pick at that point
RAVE: The type of values there will be at CB most likely
Any chance Jarvis Moss could fall to us at 29? Would we be interested? WEB: possibly on Moss
Is Anthony Spencer the best tweener likely to be left at No. 29?
AA: Tweener, more of a 3-4 OLB good senior bowl week which helped him though
Any chance of Jon Beason sliding that far as an all-around LB type? Is Lawrence Timmons from Florida State worth it? Rex Ryan attended his Pro Day and apparently paid a lot of attention to Timmons.
AA: Yes on Beason
Beason would be a great fit
Timmons didn't have an impressive pro day so he could be there
By the way, guys, Adam is on NFL Sirius Radio as well as's resident NFL expert working in tandem with Tony Pauline and former NFL scout Tom Marino. He was at the scouting combine and NFL owners meetings.
The QB situation is interesting, they know McNair has two years left at most so they have to address it at some point
what about Stanton?
RAV: Stanton is a marginal third rounder
Do you think there's any chance that Baltimore would look for a deep-threat receiver? They seem to have too many possession wideouts, and Derrick Mason is one disgruntled employee.
AA: I doubt it because they really like D. Williams.
if the ravens went BPA the first 2 rds and didnt get a O Lineman with either pick. Are there any FA tackles or guards the Ravens could look at?
Can the Ravens afford to wait into the forth round for a QB?
Aaron, do we know if Chester is to play C or G? Might clear up some of our thinking here.
Chester is slated to compete with Keydrick Vincent for the starting RG spot. I think they are hesitant to play too many young guys all at once, especially at center. Mike Flynn should be replaced. However, he's a Brian Billick favorite and it's hard to trust the line calls to a young guy. They seem hesitant to finally make the move. RAVE: Not sure yet on Chester, will get a better idea post-draft.
Hi Aaron, just made it back from Opening Day and viewing the new Scout 7 round mock...Does anyone else think they've drastically overvalued the QB's in this mock? What do you think of Hampton LB Justin Durant and Nebraska LB Stewart Bradley? Would they be value players in Round 4 or Round 5 or are they going to get drafted sooner than that?
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AA: Ozzie will make the call there so I think Flynn could be replaced after this season. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
any more news on the NFL disciplinary plan ? Seems like LOTS of problem "children" this year
WAY: That should come right before the draft.
What if McNair only has one year left? He worries me with his health. Would we go with Boller next year or look elsewhere?
Web: They seem to think McNair has two years left Assuming that this coming year is Flynn & Vincent's last, would they draft a G this year . . . Grubbs for example then move Chester to C
Aaron.. Why would the Ravens invite a Punter to visit?
AV: That surprised me.
It wasn't a visit. It was a workout. I think Frank Gansz likes to be familiar with all of the top punters and kickers. It helps when they play against these guys one day. Adam Podlesh is an interesting prospect. I think they are set with Sam Koch.
Koch is good.
Adam, is this a weak draft overall or a strong one? Are scouts concerned or encouraged?
AA: depends on the position Like WR is deep not for first round but after that
do you guys think that the ravens will go after a serious FB prospect like leron mcclain/cory anderson? or do you think we'll get a minor project and probably go with a 3 WR set a LOT more often
557: McClain is really a solid blocking FB, second day guy
Not as inclined toward fullbacks since Willis McGahee can run one-back and they have H-back types like Daniel Wilcox and Quinn Sypniewski. I still think a pure FB will be in camp, but it's not nearly as big a priority as it was for Jamal "I love the I-formation" Lewis.
interesting article today on Pittman. How's he really doing?
David Pittman is wearing the bust tag right now. They were very unhappy with him last season. He needs to do a lot to get out of the doghouse. Very immature with poor work habits initially. Needs to become more physical and increase his awareness on defense. A bad third-round pick at this point. It shows you can't overvalue Senior Bowl practices. I think the Ravens made that mistake last year. It happens.
What about Dan Cody this year. What can we expect? Is he a LB or DE? Ive heard LB, but nothing lately. Any chance he can beat out J. Johnson as a starter?
Dan Cody is a down rush end. He will not start. He could be a situational pass rusher.
i know this isnt necessarily a draft question, but do you guys think we will have a pass-first offense? a run-first offense like in 2003? or a pretty even balance of both?
RAV: Still pass first, power rushing game McNair isn't the QB he once was so they won't want him passing a lot
That recent column on Pittman sounds like he's realized the error of his ways. I'm not ready to give up on him yet.
David Pittman said the same thing during the season. His words aren't the issue. It's his actions. He needs to prove himself, and they aren't giving up on him yet.
Where does Aaron Sears go in the draft? Does he play OT or OG. The Ravens seemed to really like him.
I think Arron Sears goes anywhere between No. 25 and No. 32. I wouldn't have a problem with drafting him at No. 29 because he can play tackle or guard. He's very confident. I had a chance to interview him last week and he made a strong impression. He has the confidence and skills to succeed in this league.
We talk about deep recievers, but does mcNair still have the arm for the long ball,or will there be more short passes?
Way: Mid-range.
do you think cody will ever be a starter? or is he a career-long situational player?
well, adam, what's the skinny on Ginn? Lot of talk on our boards about him
RAV: He's expected to work out privately soon
Guys: That's all the time I have, I'll do it again in draft week and I'll have a better idea of who they draft.
Guys, let's get going on some questions. I'm on the clock!
Can you give us some insight into the visit process?
For the Ravens, they view it several different ways. Some of the guys are there because they're serious about possibly picking them and want to get to know them better. Example: Haloti Ngata. Others like Stanback is there for medical followup. Sometimes, they are looking at character issues. Or they want to see if a player is smart enough to learn the plays or they didn't get to talk to him at the scouting combine. Brian Billick says they do it also so they can know the player when he gets to be a free agent. I think they use it for information when they play against a guy, too, try to get inside his head.
Aaron.. What kind of shape was Willis in during the first workouts?
Willis McGahee is in good shape, according to team officials. He could use a little more upper-body bulk, but he's not like Jamal Lewis. He's more of a streamlined, upright runner, not a bruising type. He tries to make people miss or beat them to the spot.
the usual questions . . . anything new on JO?
Nothing new on Ogden. It's pretty common knowledge that he's likely to return and not retire. I would be mildly surprised if he doesn't come back.
Great. I noticed that very few of last year's visits were drafted. Do the Ravens typically have their homework done on prospect long before the visit window?
They do their homework early and tend to investigate prospects way before other teams. They use this period to confirm or rule out people.
Aaron, next time you talk with the players, could you PLEASE find out what they thought of Millar's dance?
I'm sure they would think it was funny. Very few players are in town, though, and not many of them follow baseball. I doubt that two or three players could tell me who Kevin Millar is. I think Ray Lewis would likely be offended. He takes himself pretty seriously.
regarding the interview process, merely speculation if it comes to that, but od you think troy smith is a serious prospect? or a get-to-know-you type player?
Troy Smith is a get-to-know-you. I don't think they're serious about him.
Aaron do you get a sense that we could see the Ravens making any big moves up or down in the draft? Their needs are relatively few and I'd think they would have some rope to play with.
I don't think they're making big moves. They know they need to develop some future starters at G, T, C, LB, QB. They need to hit on five of these eight picks. It's an important draft for Baltimore because of the age on the roster.
if Blalock, Grubbs and Sears are all there at 29 and the Ravens cant trade, who do you think they would take of the three?
Tough call, but it would probably be Blalock.
Does this year feel more up in the air than other years in the Draft? I just haven't seen the settling in on picks that has been there in other years
I think there's a wide range of opinions around the league on these guys.
but how many new guys will realistically make the roster?
Probably five to seven, including undrafted surprises. They tend to do well with UFA after the draft. They're good recruiters.
any hint on the LB's they like?
Lawrence Timmons, Justin Durant, Jon Beason, Anthony Spencer, Stewart Bradley, Desmond Bishop, Zach Deossie, a few others, too.
Do you think we'll be able to get our QB of the future in the 4th round?
If Kevin Kolb and Trent Edwards are gone, which it looks like they will be, I think it won't be a good enough player to really feel like it's been addressed properly. You can't accomplish everything, though. If they don't like anyone that's left, they will just have to wait until next year.
I have seen some mocks with the Ravens taking Q. Moses from Georgia. Have you heard anything about him? Do you think we would be interested?
I think it would be a reach for Moses at No. 29, but he can play. I would be more comfortable with him in Round 2.
im sorry i meant in the 2nd round
what are the odds of Moses being there for our 2nd round pick?
I think Moses could still be there possibly.
Have you had a chance see Musa Smith this offseason to ask about his neck rehab? And do you think he will be our Number 2 back?
I talked to Musa's agent about it. Apparently, the neck surgery was a major success. I think he will be the No. 2 back and the third-down back out of the backfield if he's healthy.
are kolb and edwards really the only QBS on the ravens radar?
They seem to like John Beck, too.
Is Derrick Martin a potential future starter or just a ST contributor?
Just depth and special teams for Martin. Kind of short. Good athletic ability, tough kid, not a complete player at this point.
so kolb, edwards, and beck pretty much sum it up? lol sorry to make you repeat yourself
Pretty much. Not sure what their real opinion is on Stanton. I think they would likely view him as slightly immobile. They did attend his Pro Day, but it's hard to tell much from that. They haven't brought him in for a visit yet.
what's the deal with D Mason?
Mason is staying quiet. I think he might have realized that it's almost time for him to move on. I wouldn't be shocked if this is his last year here.
was he just pissed over not seeing the ball enough?
Derrick is one of those guys who isn't thrilled if they win, but he doesn't contribute. He has a little bit of diva in him. He's a very competitive, team-oriented guy, but he wants to be involved. He's a respected figure in the locker room and I think people know his intentions are good. He's emotional and he tends to say what's on his mind. I find his honesty refreshing even if it sometimes gets him in hot water. He's a grown man and he can say what he wants.
Do you the Ozzie makes an attempt to move Mason on draft day?
if he's 'unredeamably' unhappy that's one thing, but I wouldn't be to quick to get rid of him
It would have to be a third-rounder for Mason for Ozzie to pull the trigger in my opinion.
are there any lower level cbs that are impressing? ogelsby, ivy, pittmann? is ivy pretty much a lock as of right now to be the nickle still?
I think Prude and Oglesby both did a good job last year and will be back on the team again in nickel and dime situations. Ivy is likely to be the nickel back even though he can't cover down the field. He's more of a short-area, zone type.
Is BJ Sam's leg still progressing well..barring legal/benching action will he be starting?
B.J. Sams is likely to be starting if he gets out of his DUI and is healthy.
I know a good lawyer
Really, who are you recommending?
For legal counsel?
good DWI lawyer
I think B.J's lawyer's is pretty good, too. Can't remember his name off the top of my head. Will have to check the court files. He got him a continuance, so he's off to a good start.
Has Ray Lewis made any comments in regards to this years offseason moves?
No, we haven't spoken to Ray Lewis since after the last game. I haven't seen him. I've heard he's doing better with his restaurant and some of his real estate development plans.
i really dont know what going rates are for WRs of mason's type (older, possession, etc), but do you think a 3rd is possible? or was that a message saying that it more than likely wont happen (a trade)
A third is possible for a desperate team. Remember, Derrick is pretty old.
thats what i was afraid of, you never know, maybe we'll get a team like the skins who like to spend their afternoons trading all of their picks away
yeah 2nd to only colston is still very good lol im not complaining, just inferring
Dawan Landry is no secret anymore. Great fifth-round draft pick. Very good person, too. Humble.
do you think that his brother will have a better rookie season? thats a hard act to follow, dawan was pretty dominant
I think his brother will be a perennial Pro Bowl selection. Much better prospect overall. Extremely fast. I think he might go to Atlanta.
You're right but they've really improved their draft coverage this year... Path to the Draft is worth watching
This year the Ravens let AD walk for a major payday. The company line was that we are not overpaying people and mortgaging the future (which I agree with). Any worries about them getting Suggs signed? I know he's a lot younger than AD so I hope that will help.
they've never lost someone they wanted to keep
They know it's going to be tough. Gary Wichard drives a hard bargain. I think Suggs will be one of the richest guys in free agency if they don't sign or franchise him. I doubt they let him get away. Rex Ryan loves T-Sizzles. He's not going to get away. I think they were right to let AD walk. I think he was something of a system player, albeit a great system player.
How about next Monday night at this time?
Thanks, everyone. Great questions. Make sure you tell your friends to join the VIP club.

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