BengalzRule Returns And Nabs HPOTD With 1st Post

Nobody knows who he is or where he comes from but after a 6 month hiatus, legend poster of hilarity and mirth BengalzRule returns to confuse new board members while adding several new words for the message board gloss. 'Ragass', 'titbites' and 'buttchunks' join the growing list of BegalzRule-isms that we have come to enjoy over the past couple of years and integrated into our own vocabulary. So here, without further ado is the first post.

Posted: 9/9/02 11:23:37 am    

Frist your stole the Bronwshits then your buttchunks took the great potser name.Dont hide the new broad cause i found it pisswit! Hockkkkkkk! Now the asswack.Cause the Panters beat your ragass wheres Ray cause he loss it bicth!Now laugh it cause your the worse champons no titbites.Thats the fact jack!WHO WILL BEAT RATASS BENGLAS CAUSE YOUR LAUGHED!!!!

If you are totally confused, like most of us, go to the great Ravens Insider message boards at for a translation!

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