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do you see the ravens moving up in the draft to get matt ryan

McNair will be gone

What do you think about Kirk Ferentz?

Boller will back up who ever they get

or if they draft a high rounder QB

Ferentz as you know has tied to Ravens after coaching there

has plenty of experience

good candidate

Adam, I know the Ravens aren't going to be big spenders in FA due to the cap, but do you see any FAs that might be a good fit with the Ravens?

HB: Ryan isn't that good

to be honest

mid to later first rounder

I'd rather they look at lower first or early second rounder QB like Joe Flacco of Delaware

Adam there has been some discussion among us whether the Ravens have the talent to make another post season run or whether a rebuild is more prudent, what is your thinking?

OR: Other than QB, I have to think they look at depth on DL

BL: They don't have to rebuild at all

depth is an issue as is QB

Young OL should be ok

Heap, both CBs, D Williams have to be healthy though

Barnes is a player

they're really high on him

he could take a lot of PT from JJohnson next season

Concerned about age of CBs though and no one pushing them

that's a problem

I think in an ideal world for the Ravens, Barnes would be starting opposite Suggs by the end of the 2008 season

They easily could be 10-6, 11-5 with major improvement at QB

but it will be hard to do

HDD: In their scheme they move the OLBs around

they really don't play a true 3-4 almost all hybrid

so Barnes fits in well

Adam, do you think the discipline problems on this team are too big to handle and do you think players, especially Ray Lewis, are too close to Bisciotti? There's a strong perception that the inmates are running the asylum at One Winning Drive.

Interesting. So here's the million-dollar-question: Which QB in the draft do you feel will most improve the Ravens in the future?

Understand, but I agree that he's likely to take some pt away from Johnson

AW: It's a concern only if the head coach isn't strong enough to handle them

HDD: For sure, Barnes has a high motor

Ozzie drafts well

one of the best

and they got lucky with Gaither

OR: The free agents at QB are pretty weak

do you think the ravens will get a cap specialist - they don't seem to handle that aspect of the game as well as some of the better run teams

BL: It's an ongoing issue

especially bad when you consider the increase in the 2008 cap

At QB, I'd rather them develop a young QB from the draft

and have Boller start unless they can get a solid veteran

I don't think Pennington is the answer

Are you impressed with Troy Smith, or do you think he's Just Another Guy?

AA: Another guy

too small

strong arm

but erratic

Could develop into #2 QB

over time

sorry if its was asked already - what aboout Henne

BL: I like him

he'll go around 3rd round probably

strong arm, big QB

accuracy is an issue though

who do you see the ravens getting with there 1st pick in the draft

Moving along with QBs, Joe Flacco from UD is getting a lot of love right now. Is it hype, or could he be a solid prospect?

Veteran QBs: Losman, Grossman, Pennington, Leftwich, Lemon, Culpepper


all should be available

Flacco reminds me of Big Ben

HB: Could be QB

but we need to see the underclassmen that come out

HD: Cross between Cutler and Derek Anderson

more Cutler

gunslinger type

huge arm

just worked out near me

ran 4.83

weighed 238

Are there any CB worthy of being drafted in the 1st round

just a shade under 6'6

RAVE: Not sure yet

we have to see underclassmen

little early

QBs seem kind of set

Adam, you said you weren't too high on Ryan, do you like Brohm or Woodson better?

I don't think this year you have to reach for a QB

very deep class of seniors and juniors

HDD: Woodson has most upside

Ryan is ok

but I don't see the need to reach would rather trade down

Ok what position would you draft for in the 1st round if you were the Ravens?

I like Henne more than most do. RA: I'd trade down but we need to see the entire underclassmen that come out

Priorities: QB, CB

Adam, who do you think will be this year's Brady Quinn - a highly touted player who drops much further than expected?

depth at several positions

Do you think any of the cornerbacks would be worth picking at No. 8 or any offensive linemen not named Jake Long?

OR: One of the QBs

I heard that the coordinator from the Pats has turned down the Ravens? Is that true. I am concerned now that other people dont trust our owner and his word.

AA: I can't see them going LT with Gaither on the roster

I think he will be fine

and yanda at RT

Grubbs and Brown inside

although Brown could be upgraded If they don't go QB, I have to think it will be DE or CB

The coordinator also turned down Atlanta. I think out of loyalty to Belichick and realizing that he's too young at 31. I don't think it had anything to do with the way Baltimore fired its coach.

I guess we need a right tackle and move yanda inside... if he doesnt play right tackle

Do you think Yanda has a future at RT or would he be a better OG?

HDD: CB would make more sense

BM: He's versatile, can play either or

My sense RT is better off

Adam, what about the Michigan QB, Henne? Watching him the other day he shows a big arm. Where is he projected to go in the draft?

he's better than Terry

GIDD: Probably third or could go higher

depending on combine

and post season stuff

Adam, do you think the sloppy ending and the leak to Glazer will impact the Ravens' reputation? Firings rarely go smoothly. It's my understanding that Billick pushing for the vote of confidence and then losing to the Dolphins is what was the final straw along with the players' negative reaction to the idea of Brian being retained. What do you make of the way it ended?

aA: I don't know who told him but it seems like it was a prominent player

I think too many players spoke out against Billick

so they need a strong leader for sure

I would hope if Ryan gets the job he will do well there

and they would respect him

Adam, if the Ravens are looking at younger coordinator types does that indicate they are looking to purge the roster and go younger next season?

I am concerned about decosta and company; their jobs are safe. I would hate to losde continuity that we have there. Is that true?

Adam, who is your top CB prospect and where in the 1st round should be go?

6,0who is the BEST CB available in the draft this year?

GIDD: not really, they just need a major OC

who can get the most out of the talent

something Billick never did

RAV: Yes, it seems like scouting department and personnel are safe

haven't heard anything bad there

Ravens draft very well

I've heard there really isn't a top 10 prospect at CB this year

Guys: that's all the time I have, we'll do it again as we get closer to the draft

What's your thoughts on Trevor Pryce coming back next year? Do the Ravens expect him to be 100% and a major contributor again?

Is there any chance we can keep some of the coordinators we coveted on defense; even though Ryan may leave

aaron what coach do you want here Aaron: Any thoughts on DeCosta or Kokinis getting GM gigs elsewhere?

which player do you think might have done the leaking?

I don't have a preference.

6,0Is there any players left on the practice squad that might amount to something?

I think they should hire either Rex Ryan or Jason Garrett.

Ozzie Newsome said that DeCosta and George Kokinis haven't been contacted by any teams, so I think there's an excellent chance they'll remain in Baltimore.

I think he plays linebacker. It's fairly obvious.

I dont think there is much of a chance for us to get cowher. WOuld you agree? I think the practice squad isn't exactly filled with talent.

I agree about Bill Cowher. I talked to an Octagon official today, they represent Cowher, and they said he has zero intention of coming back in 2008.

why did the ravens wait so long to put todd heap on the injured reserve

6,0Ray.... that would make sense... speak first, think later

4,0Aaron, is there anyone who might not be on the radar of most us who we should keep an eye on as a possible candidate? ray was probably giddy

I like Troy smith and the way he managed the game and scrambled really seem to put the steelers in the place and they didnt seem to blitz as much as the game went on. What are the Ravens saying about him?

They were hoping Todd's leg would improve, that's why. It never did. He had three setbacks with the hamstring. He never should have tried to play against the St. Louis Rams. Should have waited until after the bye. 6,0I heard Mason on the radio tonight say that he is sure Bisciotti talked to SOMEONE, but not to him.

Do you think its possible that they will move some players on the Oline around? Do they still want to give Chester a chance?

I hear they do like Jim Caldwell. I heard Ray is pushing for Caldwell or Rex Ryan.

Aaron: Do you think that Garrett has enough "juice" to keep the strong personalities in line?

The Ravens are impressed with Troy, but not to the point where they're getting carried away.

Aaron, Adam implied BB underutilized talent is that his opinion or more the common perception and if so does that put a damper on him returning as an HC in the near future

6,0I like everything I've heard about Caldwell, too, but knowing Ray wants him makes me a bit leery now.

I hope Ryan doesn't get the job, I'm not so confident in his ability

Some of these brats need to be put in place

I don't think there's a lot of confidence in Chris Chester. I think they would like to experiment with Marshal Yanda at guard, but it's tough because you have Jason Brown and Ben Grubbs coming on strong at those spots. Brown would be a good center, too, in my opinion, which could open a spot up for Yanda. The problem is they need Yanda at tackle.

I don't know Garrett well enough to say if he can stand up to people.

I think BB will resurface eventually as a head coach, but not this year.

I did talk to Brian very briefly today and put an update on him on the club level. A lot of times guys, I will put information there during the day before I write my final article of the night and post it on the front page of the site.

I know there are some veteran players on this team that are really speaking out; but wouldnt it be silly to listen to them when alot of them are on their way out? I agree that they need to get control of the locker room. That starts with personnel decisions, too. They need to think about personality and character as well as talent.

Yes, it would be a mistake in my opinion.

6,0When aren't Some of our Vets speaking out?????

Can you conceive of any situation in which Rex comes back as DC, or would that be a situation that could come back and undermine the new HC?

I don't know if someone asked this but. What are the chances that Troy might become the starter for next year?

4,0Aaron, have you heard anything on contract talks for Suggs?

....given that he is so beloved by some of his defensive players, that is.

I was just going to ask that

I think it will be tough to retain Rex as defensive coordinator if the players are mad that he didn't get the job, could be uncomfortable for the new head coach. Very sensitive situation potentially.

I don't think that Troy is guaranteed anything, but he could warrant a shot. I think he has leadership qualities.

4,0One reason I'm not in favor of Ryan getting the job is that he would be the players ' choice. At this point, they need to get away from worrying about what the players think

I've heard that the Suggs' contract talks are going well. Something might get done and they wouldn't have to franchise him.

Yeah, that's what I figured. I love Rex as a DC, but I'm not so sure about him as a HC.

That's exactly the point about Ryan. It's tough because they want a fresh start and he would represent the status quo, albeit the successful aspect of the status quo in Baltimore.

Aaron in your estimation what players are gone next year? Thanks

6,0And if someone else offers Rex a HC job why would he want to come back here as DC.

Aaron: Do you think Flynn will retire? Or will they retire him?

At what point do they tell JO they are moving on with or without him?

Keep in mind this depends on the new coach, but here goes a few possibilities: Steve McNair, Mike Flynn, Jonathan Ogden, Samari Rolle, David Pittman, Derrick Martin, Devard Darling, Musa Smith and Justin Green.

I think they will have to cut Flynn if they want him gone. He doesn't want to retire.

I think they are eager for J.O. to retire. He can have a long time to contemplate his future, probably until before the draft.

Also do you think Mike Anderson is gone?

Yes, he was a panic signing that hasn't panned out at all. The guy is positively ancient, also a lot of strong rumors about him being insubordinate to Billick in a major way last season.

4,0I hope whoever the new coach/OC is does a better job of using the backup running backs than Billick did

They need the cap room from Flynn and Anderson, but with Chester stinking it up, can they afford to cut Flynn?

How could they do worse?

I think they need Flynn still.

What happened to Clayton? He was doing well in camp and then nothing.

He wasn't completely healthy all year.

Yeah, I was afraid of that. will he regain form?

Aaron if they pick up a center in the draft would we still need Flynn? Assuming the new center beats them out; or they move brown back to his college position whic is center

6,0Do you think we might be looking at a not so good season again because of a major rebuilding?

4,0That ankle injury really hurt him. Also, didn't help that the QBs were either unhealthy or just not playing well all year I don't know. It's impossible to predict how Mark will respond.

Is there any hope that PJ Daniels will amount to anything?

I doubt they would draft a center, but you never know.

How bout BJ sams; is he done.

4,0I can't see him coming back

4,0Sams that is

They aren't real high on P.J. or they would have waited a little longer for his hamstring to heal up. He had a decent camp, and a strong preseason game, but it's not enough. Are they going to line Figurs as a way to stretch the field more next year?

Sams is out.

They still need to teach Figurs how to play wide receiver. He's a really raw prospect. You can use him on fly patterns, but that's about it. Bad hands, technique and routes. Great speed, though.

4,0Aaron, who do you like to win this weekend?

Never thought I'd seriously ask this, but ......are they interested in retaining Darling?

Jacksonville and Washington.

No on Darling, maybe for the veteran minimum, but no real money. There are better receivers in the draft honestly.

Surprised you guys don't have more coaching search questions.

how do they feel about the CB depth considering how Martin and Pittman played the last few games?

If Ogden retires, who should get the start? Terry? Gaither?

By the way, what you guys are doing is working. The site is growing fast. I would go with Gaither. I think Terry is too soft.

As far as coaching, looks like they already have a narrow list or is that the wrong read

Here are some names: Jim Caldwell, likely the first interview, then Tony Sparano and Jason Garrett next. Then, Rex Ryan on Sunday. Then, who knows? It could turn into a free for all by next week. They will likely try to talk to Kirk Ferentz, but it doesn't seem like he's interested in leaving Iowa. I think Gaither is someone that can be developed, but I question his football awareness.

I'm glad we decided to can our coach during a year where there are just a few vacancies!

Ouch, Cameron would truly suck.

4,0Not a fan of Cameron, at least as HC.

How about Marty, with Cam as OC? I don't want Marty.

Aaron, any idea what they think about Martin and Pittman? Will we go CB early or let those guys develop?

I think Marty is too old. Bisciotti doesn't want to have these coaching searches all the time. I do think Marty could fix this situation. Doesn't seem like Marty wants to coach again, though.

I think we need someone with fresh ideas

like Garrett

we haven't had a ton of succes in 2/3 rounds past couple of years - good chunk of those were on the O side - do you attribute that lack of success to poor coaching on that side (not just BB but the entire crew) or just not so hot picks?

4,0Every coach we've heard so far outside of Ryan has been an offensive coach. Is that likely to continue with the next batch of names that comes out after this weekend's games? Or is there a defensive coach that could emerge?

I think the picks were so-so. Dan Cody was bad luck. Terry was a reach. Musa got hurt. Figurs and Yanda were slight reaches, but are good prospects still.

So far, no defensive gurus on the short list. However, I expect them to talk to Singletary at some point.

Who is your favorite for new HC? Hey Aaron what was this I heard out in the YBR that the Ravens asked permission to speak with the Browns O Coordinator Chudinski(I think thats how you spell it)?

Regarding a guys like Chester and Terry, could better coaching help? Or conversely, has poor coaching possibly hindered them?

I don't have a favorite, but I hear they are very high on Jason Garrett.

I think Chester is too small and Terry isn't tough enough. Don't know how a new coach could affect their futures.

It's really hard to say without talking to any of them. I would think Marty Ball would be a shock to these guys' systems since they're used to a soft training camp.

Do you see MA, Flynn, or Ogden here next season?

RE: Chud - The last time we tried to "hurt" a Division opponent, we got stuck with Keydrick Vincent?

No to Anderson, maybe to Flynn and Ogden.

I think Ogden is coming back now that a new coach with a new system is coming in

I know, Keydrick wasn't a good signing to say the least. Nice guy, though. He paid me the courtesy of calling me at 7:30 a.m. to tell me that Ozzie cut him. I told him the night before that he was probably getting cut.

Ogden doesn't want Marty or Rex necessarily.

I think he's interested in Garrett.

If JO plays like the past season, no thanks

Divided camps. Ray pushing for Caldwell and Ryan.

What do they think about Suggs average play this season?

I'm hoping for a coach that will make them practice in the rain a few times.... enough of this bad weather bad play crap

Will it make them less likely to pay top dollar?

Divided camps? Great.....

Just what we need.

I think he played the run hard and missed a ton of sacks just barely. I think he played hard but needs to get his feet under control and break down better in the open field. I also thought he was hurt a lot by Trevor Pryce's injuries. The schemes weren't too imaginative at times, too, because of the problems in the secondary.

I think Suggs won't get Freeney money, which is what he wants. More like Adalius Thomas money.

Well, ultimately , it shouldn't matter at all about who is in what camps

It shouldn't but it always seems to.

Billick's response to the weather question: Practicing in the rain? Unheard of, a preposterous idea.

I think much of the criticisms regarding Billick being soft is a little overboard, but the practicing in rain, or not. That's legit

what do they think about Pittman and Martin's play the last few games?

Won't shock me if they're competing in camp, no.

good enough to pass on an early CB?

I thought it was encouraging, but not enough to pass up a cornerback in my opinion.

What do you think of Aqib Talib?

He's a very good athlete that should get picked late in the first round likely.

I've heard that DeCosta was high on Matt Ryan. Do you think he'll be around and we would take him if there?

6,0Will Willie Gaston get more playing time next year?

I don't think Ryan will last that long, but, yes, Eric likes him. If he lasts that long, I would draft him.

I would say no on Gaston. If they're a better team, hopefully he's not on the roster.

Nice kid, hard worker, but not exactly NFL caliber.

Do you see Corey Ivy here next year?

Did anyone else catch Adam saying that the could use an upgrade on Jason Brown earlier?

I think so, but he can't be a starter. He should really only be on special teams in my opinion. Very limited size and speed.

IMO, Ivy's solid as a NB, not so solid when having to play outside


kevin byrnes comment...the window of 6 Sunday night, is that a window that someone could potentially be hired as HC

No. This is just the first phase.

Thanks Aaron - informative and well done as always

ahh, okay, that clears up a lot,

because that would mean that they only looked at 4-5 out of 30 candidates, thanks for clearin that up for me Aaron

Serious candidates will be asked to Owings Mills for a second round of interviews with Steve Bisciotti.

should Suggs want too much, would the FO consider a tag and trade?

aaron..sorry if you've said this alrady as i just got here, but im wondering what your opinion is as to whether brian billick lost the locker room and the respect of the players?

No tag and trade in the cards, sorry.

I think he did lose the locker room, yes.

do you think he could have gotten it back with a fresh season if we started winning, like he did from '05-'06?

I think a winning season could have saved him. The Miami and Indy games doomed his chances.

one more, will they look to sign Jason Brown long term before next season?

I doubt they will do anything besides just tender Jason Brown at a restricted level high enough to keep him.

Why do you think Landry fell off?

what will we do with ray next season? will he potentially enter the season in his contract year? will they try to work out a longterm extension?

any chance he would look to leave baltimore?

his first season he seemed like a stud, now it seems some people are down on him, any chance he could lose his starting position realistically?

Jason Brown that is

I think the lack of a pass rush exposed Dawan's lack of ideal speed and coverage skills.

Why did they basically let Rex go verses garauntee his DC job?

I think Ray will head into the year as a lame duck with a lot of attention on him.

I think Ray will do a barnstorming tour after next year in Baltimore.

Jason Brown is safe.

so you'd say next year very well could be ray's last here?

They can't just make Rex stay. He's a candidate for their job, Atlanta and Miami.

It depends on so many things, how much money he wants, how he's playing, who the coach is, do they get along. It's hard to answer honestly.

plus it gives future HC's the open option to fill their own cabinets with their own guys

did ray want billick gone

Yes, Ray is happy.

Rex could be back, but there are no guarantees. Likely to interview with Baltimore team officials on Sunday.

i don't know how I feel about ray...billick totally took the pressure off him at the super bowl and put his own reputation in question and ray has never given bllick the respect he deserves

Nope, he didn't.

Brian also helped Ray to help the team. It was business. It's not like Brian liked Ray all that much, either.

He respected him, never liked him, though.

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