Defense is no flop

It wasn't supposed to be like this. In fact, it was supposed to be the other way around. The Ravens have flopped this season, starting 0-2, but it's not the fault of the defense. Baltimore's defense, with its seven new starters, new 3-4 scheme and new defensive coordinator, was supposed to be Baltimore's weakest link. Instead,

Baltimore's defense has given up only one touchdown in two games, while the more veteran offense has sputtered, scoring only one touchdown in two games and actually surrendering nine points. Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said he's pleased with Baltimore's redzone defense, but says it may be too early to break out the champagne bottles and declare the unit a success.
"Let's see where we are in week 10 or 12," Nolan said. "It's too early to get real excited. But yes, I am happy so far."

Nolan did say he was concerned with the Ravens' inability to get opponents off the field, last week allowing the Bucs to hold the ball for nearly 36 minutes, but that scoring was the bottom line.

"The big thing is keeping people out of the endzone," Nolan said. "If it keeps up, I'd love it."

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