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I see different opinions re: Chris Chester; is the coaching staff happy with his performance?

do you think grubbs will beat him out before season end?

They are happy with him so far. I think Ben Grubbs is liable to eventually hold down the job, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen immediately. Mike Flynn really looks entrenched at center, and I haven't seen anything that makes me think Grubbs is markedly better than Chester. At least not yet. Long-term, he'll be the right guard and Chester will be the center. It's just a matter of time.

6,0Any hints that any others of the 2nd or 3rd string going to start?

are both darling and moore going to make the team?

6,0What are your feelings on how Pittman will do

Is gaither a natural left tackle?

There are a lot of scenarios where both Devard Darling and Clarence Moore could make the team, which I think would be a mistake on the organization's part. It would be better to just choose one, maybe Devard because he plays special teams. I wouldn't keep both of these underachievers around.

PJ Daniels--- Does he make the 2007 ravens roster?

I think David Pittman will cover well, but I wouldn't want to see him have to do a lot of tackling. Remember, this will be extremely difficult for him against the Redskins' receivers. That could be mitigated by the Redskins' awful pass blocking, so maybe Pittman won't have to cover long. I think Todd Collins will be a sitting duck.

Yes, Gaither is a natural left tackle with every quality it takes to play there right now except for one pivotal one: experience and lower body strength.

I could see P.J. Daniels maybe getting cut, but I doubt they will get rid of him. They have money in him and he was playing well until he got hurt. Cory Ross is making that a difficult decision, though. He's going to push the numbers game to the brink.

Very competitive kid, you just wish he were bigger.

If samari Rolle is out longer than expected, who woiuld start in his place versus the Bengals??

who is the number 3 safety at this moment??

Corey Ivy would start in his place, according to Rex Ryan.

Don't count out Derrick Martin. I think he's really starting to play some good football. He was somewhat raw last year after leaving Wyoming a year early, but he's beginning to come around.

do you think martin could start oneday?

Gerome Sapp is the third safety. He actually has a defined role in the nickel and dime package as the X-factor, a roving safety/linebacker. Olson or Smith?

I think Martin has a lot of potential. I don't know if he'll fulfill it, but this kid can run and jump really well. He's an intriguing athlete.

I really like Corey Ivy, but he seems too small to start at corner......and better suited to nicel back...I hope you are right about Derrick Martin!

It's going to be Troy Smith, I think he cemented that last week.

any chance Olson will go on the practice squad/

Corey Ivy is really small, big receivers can post him up, but he's scrappy and tough. I try not to underestimate him because he loves to prove people wrong.

Yes, there is that chance. Drew Olson is still eligible for the practice squad, but I don't see why they would need to keep both guys. Not unless they think Drew is a big part of their future. I haven't seen much to refect that sentiment honestly.

But, yes, he could be on the practice squad.

what level do you see Gaither ? Starter, 2nd string?

What do you think about the back-up D-Linemen like Bryant, Marshall etc I sthere any chance any of them will make the roster? Any chance for any of them making the practice squad?

Gaither is a backup this year, unless Jonathan Ogden is hurt or if Adam Terry turns out to be a complete washout.

I don't think Bryant or Marshall will make the team. Practice squad is a maybe.

What do you think about the back-up TEs (eg Freeman, Ballantyne)? Any chance one will make the roster or possibly the practice squad>

What is the latest on the injuries?

Practice squad for those guys, probably just one of them.

On the injury front, Haloti Ngata is probably not going to play, he'll be a game-time decision along with Antwan Barnes.

Speaking of Adam Terry, is it the coaching staff that is worried about him......or just the fans?

Definitely out: Rolle, Clayton, Daniels, Wilcox, Ogden, Cody and Smith.

I think the fans are unduly concerned. The coaching staff isn't nearly as worried, if at all.

6,0Did they work on limiting Penalties in camp this week?

They talked about it a lot, it was definitely an emphasis, but it's up to the players to play under control.

Edgar Jones?---can he make the team; if not can we be sneak onto the practice squad?

any progress on the Suggs contract front?

Edgar Jones has an outside chance, particularly since Dan Cody is likely to begin the season on the PUP list, and maybe Mike Smith, too.

do you think suggs will get a deal done before the end of the season?

It will likely come down to Jones vs. Dennis Haley for one of the final spots. Jones isn't a secret, so practice squad might be tough.

The Suggs deal has been completely quiet. I will be mildly surprised if they're forced to franchise him, but you never know. His agent is pretty demanding.

is there any chance suggs walks/

I had a few questions about the difference between Mcgahee and Anderson last Sunday. Do you think that Anderson's success had to do with a difference in running styles, or was the defense just expecting less out of a 2nd or 3rd string back, and were caught off guard?

Or did the O-Line play in a different way?

No, zero chance he walks.

we have lost a number of games that were on national television the last couple of years; is this a coincidence or do you think the team just does not play well under the national spotlight for some reason?

I think the run blocking was better for Anderson and he was more decisive about hitting the hole. There was much less penetration in the backfield when he was in the game and the zone blocking is right up Anderson's alley.

6,0What is it about playing in bad weather? do the guys just have it in their brains that they can't do it?

I think they get way too excited about the black uniforms and the national stage. It shouldn't matter who's watching. The team should seriously think about not indulging these guys so much with the black uniforms. It's something that Ed Reed and Ray Lewis wanted. I would just stick with their basic uniforms, but I don't think any of that stuff should matter. Just play football.

It might have something to do with never practicing in bad weather. They were inside every day this week even when it wasn't raining.

Billick isn't exactly Tom Coughlin.

HOW do you think the defense feels about the upcoming confrontation with Jamal Lewis? are they eager to play against him? or is he just another opponent to them?

Was the O-line composed differently when Anderson was running, or was it the same people in the same positions?

6,0Last week our OL looked like swiss cheese with limited good blocks. will they be trying some other guys upfront this week?

I think the defense isn't too worried about Jamal, and, yes, they're eager to play against him.

It was the same group blocking for both backs. I don't think they had subbed linemen yet.

It will be different with Chris Chester back in the lineup at right guard. Ben Grubbs will line up with the second team. At least that's what I was told yesterday. I will be surprised if they keep Grubbs in their with the starters again this week.

Do you think we will keep Rhys LLoyd for kick-offs?

Are they going to try chester at center with the 2nd team?

I think they are considering it, but it's not really necessary and there are some good football players you would have to cut to keep him. That said, he's awfully impressive so far. Five kickoffs into the end zone, two touchbacks last week and two field goals.

Chester is the second-team center and will line up there again this week after being out last week and Jason Brown filling in without incident.

How has Chester fared so far as Center?

do the Ravens have enough cap room to sign Suggs at this time?

I think he did well at center with the exception of one practice where he snapped it early and hurt Kyle Boller's hand. For the most part, he's been sharp.

They could sign Suggs now. They don't have to clear any space, according to team officials.

6,0Is Barnes a definate dispite the 2 ankle injuries

I keep wondering if Kyle Boller is going to have a good exhibition game.....could this be the week?

Barnes is going to make the active roster, yes.

I thought he was all right during the first preseason game, but he held the ball far too long last week and got nailed by Fred Robbins because of it. He was also late on his throws.

At least he's not turning the ball over.

I think he'll play all right against Washington.

s derrick Mason definately going to play versus the Redskinnies?

Yes, Derrick Mason is scheduled to start alongside Demetrius Williams with Mark Clayton out wiht a sprained ankle.

In the game against the Giants, I saw Mcgahee move to run on the outside of Gaither, and then even outside the tight end, is this outside running common with mcgahee?

6,0Do you think the heat will have much of an effect tomorrow? I hear it will be hotter than HE**

Boller had a spirited conversation on the sideline with Rick Neuheisel following the incomplete (underthrown0 pass to Clarence Moore in the endzone. Any idea what they were talking about? My lipreading was not sufficient to figure it out.

He likes to bounce to the outside, but Todd Heap was overwhelmed at the point of attack by Mathias Kiwanuka. That's why that play didn't work even though Gaither got off the ball fast.

I think it won't be nearly as bad as the Redskins scrimmage where it was 141 degrees on field level.

6,0Probably a goo thing with Billick vocabulary when he is PO'd

any idea what happened on the failed 4th down QB sneak?

I don't know what they were talking about actually, I'm sure Rick and Kyle were colorfully lamenting the missed opportunity. Nobody got any push upfront except for Gaither. There was nowhere for Steve to go.

Any idea why Billick opted for a field goal when we were down by 4 points to the Giants with little time left in the game?

Nobody asked him about it, if it was a regular-season game obviously he would have acted differently. I think he just wanted to practice kicking a field goal with Rhys Lloyd. The preseason record doesn't matter.

I know this sounds crazy, but i think Billick felt the ravens had played BADLY and that Billick wanted to make sure that we did not win the game!

That's a pretty good theory, it wouldn't surprise me. He's always looking to salvage some kind of lesson when applicable.

6,0Anything look promising on the wide reciever front?

How much playing time will McNair, Boller, Smith and Olson get with the Skins? best guess?

I think Devard Darling has played decently, three catches for 39 yards, and he's taken up special teams, too.

McNair should play the entire first half. Boller should get the third quarter. I think Smith and Olson will have to split the fourth quarter or one of them, probably Smith, could get the entire quarter to himself.

of our draft choice for 2007; are any of them considered disappointments by the coaching staff at this point

I think it's too early to say someone is a disappointment. I would say that Troy Smith and Yamon Figurs are the two biggest projects, but they aren't disappointments.

of the players that we don't hear much about......is there anyone who you think might emerge in time to make the roster?

I think Gaither is a big upside surprize at this point. He reportedly had work-ethic issues at MD. Is he working hard so far with the Ravens?

I wouldn't rule out Edgar Jones or Rhys Lloyd from making the team.

yeah, i didnt even see the thread alert until now thats why i just came

Jared Gaither has worked really hard so far. He knows people are watching him.

I'm glad that you say that Rhys Lloyd may make the team. He's really kicking well'

do you think gaither could be starting in place of JO by 2008?

who do you think will start opposite rolle, aaron?

Yes, I'm sure he will be. I expect Jonathan Ogden to retire after this year.

It will be Chris McAlister and David Pittman starting Saturday night against the Redskins.

thats right, my fault, i meant instead of rolle

I don't know if this has come up before, but is anyone else a little nervous about Jamal when we play the Browns?

This is Pittman's audition.

Hope Pittman passes with flying colors!

Thanks for all your time Aaron; VIP membership is the best!

We talked about that a little, and I don't think the Ravens are worried about Jamal Lewis. I think they look forward to playing against him. It should be a fun week of trash-talking hopefully. Anything to enliven the thrill of Ravens-Browns, right?

im a little nervous, if he hits holes faster, he could have some embarassing hits on our linebackers...and i think it was just last offseason when ray or AD was saying that we are lucky to have him on our side

6,0No, I think it is Jamal that should be nervous, some of our players aren't real pleased by his comments

I think it was Adalius Thomas who said that. he was friends with Jamal.

Just a head's up. The players don't get mad when a player bashes Billick. It's not viewed as a personal affront. It's more of a players against management kind of thing.

Nothing big, but players stick together.

aaron, if pittman really shows up in a good way, is there any chance for him to take rolle's starting job? or is this just a loose audition just to see where we're at

This is just a take the temperature kind of thing.

Well, they did get run over by Brandon Jacobs so I wouldn't discount their ability to play against big backs.

I think they just missed Kelly Gregg. They're not the same without him.

As far as Pittman, I don't think he's going to be the starter. At least not this year.

I was amazed at how easily the Giants were running on us in that game.

I don't think jamal will run over gregg and Gnata....heheheheheh

It wasn't only Brandon Jacobs, it was all their backs, as far as I could see

I think the regular season will be a different matter altogether.

i really noticed it when it was our 3rd string D, but i thought our first string did good

They had a lot of trouble with the Giants' backs. I think they just got too keyed up overall.

You're probably right. Hope so, anyway

The first-string defense was physical, too physical at times, especially between snaps. Suggs needed to calm down.

Aaron, do you think Corey Ross will make the team?

I saw samari Rolle mentioned that he was looking forward to playing against "ocho-cinco" Do you think he will be over his injury by 10Sept07?

I think it's 60-40 that he makes it, but it won't shock me if he gets cut. They have money in Daniels.

6,0What about the Barnes Fine.. do you think he will win the appeal/

That'd be a pity. He looks compact, fast and shifty

I'm sure he'll be slightly hampered with it. Sprained ankles tend to linger more than a while with older players. For this one, he has nearly 20 days so it will test his ability to recuperate.

I think he'll have to pay at least some of the fine. Maybe he can get it reduced.

I thought that Ike Reese really went overboard about that hit

There just isn't much room for Ross. I would think about getting rid of Musa maybe if they didn't have $1 million invested. He has looked awful this month.

He just went on and on

Ike Reese was just drinking the green Koolaid on the Eagle's in-house broadcast.

Remember, he gets paid by the Eagles still.

So, they get the home-team treatment, all of these teams do during the preseason on local broadcasts.

Couple more questions, guys.

Well, it certainly sounded that way! And then, to cap it off, the other guy was congratulating him on how well he did

I'm sure this has been asked before, but do you think Devard Darling makes the team?

I'm a Caribbean woman, and I was really hoping for the best with him

Next Q. Could you see who was responsible for the middle to right side of the line being so porous in the Giants game?

Maybe, the fact that he's playing special teams helps him. And remember he was the first receiver in the game when Clayton got hurt.

I thought it was mostly Adam Terry and Ben Grubbs.

who were allowing penetration.

Good. I like him better and Moore.

It was pretty shocking.

Devard has been working extremely hard and his attitude is better than Moore's.

I don't think Adam and Ben had ever worked together before in a game, so chemistry was an issue.

Well, this is the time to work that out, isn't it

Exactly, preseason is the time to learn. These games don't count.

That's why they should probably shuffle the lineup even more than they do already.

They don't count, but it's still good to win them!

You always want to win, but not at the cost of evaluation or injuries.

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