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<p>Last night's free chat was a good 'un. Topics included Chris Redman, the 3-4, Johnny U, Travis Taylor and more. As is the norm, we edited out the usual burps and belches and present here for you the good stuff. <p>Amazingly, it is literate and almost in order.

adminsteve  Hey Aaron Whassup?
aaronwilson  Ready for your questions.
ravenatic  welcome Aaron, with the speculation in the profootball talk web space, about Ozzy, is there any chance of loosing him next year ?
aaronwilson  No, that's not accurate. I know the report you're referring to, but that's not a reliable forum for pro football information. Ozzie Newsome was denied permission during the offseason.The only reason why this rumor may have been revived recently is because former Brian Billick agent Ray Anderson is in charge of the Falcons now. He's an expert on financial concerns. Ozzie would be the football boss.However, I don't foresee Ozzie not being a major part of the Ravens' rebuilding efforts now and in the near future.
ravenatic  ya i knew they were a bit fake,, thnx
Chiefcrow  Aaron What is being said from the power brokers in the front office and renaming the stadium
aaronwilson  They aren't excited about this issue at all. They also don't like the fans dictating terms to them on this issue. They don't want an emotional response to force them to make a business decision that won't be profitable. They are sensitive to the grievers, but they don't like the idea of what they consider a knee-jerk response to the death of a Baltimore football legend. They don't like the public dictating terms to them. They don't want to make a business decision that wouldn't be profitable. They want to respect the grief of those mourning a football legend. They don't like the idea of succumbing to the whims of what would be wildly popular. They consider that a knee-jerk emotional response. They also believe it's too soon to do that sort of elaborate gesture.
bigravensfan  Aaron, there seems to be quite a bit of knee-jerk reaction among the fans to Redman's poor performance last week. Do you sense any erosion of support for him among the players ?
aaronwilson  As far as Redman goes, I think the players still believe in him, but they're disappointed in the way he and themselves played.
Sephy  that sounds silly. we don't want to succumb to what's wildly popular. hello?
ravenatic  sorry, we payed for the stadium, it's a cop out
aaronwilson  I know it may sound silly, but that's what I'm getting from the Ravens. They feel like a statue is enough along with the ceremony, Redman wearing high-tops and the painting of his jersey on the sidelines. I'm just the messenger. What I said doesn't necessarily represent my opinion.
ravenatic  we know
Chiefcrow  Thanks Aaron that was insightful
aaronwilson  I know fans are frustrated with the offense, so is Brian Billick and Matt Cavanaugh. It's hard to determine what these gentlemen would do with ideal personnel at this point. This offensive scheme won't generate many points. Jamal Lewis isn't a dominant back again, and this offense needs a spark. It lacks any true play-makers, just a bunch of nice, complementary talents like Brandon Stokley, Ron Johnson and Todd Heap.
Pelli  Even as a non-Ravens fan, I'd have to say that naming the stadium after Johnny U would be phenomenal...
aaronwilson  David Shaw is only 30, but he's a sharp guy. I think Baltimore could attract a more experienced alternative if it made the decision to get rid of Cavanaugh.
Sephy  With the Mulitalo shift back to guard, how does this impact the line now and the future. Like for example - Rabach to Center after this season?
aaronwilson  By the way, Cavanaugh is no dummy. He's hamstrung in many ways by Billick's appropriate lack of belief in the personnel on the team.
aaronwilson  Rabach will practice at left guard, center and right guard and will be firt reserve off the bench. I predict he'll compete with Mike Flynn or be given the job outright before training camp unless Flynn has a monster season from this point forward.
aaronwilson  We'll see if Ethan Brooks is anything more than a stop-gap measure or a long-term solution. He's certainly more athletic than Edwin Mulitalo. Give it a chance before rushing to judgment. I'm giving Jim Colletto the benefit of the doubt on this one even in light of the failed Mulitalo experiment.
Dev21  Why haven't the Ravens signed another RT in case this experiment didn't work?
aaronwilson  They haven't signed a right tackle because they aren't enthused with what's available on the open market at this point.
aaronwilson  They don't want to waste money on an outfit bound for several losses. They are cognizant of the fact that they don't want to get Chris Redman killed, either. It's a fine line to walk between trying to stay afloat and actually trying to be truly competitive.
aaronwilson  The Ravens have never had an outstanding attitude about upgrading their offensive line, either.
bigravensfan  Aaron, what is the real deal with Travis Taylor? He has shown flashes of brilliance, only to vanish from the scene just as quickly. Is the top brass still as high on him as they were on draft day a few years ago? Do you think that receiver should be a top priority in next year's draft even if Taylor fulfills expectations?
aaronwilson  Travis Taylor is injury-prone even after doing an admirable job of bulking up during the offseason. They are not as high on him obviously as they were a few years ago. Yes, I believe receiver should be a major priority in the NFL Draft. Travis Taylor, even under optimum conditions, is not an impact player. That's perfectly clear after his tenure to this point in Baltimore.
Chiefcrow  whats your take on the 34 after two games.
TheFanatic  Touching back on your offensive line comment regarding the Ravens' lack of effort to improve it. Exactly how can they get a good gauge and evaluation of Redman without a line to give him the proper protection to execute the playbook? Ceratinaly he's made some bad reads and throws
TheFanatic  Might as well finish the question...Certainly he's made some bad reads and throws, but I'd like to think more protection...eerrr...proper protection could help correct that.
aaronwilson  The 3-4 is going pretty well. Only one offensive touchdown despite so much poor field position created by the poor offense and shoddy special teams.
aaronwilson  It's very difficult to evaluate Redman, but his reads were obviously poor on several occasions against the Buccaneers. The prime example, the way the football slipped out when he was trying to throw to Todd Heap and Derrick Brooks intercepted the pass for a 97-yard touchdown. Chris is capable of playing better, but he's got to stay within himself and not try to force what's not there. I would like to see more vertical routes to Todd Heap and continued involvement of Brandon Stokley. Stokley has 10 receptions for 140 yards, not great, but better than what many observers expected.
Cravin_Ravens  The front office, although assuredly disappointed with the season so far, must be thrilled with how poorly the AFC North has performed. In their eyes, is there any greater sense of our chances seeing the post season, because the Steelers are 0-2; the Bengals are worse, and the Browns have tons of question marks, if we right the ship? In other words, is there more pressure to play Blake?
aaronwilson  As for the Ravens being able to contend because of the AFC North's poor showing to date, they haven't budged on their stated decision to start Redman for the time being and not open the Pandora's box of Jeff Blake.
aaronwilson  They are committed to Redman. I will tell you this: Chris seemed a bit down today, but that may have as much, if not more to do with his mentor, Johnny Unitas' death, than his awful showing in Sunday's 25-0 loss.
ravenatic  on Colletto & the o line,, I have only seen them try it once or twice, usually on a screen pass, but why hasn't he taught them, or allowed them to use the cut blocking, like some other teams use, it would help with keeping the D line men from just straight bull rushing
aaronwilson  They don't do much of the San Francisco 49ers style of blocking taught by the late Bobb McKittrick.
aaronwilson  Colletto favors a straight-forward approach, very few frills or thrills of late. They do a lot of zone blocking, not very many pulls.
Dev21  What's the latest on McAlister getting a new extension. Sam Rosen talked to Billick,and Billick stated that they want to lock up C-Mac long term. Will the Ravens wait until after they franchise him to reach an accord with him?
aaronwilson  Chris McAlister is the next contract situation to be addressed, but he didn't help himself with his play so far and by complaining so much. His timing was awful and it earned him a trip to see Brian Billick at the team hotel in Westminster before he could take a bite of breakfast. McAlister was incensed at being called on the carpet, and Billick was miffed at Chris' apparent disloyalty.
aaronwilson  I don't think he'll have to be franchised to get his deal done.
aaronwilson  Luckily, he's not represented by Roosevelt Barnes and Eugene Parker.
ravenatic  AMEN
bigravensfan  Aaron, despite giving up a lot of yardage in last week's game, the defense has played pretty well --1 touchdown in 2 games. Needless to say, guys like Ray Lewis, Boulware and McCrary do not take kindly to losing. If the offense continues to sputter, can you forsee a deteriorating relationship between the two sides and if so, do you believe that Billick can once again hold it all together?
aaronwilson  I don't see that happening yet. I do think Ray Lewis was annoyed at the offensive line somewhat for not retaliating for Warren Sapp's body slam of rookie back Chester Taylor. He said the Ravens have lost their swasgger. If teams think they can punk the Ravens offense, so to speak, more rough treatment of the Ravens skill players is in the offing.
aaronwilson  That's an unfortunate situation. I know this: It was strange that Chris Redman went out of his way to say Sunday that no one will point fingers at each other even when that wasn't the question that was posed to him.
Chiefcrow  WHAT ABOUT MY 3-4 Q?
Dev21  What is the team's feeling on McCrary after next season? His contract is structured in such a way, that they can save $3-$4 mill by releasing him. Will they let him retire on his own terms, or is there a time limit on when they keep him?
aaronwilson  The 3-4 is a success so far in terms of yardage and points. The defense allowed three field goals to the Buccaneers. The offense allowed a safety, an interception for a touchdown and Gary Zauner's special teams gave up a punt return for another score.
Dev21  In other words, will he retire a Raven or be forced out?
aaronwilson  I asked Brian about McCrary again today. He said McCrary is doing well, but is obviously frustrated at his limited role in the Ravens' restructured defense.
aaronwilson  As for the contract, I think his career is on the downswing, but people have counted out McCrary, a gritty veteran, in the past and it's been a mistake. He seems like one of those guys who needs to play a lot to set up an offensive tackle, though.
bigravensfan  Getting back to the stadium renaming issue for a moment. From what you have said, it sounds as though the best course of action may be for everyone to take a few steps back for a while. Is that an accurate assessment at this time?
Chiefcrow  what think of R lewis so far in the 34
adminsteve  Yes. I half expected my seats to be unbolted on Sunday.
adminsteve  I had a fake moustache to get in.
aaronwilson  I think that's accurate. It's so soon after the man's death. He would be embarrassed to have such a fuss made over him. Johnny Unitas wasn't about things like that. He was about the game of football, period, not the fanfare. He won't be forgotten because of what the stadium is named. I think a statue is a dignified, honorable response.
aaronwilson  Ray Lewis has performed well. The Ravens have upgraded his tackle total to 19 from Sunday's game alone.
aaronwilson  However, Ray is catching a lot of blocks because of the lack of size on the defensive line.
ravenatic  Will Demps move in to a staring roll when we get back from the break ?
aaronwilson  It depends on his health. I think he'll have a one-game easing-back-into-it period before he's promoted immediately. After all, they have Anthony Mitchell's sensitive feelings to consider. lol.
ravenatic  lmao
Cravin_Ravens  You mentioned the lack of playmakers, and teat Ron Johnson was merely a nice to have? I am excited about him, are the Ravens?
aaronwilson  Demps is a play-maker. As soon as he's right, he'll get plenty of repetitions, maybe not enough to please all of his legion of fans, but enough to contribute. By the way, Ed Reed hasn't done a lot yet and it has nothing to do with the holdout. He's just off to a slow start thus far perhaps because this defense has less talent at some spots than the national champion Hurricanes did.
Sephy  Sad.
aaronwilson  They are very excited about Ron. He's an excellent prospect, but he's no burner.
aaronwilson  He has great tools in terms of size, strength, vertical leap, hands, routes and competitiveness. He's not the wheel, but he's close to it at a limited corps of receivers.
bigravensfan  Aaron, when are you going to replace Preston at the Sunpaper? :o)
Cravin_Ravens  good question
Chiefcrow  would the ravens consider bringing in Bert Jones if redman dose'nt pan out
Chiefcrow  Or Mike Pagel
adminsteve  Aaron as you are from south of the 'DMZ' what do you think of Marvin's efforts in Landover
aaronwilson  Wow. The Sun has not contacted me. They are all filled up with writers at this point. Mike Preston knows the Ravens pretty well. He writes what he does to stir stuff up and because he believes the Ravens are prone to spinning away their troubles.
aaronwilson  As far as my future, I'm happy for right now, but I always keep my options open. What's wrong with being your Raven Insider forever? lol. wink.
aaronwilson  Marvin Lewis is trying to get his defenders, big-money guys almost all of them are, to buy into his team-oriented scheme.
ravenatic  Aaron, on the new pratice facility
ravenatic  is it a done deal now ?
aaronwilson  Funny stuff, Chief Crow. Maybe Art Schlichter could be let out on parole or work release to play for the Ravens.
aaronwilson  Yep, it's a done deal. Talked to a guy bidding on the contract on an airplane. They'll get started this winter.
aaronwilson  Next question.
aaronwilson  One more, guys.
ravenatic  thnx Aaron for your time, & answers, take care
Cravin_Ravens  Thanks aaron, good stuff as usual
aaronwilson  You're welcome. I've got time for one more question.
aaronwilson  Anybody?
Chiefcrow  was bert at john funeral
ravenatic  about the D, any worry about all the yards against poor O's,
aaronwilson  Not sure if he was present. Didn't see him, and he wasn't on list of dignitaries. Sure if he was there that he would have been interviewed.
aaronwilson  Some worry, but they always say it's about points and red zone performance, not yards. Same spin, different day.
aaronwilson  Got to roll guys. We'll do it again next week.
adminsteve  Thankx buddy. You da man!
ravenatic  cya
TheFanatic  Thanks aaron
Chiefcrow  later
aaronwilson  Thanks guys. Great questions.
Cravin_Ravens  danke
adminsteve  Thanks fellas. Out!

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