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What are your thoughts on Rolle - looked good against Cinci and not so agains the Jets

I think the foot and ankle injury and not practicing for the majority of the week limited his mobility and confidence. It reminded me a little bit on a smaller scale of the issues he experienced last year. When healthy, I think he's a solid cornerback. When he's not..

How in the world did Haley look so good in preseason, make the team, only to be cut after week 2?

Any idea who will get his roster spot?

He was committing penalties and I got the sense from linebackers coach Jeff FitzGerald that Dennis Haley tends to let up and relax at times. He didn't behave like a guy at the end of the roster. He acted like he had it made a little too much.

Not sure, they worked out Nick Greisen and Jordan Beck last week along with Leon Joe, who signed with Buffalo. Maybe it will be an offensive lineman or a defensive lineman with Trevor Pryce being out for three to five games.

Anyone out there on the derensive line of any interest?

The most interesting one, Tank Johnson, just signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

There's a good linebacker out there, A.J. Nicholson, but he's a thug. He's off suspension. So is wideout Antonio Bryant.

Is there any change Darling could be replaced with one of the free agent wrs? Wasnt bannister a standout special teams guy and seeing as Darling is only decent would that not be an upgrade?

How many plays did Barnes miss?

I tend to doubt it. Remember, Darling is a vested veteran, so they have to pay his salary anyway: $850,000.

One play.

Not the end of the world. He was just confused with the rotation, first NFL game, too.

Given how many snaps Grubbs has taken when do you expect him to move in for good Probably during the second half of the season at the latest. It seems to be working well as a tandem so far.

When will we see Mike Anderson again? Not that we have ever seen much of him but wasnt he supposed to be the backup this year, not musa?

does that mean Chester will then start sharing plays with Flynn or is Flynn staying this year barring injury

MA is a ghost

Remember, Mike Anderson had some personal issues, family stuff, that kept him out of practice for a while. He was the backup, and Musa is supposedly the third-down back. However, they don't really need a third-down back because Willis McGahee can catch so adeptly out of the backfield.

I think Mike Flynn is fairly entrenched for this last season. I doubt he plays another one.

How do you think Samari will do this week against two very talanted recievers, especially as big as Fitzgeraldi is?

Is the defense out to prove something this week after that devistating fourth quarter

I think it will be extremely tough for him, and there's virtually no help behind him since Corey Ivy has issues of his own. Ed Reed needs to be all over the field, and Dawan Landry needs to cover better and the front seven has to generate pressure on Matt Leinart. Otherwise, it could be a long day for Samari.

Yes, I think they will be very determined to prove that it was an aberration, not the rule.

Well hopefully they will since their oline or horrible.

Does Billick ever review his strategy as it seems like he ALWAYS tries to put games away (passing) only to leave plenty of time and not cause opposition to burn any TOs

Their line does lack a lot of proven blockers.

Would you expect a good game for the offense seeing as their defense, especially their corners are not exactly top tier

I think Brian takes everything into account, but he tends to overthink everything and not learn from his mistakes.

I think they will have trouble staying with the Ravens' skill players, yes.

so the comment about Bizzaro Brian is correct

Pretty much so.

Any concern about the lack of pass rush Oh definitely, particularly in light to the injury to Trevor Pryce.

By the way, Billick said today that they needed extra people up to account for Ray Lewis' triceps, but he said Mike Anderson should be activated most Sundays.

How in the world did Cleveland score the points they did? I mean Cincis D sucks but they have some pass rush. Did cleveland all of the sudden get an Oline? Also, where did the speed from jamal come from?

I think Jamal has lost enough weight to regain some acceleration. Cleveland has some pretty good offensive linemen like Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach. Derek Anderson is a streaky passer, and he can get hot sometimes.

Whats your assessment on Figurs so far? Still havent seen anything from punt returns, but on kick returns he definetly seems to get better field position than sams did.

Hopefully he holds up.

I thought he did really well on kickoff returns, but punts are an issue because he doesn't seem to catch the ball that cleanly or make good quick reactions.

Do you think Clayton will be ready to play this weekend or will he be at half speed again?

I think Mark is expected to be back. By the way, Brian defended his first-down pass and said he would do it again, but second-guessed his pass on third down.

Mark is supposedly as healthy as he's been since the first preseason game.

Is Clayton at half speed worth having out there or should they just rest the guy till hes healed up? In this sense is he more of a decoy right now? 2 games and minus one yard.

He was complimentary of Antwan Barnes and Dwan Edwards today as well.

I think Mark will get some things done this week.

Also, Prescott Burgess is going to keep playing special teams and maybe on defense soon.

What do you think about JO - I know he is supposed to start but do you think he is maybe worth a half?

where would his spot on defense be? In what situations

Billick said that Steve McNair could have played, but they were worried about the groin pull lingering and decided to be conservative since it was Kyle Boller against Kellen Clemens.

I think it's touch and go on J.O. returning this week.

Burgess would likely sub in at Sam linebacker.

Not going to happen this week, though, just special teams.

How much time does Barned get?

Billick said he's concerned about tackling against Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. He said they need to stop trying for the big hit and just form tackle.

Barnes will play as the situational pass rusher in the nickel package.

Third downs, mostly.

That's a good point - Ray and Ed look like they are always going for Jacked-Up features

Sometimes, you just need to wrap up and tackle.

Why are they going with Terry at RT instead of Yanda

Because Adam Terry is more experienced and supposedly better at this stage of their careers.


Fair enough although I ahve been impressed with Yanda .I have noticed a lot more pulling and trapping -now when are we going to run a screen?

Good point, they need to run something to get Willis McGahee out on the perimeter.

Has stopher done anything different in the off-season, his KOs have been about 5-7 yds deeper sorry - stover

I think he's well-rested and in great condition, seems to have helped his leg strength and distance.

he has been impressive. What are you expecting out of the O this weekend - ground and pound to keep Leniart off the field - other than the last series, Brian did a great job keeping Jets off balance

I think they will try to emphasize the run pretty heavily given their chance to press an advantage.

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