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OWINGS MILLS -- Here's our latest installment of Ravens Insider's VIP subscriber chat transcript with the added bonus of questions and answers with Adam Caplan, NFL expert and NFL Sirius Radio host along with Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson:

What do you think of the Ravens' linebacker depth?

Other than the young LBs-Barnes and Burgess, Stills but he's a special teams player and situational guy

They could use another veteran

How do you expect Mark Clayton and Steve McNair to do this year?

BLIN: Clayton, if McNair shows that his arm is strong, should do very well. Demetrius Williams should have a sigificant role in their offense
he's their one true deep threat

Do you think McGahee will bounce back with the Ravens?

McGahee, time will tell Are there any tackles out there they could pick up for depth?
PD: OT or DT?


Zach Wiegert, Todd Fordham

they have starting experience

Adam, do you think the Ravens remain the top team in the AFC North or do you feel like the Bengals are going to be pretty competitive with them again?

Kyle Turley still wants to play but he looks like more of a TE at this point.

AA: Bengals D is the problem so I don't expect them to win it. PIT is going to be interesting.

I would like to think that Grubbs will be starting for the ravens before the season I misguided?

TO: If he gets up to speed in training camp, he'll push Jason Brown.

What are your thoughts on Pitt regarding the LOS - they seemed uncharacteristically non physical last year - would you expect better play on either side this year?
BLIN: Their revamped offensive scheme under Bruce Arians will be interesting.

What's the skinny on these supplemental draft prospects, Jared Gaither, Paul Oliver and Chris Patrick? What do you hear about them and what kind of pick do you think teams might be willing to spend on them, respectively?

Defense could see some changes although they will be a 3-4 base

based on salary cap and last year's performance, I suspect that Keydrick Vincent will be cut before the season starts...what do you think?

AA: Because teams have to pay them on this year's rookie cap, that will hurt all of them, especially Oliver who could have been a first round pick next year

Patrick-6-7th area


Is Patrick more Guard or Tackle

TO: They can't unless they think Grubbs or Chester are ready to start right away

PD: Guard or RT

projects to either

but more to guard

Chester is our starting right guard right now....according to Chris Foerster

patrick was seen as 3rd or 4th rounder had he stayed at Nebraska for his final season

He played Lt in college correct

TO: We'll see how it plays out in camp. Chester was a very solid college player who has a good upside.

PD: Yes

other than a tough schedule, what concerns do you have with Ravens

He has growth potential too-Patrick

BL: Passing game basically and if McGahee can improve off of last year's poor performance

Does Patrick have an attitude or academic problems or is he just ready to get paid to play? I hear bad things about Gaither in terms of academics and behavior issues.
Defensively, how JJohnson does taking over for AD

AA: Patrick is a good kid from what I understand

Do you think Pacman Jones gets out of this Las Vegas case or has his luck with the law run out this time? Between that and the Atlanta strip club shooting where he's supposedly just a witness to his entourage firing weapons, is he likely to be banished from the NFL for another year?

AA: He likely won't play again for the Titans, we'll see how it plays out legally.
adam, you said Pitt would be many wins for the Pittsburghers???

Charging him is one thing but the Titans know they can't have him around any more.

TO: I don't make predictions until right before the season, no reason to make any before camps start

But there will be a philosophy change with Cowher gone

you're talking about 16 years there.

please expand on "philosophy what way?

TO: You won't see their power running game any more
BR> What will end up happening with Faneca

PD: He'll play it out

then sign somewhere else next year

Pete Kendall will be cut by the Jets before camp. He will find a job within 24 hours.

any truth to the rumors that Cowher plans to return next year to Wash or CLE and has been contacting folks within Steeler FO about joining him?

BL: CLE possibly, doubt in WAS

Do you foresee Ben Roethlisberger bouncing back in a big way one year removed from the motorcycle crash?

Gregg Williams is seen as Gibbs' successor

AA: The scheme will help him but they will let him do a lot of audibles at the line so he will be challenged from a mental standpoint.

Who do you think will wind up quarterbacking the Browns and why? Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson or Charlie Frye?

AA: I predicted a few weeks ago Anderson would so I'll stick by it.

Best arm out of the three

his problem is that he takes too long to throw the ball.

will rex ryan last more than one more year with the Ravens??

Interesting. Big pocket passer, huge feet, pretty tough kid.

AA: He takes too long to throw the ball

how do you think Jamal will do with Cle?

That's why he can't be a starter long term

BL: His weight is down

so he could be a little faster

By the way, Rex Ryan has lost about 60 pounds. Looks like he's leaning up for interviews next year.

AA: I know
but he still has more to go

Ha ha, yeah.

He'll be at the top of the list

I would HATE to see Rex me selfish

TO: I think he's gone after this year

who is the most likely replacement if Rex leaves?

TO: Ask me during the season

Do you see any repercussions from teams about these players snitching to the union about offseason contact?

I actually may know then


Well before it's announced

AA: None, it's a wink, wink thing What are linemen supposed to do, a line dance

I know the Ravens minicamp was pretty tame, but that's Brian Billick's philosophy on minicamp and training camp: Camp Creampuff.
R There is so much clutching and grabbing

Dosey-doh, right.

that's the problem

every team does that

even if he's laid back, there's still contact

there's no way around it

He likes to keep the vets happy and healthy.

There were 2-3 serious injuries during the OTAs and minicamps around the league Not a bad idea usually except when you have knucklehead vets. This locker room seems pretty good right now, even Ray Lewis has stopped bitching.

seems like non-contact too

Ray needs to stay healthy for a change

that's key

How would you rank Ray out of the LB's in the NFl now

what do you think of Cory Ivy? I think he played well last year

PD: I don't think he's the best MLB any more

but he's close

TO: He has to be the nickel based on their roster now

Trevor Pryce gained about 20 pounds of gut weight in the offseason. Do you bank on an older guy like him getting back in shape just in time for the season? He played much better than I thought he would last year.

AA: My only problem is that could put stress on his back

and he's had a ton of back problems in the past

Good point.

Guys: That's all the time I have, Aaron will take over.

See you down the line.
Thanks, Adam. Great stuff as usual.


Thanks Adam

Guys, let's get through a bunch of questions.

I'm surprised that Chris Chester has been annointed the starting RG (for now) I The thinking is that Chris Chester is the best right guard out of Keydrick Vincent and Ben Grubbs. It also allows them to phase in the youth movement with a guy who has actually played before.

Will Rimpf be on the team this year

It gets Vincent out of the lineup and it pushes Chester one step away from eventually becoming the center. Then, they can ultimately have Jason Brown, Chris Chester and Ben Grubbs as their interior line at some point. When? I don't know.

Whatis your take on Pitt o-line, I think it looks like their achilles heal and will cause Ben lots of problems in their 3/4 receiver sets

I think Rimpf can survive as a reserve interior lineman.

DeCoasta said he like Chester as the Center of the future so maybe it is a way of working him to that role

I could see Ben having to throw on the run a lot. He used to be better at improvising that way until the line got older and he got fatter and slower.

Barring injury, I don't think Vincent will make this team.....but that is just my I too hard on Keydrick?

I think it's their way of grooming Chris Chester slowly while getting an athletic player on the field without having to wait forever for Flynn to hang it up.

A little bit, Vincent is trying hard and has lost weight and had hernia surgery. He's a really good guy, not that suited to this scheme really.

I think he's handling the demotion well and being a good soldier.

any shot of KV being a b/u tackle in a pinch.

He played some tackle at Ole Miss, but I really doubt it. It makes some sense to me on the right side because he's 6-foot-5, 330.

Most of the draft guides I have indicate that Yanda is 6 foot 3 inches and 7/8, Is that an accurate height??

Maybe Marshal Yanda or Steve Edwards could hold down the right side if something happened to J.O. and Adam Terry had to shift over.

The Ravens say he's 6-foot-3 1/2 310 pounds.

haven't heard much about Edwards - any thoughts there

Small for a Tackle

That isn't much difference.

Edwards is more of a guard, not that mobile anymore.

Are they interested in Patrick
R I think they're just performing their due diligence. They never really get into the supplemental draft as a rule.

is Mike Smith going to play this year?

I think Mike Smith, who's coming off shoulder surgery, might struggle to make the team if he doesn't get healthy soon. Prescott Burgess is pushing hard for a roster spot.

Burgess has some moster arms on him, based on the pictures I have seen on scout, is speed the issue with him?

He's not blazing fast, but he can move pretty well for his dimensions.

how has Jarrett Johnson looked thus far? I have high hopes for him this year......

I think he's doing well as far as stopping the run and short pass coverage. He's basically a two-down player and a sub rusher. Tough guy, great football mentality. I predict him making a lot of tackles.

How has Troy Smith looked so far
Very sharp, good attitude, accuracy and decisions are improving. Ask me again when he faces a live pass rush and the bullets are real, not blanks.

now for something completely different - what do you think league will do with Vick assuming the news flow continues to worsen

do you think our preseason roster is pretty well set....or do you still anticipate a free agent or two being added?

Maybe a suspension if he's indicted. If not, they will have a tough time punishing him beyond a potential fine or an admonishment or drop in status in terms of promotion, which I think has already basically transpired.

Oh, they always add a few camp bodies over the summer. Happens almost every year. Sure, why not?

there was some chatter about Dante Culpepper & the Ravens (Pasqudoodle on ESPN I think)...This makes no sense to me....but I am curious if there is any truth to this at all

By the way, guys, I'm going to Mexico for our one-year anniversary on Friday. I will be back the following weekend, so no chat next week. Going to Puerto Vallarta.

They aren't interested in signing Daunte Culpepper. Like I've said before, look for the Jaguars to make a strong bid.

Enjoy the trip - well deserved!

I try to time my vacation to when it's slow with the Ravens. Hopefully, nothing will go down.

Couple more questions, guys. Haven't finished packing yet.

keep my fingers crossed for you. You answered my questions - many thanks and have a great time

I will ask Ozzie to keep things quit while you are in Mexico

Ha ha, thanks.

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