Mulitalo back at G, Brooks promoted, Casey benched

Baltimore Ravens offensive line coach Jim Colletto informed Edwin Mulitalo last night that his experiment at right tackle is over after two games. Colletto said Mulitalo's struggles prompted him to shift the 6-foot-3, 350-pounder back to his normal position of left guard, and promote veteran Ethan Brooks at right tackle. Colletto said the team appreciated Mulitalo's effort, but it was time for a change. He said it wasn't a negative indicator of Casey Rabach's work at left guard.

"The prodigal son returns," All-Pro left tackle Jonathan Ogden said of Mulitalo's return to his side.

Rabach said he wasn't disappointed, and Ravens coach Brian Billick said the move shouldn't be viewed as a demotion. All parties involved said Rabach was simply the odd man out.

Rabach will practice at left guard, center and right guard while preparing to fill in whenever needed. Brooks said he was ready and confident that he knows the Ravens' blocking schemes.

Colletto said Brooks is an agile, muscular 305-pounder who definitely looks the part and has the necessary experience as a past starter with the Arizona Cardinals.

Brooks sat out a season to care for his wife, who died of lymphoma last year. He signed with the Denver Broncos, but was cut in a salary-cap related move last year months after his wife's death.

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