Billick defends decisions

Ravens head coach Brian Billick defended his decision to keep running the ball, huddle and not open up an all out air attack in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 25-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Trailing by 18 at the beginning of the quarter, and then by 25 in the final minute, the Ravens ran the ball seven times in their final 27 plays. They also threw mostly short passes. While the strategy did allow Baltimore to make one trip inside the Tampa Bay red zone, it all but precluded them from making up the point deficit. Billick said at that point, with the score the way it was, the he just wanted to do some positive things on which to build for the future. Billick said dropping back to pass on the Bucs, who where geared to stop a passing assault, would have likely been fruitless and sunken the young Ravens' hopes even further.

 "Here this team is and what we're trying to get done that seemed to be the prudent thing to do and we certainly had success with it and moved the ball. Does it minimize your chances for success? Certainly, it does," Billick said. "But the way the game was going and what this team needed was to have some type of success. We needed to try to find some continuity. We clearly need to draw some positives even it it's just manufactured from moving the ball that last series."

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