Casey's postgame wrapup

BALTIMORE -- I can honestly say that I have never seen a team that was down 19 with little under a minute left to go at home or on the road take two knees to end a game. WOW Now I understand that was partly because Gus Frerotte had basically been beaten to a pulp, and that was probably the last situation that they wanted an injured Marc Bulger to go into, and honestly, what is the point of it?

Several of the Ravens defensive players were very upset with the play of Rams offensive lineman Richie Incognito. According to several of the Ravens players Incognito was diving at guys knees on numerous plays, which as one Raven player told me happens during every game, but Incognito seemed to be doing it on every play and intentionally trying to hurt players.

Corey Chavous who was inactive for the game was barking at some of the Ravens players during the game, to which one of the Ravens players responded with "put a uniform on first and then talk to me."

Another example of selfish play was when on 4th and 12, Frerotte completed a pass to Torry Holt with 6:09 left to go in the game and the Rams trailing by 19. Holt caught the pass then got up and started talking trash to several of the Ravens players and even turned and started talking smack to some of the Ravens defensive coaches. Hello Torry, you are losing by 19, you have basically been a non factor all day long and your bragging about one catch……great team player there.

Whether you like him or not, you have to give Kyle Boller credit for the way he hung in there today. He was getting crushed on several hits, but he always got right up and went right back in the huddle.

All signs at this time point to Kyle starting on Sunday versus the Bills.

Kyle walked into the locker room and went and patted all of his WR's and o-lineman on the back after the game and told them nice job. Ed Reed was clapping for Kyle when he walked into the locker room after speaking with the media.

Here are some numbers after the win on Sunday: -Ravens own the NFL's best record at home since 2000 with a 45-14 mark

-Under Brian Billick, the Ravens are 51-1 when leading by 14 points

-Kyle Boller is now 15-4 as a starter at M&T Bank Stadium

-Ravens are 20-1 when registering 4 or more sacks -Ed Reed upped his franchise best record for INT's with his 31st today. Ray Lewis is 2nd with 24 and Chris McAlister is 3rd with 23.

-Matt Stover's 5 FGs tied his career best for FGs in a game. He has done it four other times; oddly enough one of those games was 10/14/04 vs St Louis Rams.

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