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6,0who is really shining in the OTAs so far?

Demetrius Williams and Mark Clayton are stealing the show, honestly. Ronnie Prude impressed me and Brian Billick today with his competitiveness.

These guys really know how to sell routes.

6,0THAT is BIG news. We've been so WR challenged for years.

Keep in mind there's no Chris McAlister, Ed Reed or Samari Rolle to contend with. Exploiting Evan Oglesby is a much simpler equation to master.

Corey Ivy struggled today.

But he's scrappy and he tends to do better when there's contact involved.

1,0Anybody NOT show at the camps that you expected to see?

i was just reading your bart scott article, and i saw at the bottom the list of vets that arnt attending OTAs..the one name that stuck out was dan cody, dont you think its important for him to be there seeing as how hes still young and needs to prove himself as a contributer

Dan Cody and David Pittman.

He was here last week and I'm sure he'll be here next week.

He's planning a June wedding. Maybe he had a family commitment.

Nobody works harder than Dan Cody and he looked great last week.

) I wouldn't make too much out of attendance or non-attendance at a non-mandatory minicamp.

David Pittman, who shined last week, was out with a mild hamstring strain. He was held out for precautionary reasons.

who do you think will make the roster? darling, moore, or both?

The numbers could work out for both statistically challenged receivers. I like Clarence Moore's chances far more because of his size and the fact that Darling, who has two career receptions for five yards, hasn't caught a pass since 2004 when he was a rookie.

It hinges heavily on whether Yamon Figurs is a legit fourth receier or just a blazingly fast return specialist.

1,0How is figur looking

does he have a lot of dropped balls?

He made a great catch today, but so did Clarence Moore. I haven't seen that many drops from Figurs since the first day of rookie minicamp when Troy Smith was beaming the football at him.

With no touch and too much velocity.

Keep in mind with no contact Clarence Moore was willing to make catches over the middle today between the hashes. Normally that's no man's land for him.

does troy seem to be watching the velocity more as neuheisel coaches him? putting some more touch on the ball?

No offense, Clarence. Just telling the truth.

How has the Oline looked

He calmed down after the first practice and has been steadier ever since.

The first practice, meaning the rookie minicamp.

There's no contact. They are hitting the sled well and hustling from drill to drill. There's no way to accurately gauge an offensive line's work efficiency during a non-contact camp.

WAs McNair there today

What is your take on McGahee so far

how does quinn syp. look? i wasnt even gonna attempt to spell his last name... do you think he will develop into a contributor? or is he only a blocking TE?

Yes, Steve McNair was there today. He looked sharp.

I think McGahee has looked crisp and elusive, catching the football smoothly out of the backfield.

Quinn Synpiewski made a nice circus catch today.

HAs there been any word about Suggs contact negotiations are going

I think he's basically a blocking tight end.

It's been quiet on the Suggs front, but I heard it's going amicably so far. No deal is imminent. It will likely be a quiet process. Gary Wichard doesn't negotiate in the press and neither do the Ravens.

do you think that with mcgahee keeping his word on being in baltimore all offseason, and asking a lot of questions, that it will show n the field?

when do the ravens start negotiations with the rookies?

I think it will help the situation markedly.

THey usually start negotiating after July 4.

They've been getting a little bit better about not procrastinating each year. is that a significant date in football? or is it just after the 4th of july as a holiday

Pat Moriarty is a pro, but he holds the line.

It's not a significant football date, just when vacations tend to be over.

how did mike anderson look today?

and for that matter, musa smith as well...?

I thought Mike Anderson looked solid, albeit unspectacular. The usual with him.

Musa Smith still has a good burst and looks explosive running through the hole.

Everything he does demonstrates power.

He's the backup whether they acknowledge it publicly or not.

Hows PJ Looking


Nothing to write home about.

Nothing to really criticize, either.

i read that prescott burgess is weak for nfl standards, is this true? i havnt heard much about him, and the same website talked about yanda being 6'7" so it really cant be trusted without verification

I still think he could be a good third down back.

1,0When do they start with some contact drills to see if these boys can hold on to the ball once they catch it?

assuming he is healthy would you expect Musa's role to increase

Prescott Burgess isn't a big weight room guy, but he has a really big frame, broad shoulders, pretty muscular. Needs time in the weight room, though.

It seems that Clayton and Williams are doing well from what I have been reading is this true

August after about a week, they do their first hitting drills. Usually a morning practice at McDaniel College.

I think they'll primarily use Willis McGahee. I don't expect a huge workload for Musa Smith.

Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams are right on track.

Nothing to worry about with those guys.

Excellent attitudes, very good talent and skill sets.

HAs Heaps ankle finnally healed

i know you've said that neither have proven to be #1 WRs, but do you think that they will be #1 and 2 next year? and do good? or do you think if it comes down to that, its a reason for concern

Todd Heap has zero health problems for the first time in a long time. He's planting and cutting at optimal levels.


Do you mean this season or 2008?

2008, as in after mason leaves, if he does leave/retire after this season

6,0How is BJ Sam's leg doing?

Do you think there will be any veteran additions once the final cap casualties are released

I would think it would the Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams show by 2008, yes.

B.J. Sams told me he isn't 100 percent, but he's accelerating really well. He's a few months ahead of schedule since recovering from a fractured ankle that required surgery and metal plates inserted in his lower leg.

The June 1 market is a relic of the past.

Was pittmans Hamsting a major or monor tweak he seems to be doing better this year

They don't really involve themselves in that anymore. The Ravens manage the salary cap better than they used to. So does their NFL brethren.

are there any rookies that you expect major special teams contributions from? such as barnes as a gunner because of his good size and speed combo, like AD has done before

It's a minor tweak. And he's doing much better this year so far. Keep in mind, though, a minor hamstring injury last training camp wasn't handled well by him and he took way too long to recover. They will be careful with this one.

I need spell check

I think Antwan Barnes could be a really good gunner, so could Yamon Figurs, even though I doubt they would risk him in that type of role. Watch out for Prescott Burgess as a wedge-buster, too.

Hopefully he will do better this year with it. I know DeCosta like him

Barnes has a great upside, 4.45 speed, 31 bench presses of 225 pounds.

They are giving David Pittman a second chance and they have nearly $500,000 worth of reasons from his signing bonus from his rookie contract to be patient with him.

could you really expect figurs with his 175 frame to make a tackle on a returner? or to just get there quick and getting in his face?

were they that low on him last year to be considering this a "second chance"?

Not likely, but he was really good at covering kicks during college. Eric DeCosta pointed that out, but he's too valuable to be risked in that manner.

It was a disastrous rookie campaign for David Pittman.

how are the rookie safeties looking?

Is it likely one of the UFA safetys the ravens are trying out will make the team? I have heard you say they would like to have 4.

Bobby Blackshire intercepted a pass today. Donnie Johnson should show up well in tackling drills based on his reputation at Penn State. Big hitter.

Are they figuring Yanda as the backup Tackle or will they look to a vetren for depth

I think Bobby Blackshire or Donnie Johnson will make the team.

Aaron: Do you have the official date for the start of training camp?\

They are figuring on Marshal Yanda operating as the swing tackle at left and right behind Jonathan Ogden and Adam Terry. He'll also cross-train at guard, which is where he likely fits best at his height and wingspan.

July 29 reporting date, July 30 first practice at McDaniel College.

Any of the rookie kickers look interesting and how is Koch doing

James Wilhoit has a strong leg.

Brendan Carney is really big for a punter.

Are three tackles enough depth wise? Or do they consider Rimph to have some experience in a pinch

do you think he'll make the roster as a KO

Sam Koch is booming the football.

I think Brian Rimpf is too immobile to survive at tackle.

I don't think they're going to keep a kickoff specialist this year.

If Sam Koch's leg cooperates, it could be him this time.

6,0I can't contain my curiosity, did anyone in the FO admit to receiving "the email"?

who do you think will have breakout season this year, according to their hard work over the offseason (i.e. cody's gain in muscle mass)

How do you see the grubbs vs vincent battle going?

What was in the email

It was a hard-core pornographic e-mail sent out by the Steelers offensive line coach. It was forwarded by him to the entire league.

He got the e-mail forwarded to him by a scouting director with the Steelers.

I think Demetrius Williams could take a huge step forward this year.

I see Ben Grubbs winning the job.

NFL conduct policy violation?

6,0They just got "WARNED" from what rumor mill says

I doubt the league will care that much. It will be a cautionary tale. I wouldn't want to be the next guy who screws up that way. Then, it could be a fireable offense.

6,0At my office, it would have been "fireable" the first time.

Honestly, it's not like this was the "crime of the century." It was a stupid thing to do. I don't think anyone should lose their job over that unless they repeatedly do things like that.

I know at most offices it would, but this is the NFL.

6,0True, old boys club and all.

6,0I bet the OL coach will stay away from that forward to all key>>>LMAO

I'm sure it will never happen again.

Nobody is that stupid.

Sounds like a Michael Scott screwup, the guy from The Office.

Has there been any word on how JO's rehab is going

I've heard he's progressing well. Curious to see how much he does at the mandatory June 5 minicamp.

what steps has terry taken to make the transition to RT?

I probably missed this from earlier but whats the word on suggs? How much guarenteed money would you expect him to see?

isn't his toe injury similar to the one that ended Lambert's career?

He's cut his footwork down, streamlining his steps and showing more agility than before.

He needs to concentrate on keeping his pad level down. That is tougher to do when you're in full equipment. So far, his mechanics and first step looks smoother than last year.

How has Jarrett Johson looked so far

It's been quiet on Suggs, but I hear negotiations are going well. I would expect a split-tier signing bonus in excess of $20 million.

It's nowhere near as serious as what Jack Lambert endured for several years.

there go the beer prices again

Jarret Johnson has really slimmed down, not that he was overweight before, trimming down to play linebacker. His conditioning and agility appear to have been upgraded.

He still lacks much straightline speed, but is quick and decisive in his movements.

Very strong still.

great I like JJ

if terry played RT this season, do you think it would be another project for him to convert back to LT when ogden retires? or do you think this experience will only help him at LT as well

Has Bannans injury healed well

I think it will only help him so long as he remains careful to gain weight the proper way and not just bulk up strictly to be bigger for the right side and the bigger left ends that he'll be blocking.

Bannan has regained his mobility and recovered well from surgery.

Should be a valuable rotation guy in light of Aubrayo Franklin's departure.

we've covered pretty much every other facet of this team, im gonna go ahead and ask, how does boller look?

Has Edwards looked better this year

I thought Boller practiced really well last week, not as great today. He looks like a good solid backup. He's also put on 10 pounds of muscle, mostly in the chest and shoulders.

He looks the same, decent.

Edwards, that is.

Impossible to really judge a lineman when they're running around in shorts. His conditioning seems fine.

What is your take on Kracailk - strictly a project or could he fill in as the 4th T?

Kracalik is as mobile as a park statue. Zero upside with him. Big as a house, very little athleticism or aggression.

do you anticipate that terry will be good in the future at LT? i mean this board is pretty much set on the fact that hes the future for a long time...but even out of college he was never a "stud", on the other hand, he played very well against great pass rushers in the last two games of the season...what do you think about his starting potential?

I think he'll always be a good pass protector, above average, but more of a position blocker who doesn't dominate at the point of attack in the running game.

He's a solid to good player, probably never going to be great in my humble opinion. Let's see how he looks this year before we reach any final conclusions on Adam Terry

HAve any of the young corners looked good

Thanks Aaron, appreciate your insight

Ronnie Prude and David Pittman until he tweaked his hamstring. Evan Oglesby has struggled.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times in Westminster, Maryland.

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