Miscellaneous Stuff and Chat Announcement.

Free live insiders chat Wednesday night at 8PM. Aaron Wilson from Ravens Insider and the Carroll County Times will no doubt be answering questions about the Tampa Bay game, Johnny Unitas, Redskinfan and Pepper Spray and related stuff.

What else have we been up to. The depth chart is now complete (well almost - special teams are 80%)  and can be found at http://ravens.theinsiders.com/3/Depthchart.html   Note that this chart and our updated roster at http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=118&p=8&c=2&nid=98&yr=2002 are more up to date than those at the official site where apparently, Tellis Redmon is still on the team.  Better tell Brian.

Now there's talk of Edwin moving back to LG and Brooks moving to RT so we'll fire up the HTML editor and get that done in the next 24hrs, just to be accurate, cutting edge and on the ball.

We also started our Gameballs and Goats weekly feature.  Every week,  after the game,  submit up to three gameballs and three goats to (naturally) goatsballs2002@yahoo.com where the lovely LadyRaven will tally them up.  We plan to keep a cumulative score throughout the season. Weekly results will be announced on Wednesdays.

That's it. Enjoy.


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