Dear Mr. Couch.

Enjoy. "> Dear Mr. Couch.

Enjoy. ">

News and Other Stuff About Tim Couch.

<p>PD, our resident 'Newshound' has been scouring the web and assembled 17 items for your post-win viewing pleasure including some Cleveland based press. Check the newswire. <p>One thing's for sure: Brownfan sure gave poor Timmy a hard time. Now it appears there's a movement to make him feel all better again on BerniesInsiders Check out a thread titled <i><A HREF=""> Dear Mr. Couch</A></i>. <p>Enjoy.

The Rant still provides some of the funniest football related drivel on the web, especially today as Brownfan wakes up and realizes it wasn't a bad dream.  Check out 'It's Official, Ravens are now America's Team' by someone going by the ID 'TeamBillick' which includes the line Dog-faced fans, some with and some without masks...

Priceless stuff. 

On a totally not-at-all related note,  we will be having a chat this week with Aaron Wilson.  At the time of writing it is still TBA but should be either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.  Stay tuned Ravens fans.

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