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OWINGS MILLS -- Here's our latest subscriber VIP premium chat transcript. Our next subscriber chat is Wednesday night at 8 p.m. with myself and Adam Caplan, scout.com's NFL expert who hosts a radio program on NFL Sirius Radio.

Hi, guys

Ready when you are

6,0How were the non-starter DBs looking in OTA? I'm concerned about our depth, especially at CB.

I thought Ronnie Prude was outstanding, very competitive. Evan Oglesby was up and down. Corey Ivy was pretty good in reserve.

None of them appear ready to step into a larger role, including David Pittman who says he'll be back by training camp after straining his hamstring.

6,0Have you heard of any progress on the rookie signings?

It's been really quiet on that front. Typically, they pick up after July 4. Right now, it's really quiet with the front office unlike some other teams like the Chicago Bears who have already signed the majority of their draft picks.

Ben Grubbs' agent, Pat Dye Jr, typically doesn't engage in contract holdouts, but you never know what will happen with first-round draft picks. Dye is a reasonable, football-oriented agent who understands that getting into camp on time is extremely important.

Would it be worth considering the supplemental draft for a possible tackle prospect? I know they have never gone that route, but what about jared gaither out of md? Or does he have too many potential character issues?

I think Jared Gaither is too much trouble honestly. I wouldn't rule out Chris Patrick from Nebraska as a potential late pick. They attended his campus workout today along with about half of the league represented in terms of scouts. He's 6-4, 300 and has 5.1 speed. Gaither seems like a boom or bust type. I like the cornerback Paul Oliver as high as the third or fourth round.

Traditionally, the Ravens don't use the supplemental draft so I wouldn't count on anything happening at all.

6,0Are any of the players hanging around Owings Mills, working out, etc. or have they all pretty much taken off for July?

Do you think that the best player available may have hurt them this year in regards to OT? Seems there is no depth and nobody available.

Sorry to be late, has anyone asked about Cory Ivy yet? is he injured or will he play?

A lot of the players stick around, but many return home. For example, Jason Brown went back to North Carolina to train and was doing a football camp for youths last weekend. We had him on a phone interview on the Saturday morning show last weekend with myself and Bruce Cunningham. The majority of them work out on their own. It's a time when you have to be especially disciplined to stay in shape.

Corey Ivy is completely healthy and participated in all drills at minicamps. Still very scrappy and also very short. You root for a good guy like Corey out there. He has a lot of heart.

I think they could really use a quality reserve tackle and I have concerns that Marshal Yanda is really a guard and not suited to tackle because of his height and wingspan. Next question, please.

How is the return battle been going? Do you think Sams has anything to worry about as far as making the team? Seems like we could have used a second guy last year when he went down.

I think B.J. Sams has looked better as far as hands and, of course, Yamon Figurs has demonstrated superior acceleration and change of direction. There are scenarios where both guys could make the team. Figurs needs to concentrate on catching the ball cleanly and not using his pads to cradle the football.

I think it's going to be a close call during August.

I have been reading that Oglesby is getting beat pretty regularly. Is he in trouble? I think he is the only one of the young reserve guys with decent size.

Evan Oglesby tends to show up better in games when there's a pass rush and help over the top from the safeties. He's a solid player and liable to make the team again along with Jamaine Winborne. Oglesby's issues in terms of man-to-man coverage show up more in single coverage with no pass rush in static minicamp situations. In a game, he can hold his own and make some plays. Good football awareness and reactions, but he's no Superman as a cover cornerback. I think he's a nice role player, but nothing real special.

Have you been impressed by any undrafted guys this year?

Yes, I've been impressed by linebacker Joe Martin, safeties Donnie Johnson and Bobby Blackshire, wide receiver Damien Linson, quarterback Cullen Finnerty, nose guard Andrew Powell, running back Greg Pruitt Jr and tight end Kendrick Ballantyne.

Most impressed with Johnson, Blackshire and Linson.

6,0do we have enough strength at safty to "help" Olgesby ? wasn't that one of the problems last season?

How would you compare Linson and Darling and Moore? Obviously different builds, but in terms of play so far.

6,0Finnerty? That could be a problem. We won't keep 4 QBs on the roster and anyone we put on PS gets snatched off.

Remember Oglesby is a nickel guy so he's not going to be in the game that often. Dawan Landry and Ed Reed are more than capable of giving him a quality assist.

Linson is smaller, shiftier, less explosive athlete. He makes nice plays, but lacks ideal size and elite speed. I would say those guys are better than him honestly, but they should be with their time in the league and size-speed ratios.

I don't think there's a huge clamor around the league for Cullen Finnerty, no offense to the pride of Grand Valley. Also, Drew Olson is still practice squad eligible. He's never played in an NFL contest. NFL Europa doesn't count.

Who do you think will make a big step up this year?

I'm looking for big things out of Demetrius Williams.

He has consistently impressed me at every stage of his brief NFL development.

What a talent and a conscientious worker, always striving to get better, very humble attitude. What do you think made him drop so far in the draft last year?

I think too many people were concerned that he only ran a 4.55 40-yard dash. To me, he has deceptive field speed and is always running away from people. He's just not a big workout numbers guy, wasn't into the weights at Oregon much at all. Now, he can bench 225 pounds about eight to 10 reps. His body is beginning to mature now. I think too many people forgot that Jerry Rice was a 4.6 guy. A stopwatch doesn't determine football ability. I was reading something the other day that attributed our good fortunes in terms of player health in part to Camp Cream Puff setting the proper tone rather than stressing the players - would you concur or do you see our lack of injuries as more luck?

Honestly, I think luck and not being exhausted are two critical factors in remaining healthy.

Billick runs these camps this way for a reason, and it follows the NFL trend. He's not interested in discovering who's the toughest during drills and doesn't always equate toughness the way everyone else does. Sure, he wants guys who can knock people down, but he's looking for that when it counts: during games.

Being tough enough and disciplined enough and smart enough to protect yourself and your teammates while going full speed demonstrates maturity.

That was the Walsh way also

If he has questions about how someone can handle himself physically, he usually lets the game film sort that out during the preseason games.

Brian Billick is very much a Bill Walsh disciple. You should read the book they co-authored. It offers a lot of insight into the philosophies and values and training schedule, media approach, etc.. that Brian advocates.

6,0I think being able to get back up is as important as being able to knock someone else down

True, and not whining or sulking or losing your temper. Reacting to a bad play and coming back strong is a great attribute coaches look for at every level.

thanks AW, I'll pick it up

I definitely recommend it.

Sorry about being late did anyone ask about the Nebreka takle

We haven't talked about him much.

What did you want to know specifically?

So does Figurs speed mean that the end around may actually work when the ravens run it? I have bad memories of Clayton and Travis Taylor tackled for a loss. Any real plans to get him involved on offense yet? Is he someone the ravens have a true interest in

Ha ha, I think that play should be trashed. It never worked for years. Scrap it.

I think they're just performing their due diligence on Chris Patrick honestly. He's a decent prospect, though.

6,0Off-topic maybe, but how much responsibility does Marvin Lewis need to take for 10 players arrested in 14 months?

Big kid at 6-4, 300 with 5.1 speed.

I saw that

6,0 5.1 isn't that a little slow? A lot of responsibility. He took these risks and now he should be accountable for introducing these bad actors into that community. A win-at-all-costs mentality can't be condoned. I think that's part of the problem in Cincinnati, a certain desperation to win.

5.1 is fast for that size.

It is a area of need If any Tackle goes down it could be trouble

Chris Chester's 4.8 speed is an aberration.

Even for a low round pick, would another guard in the mix be helpful? It would almost certainly mean either ditching another vet or putting another young guy on the bench for a few years.

They are in serious trouble if Jonathan Ogden or Adam Terry gets hurt.

I think adding another guard, especially if Marshal Yanda winds up being a guard is overkill.

They really need another tackle.

They need a Tackle

Or for Yanda to break the mold as a shorter, Leon Searcy type tackle.

what about converting Sypneiski Ozzie mentioned it once

6,0You're not the only one worried about depth at tackle. JO's toe is likely to go bad at any time. He'll be playing in pain all year.

He mentioned it in passing, he wasn't being serious.

J.O.'s toe is a big deal, but at least the tendon didn't separate from the bone. I figured He has the height not the weight

what is the deal with his size. I read in one of those draft magazines that he is slightly talled than levi brown and he was drafted top 10. They also said Yanda had long arms, which I thought I heard otherwise. Maybe just the magazine

I thought Yanda had short arms

Marshal Yanda is 6-3 1/2 310 pounds with average arm length.

Which rookie inpressed most without pads

Antwan Barnes was the most aggressive, explosive rookie.

Hows the Fullback been

Good hands, losing weight, very compact, stout kid with a zest for contact. I think they've identified their future fullback quite well.

6,0which rookies are least likely to make the team

They said at the Sr Bowl he was a beast

Here's a link to a scout.com profile on Chris Patrick, includes links to audio and video clips: 12http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=204&p=8&c=1&nid=2404206

It's such a long list of undrafted guys who will likely get cut, but here goes a few: Travis Leitko, Nick Leeson, Marcus Freeman, Terrell Maze, Greg Pruitt, Cullen Finnerty, Matt Willis, etc..

If the link didn't work, you can just type Chris Patrick, Nebraska in the search engine on the front page toward the top.

Sometimes, we have articles and pictures of guys going all the way back to high school, including Ben Grubbs and Troy Smith. That's the power of the scout.com network.

It seems there are no issues in the locker room so far is that true

Yes I do that all the time. It really is Camp Harmony right now. Nobody seems worried about anything, even the guys who got benched like Keydrick Vincent. He's handling it really well.


6,0How's Boller been handling pretty much knowing this is his last year?

I think Kyle has been really low-key about everything, just getting his work in and doing his job.

He hasn't changed much, just a little bigger in the upper body with a shorter haircut. Decisions are decent during practice, not perfect, probably never will be. His footwork isn't as good as Troy Smith's, who's pretty smooth in the pocket.

Looks like Patrick will be a later-round pick. He ran a 5.3 at 296 pounds.

The Ravens were at the workout.

Conditions were not favorable, apparently, excessively hot.

See you guys Wednesday. I will post this as a premium transcript tomorrow.

The Georgia CB works out this week also thanks Aaron- good evening Yes, he does. We'll have full coverage on that one, too.

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