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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers with draft expert Chris Steuber and Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson:

Hey Chris, do you see any players taking a Brady Quinn/Aaron Rodgers nose dive at the draft this year?

Let's all welcome Chris Steuber, who has been doing a great job as's draft expert and has a ton of insight into the draft.

1,0Outsider Johnson: That's a good question and the obvious player is Andre Woodson.

1,0Hey guys, thanks for having me tonight.

Do you think he's a fit for the Ravens in the 2nd if he may fall?

What's looking hot on the Ravens' draft scene?

Who do you think will shoot up the charts post the combo

1,0bej6789: Personally, I'm not a big fan of Woodson. His release is very unnatural and I'm curious if it can be corrected. He's a possibility for the Ravens, but there are better Qbs

is there a playmaking CB or DE that will be available at 8?

1,0Nemo69: I'd say the Ravens will look for a cornerback, quarterback and offensive line help.

Do you see a QB that you think the Ravens will target in the early rounds (1st 3 rounds)?

6,0With the Pats drafting right in front of us, I'm a bit concerned about what THEY are going to do. I hate getting someone snatched 6,0right out from under us.

1,0BlindGopher: I think Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will continue to rise; Aqib Talib, Chad Henne and Lavelle Hawkins

Chris, what QB's are likely and what round? How about DEs?

Whats your opinion of Brian Brohm? Sites have the Ravens getting him at 8, but he doesn't represent best player available... does he?

1,0Rod Green: I think the Ravens should target either Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm in round 1; Chad Henne or Joe Flacco in round 2; Colt 0Brennan or Josh Johnson in round 3.

6,0Will Miami find a taker for the 1st overall?

Thanks for being here tonight. Lot of talk about Dallas going after McF after trading for Miamis #1. Hype or possible? If possible do you think that seals ATL going after a QB with their 1st?

1,0Nemo: I think Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm are possibilities in round 1, as is Chad Henne in round 2. I think Lawrence Jackson from USC is intriguing for the Ravens in round 2 as well.

1,0JSpoling: I think the Dolphins will look hard for a trade, but in the end I think they will keep it. I think it will be either Chris Long, Glenn Dorsey or Darren McFadden.

What does Matt Ryan have that Brian Brohm doeesnt?

6,0Aaron, any rumors floating around the castle about remaining positions?

Ozzie Newsome told me today they're still looking for a quarterbacks coach, a wide receivers coach, etc..

1,0Florida Based Fan: I think the Falcons will go after a QB in the first round anyway. If Dallas moves up to get McFadden, that's a big move, but I think they could get Felix Jones later in the first.

Chris, what DB intrigues you most in the positions the Ravens are drafting?

They also need an inside linebackers coach, quality control guys on both sides of the ball, strength coach, etc..

1,0ForbiddenDonut: I think Brian Brohm will be a better pro. But Ryan has a stronger arm. Brohm to me is the more complete player with less risk. Ryan forces too many balls and makes bad decisions.

If Matt Ryan, Sedrick Ellis, Vernon Gholston, Jake Long, Darren McFadden, Chris Long, and Glenn Dorsey are all gone, who do you think the Ravens select?

6,0does Rogers-Cromartie share Antonios playing style?

Amen on your take on Ryan, Chris!!

1,0Nemo69: I think Aqib Talib is the most intriguing for me. His size (6-1, 195) and his ability to be a playmaker are attributes that fit the Ravens D.

1,0Rod Green: That's easy.... the best corner available. I'd say Aqib Talib. chris, do you think that either Ryan or Brohm are worth top 10 picks in terms of value? in comparison to earlier years?

Aqib over McKelvin?

qib over McKeldin or Mike Jenkins???

1,0WayUpNorth: I think Dominique is a tremendous athlete with a bright future, but Antonio is a rare breed. He's incredible. He only played one game in college and look at the impact he's had on the league. He's just a special, special player. Dominique will be good, but he's not Antonio.

As the draft plays out, do you see a CB in round one or a QB for BPA?

1,0Ravens557: I think the QBs in this draft will be overdrafted and that's not a good thing. The only franchise QB, to me, in this draft is Brian Brohm. I think Chad Henne has a chance and the wild-card is Colt Brennan.

Antonio played at least a full season, but got hurt in his 2nd yr I believe (ACL). I agree he's a special blend of talent Chris, outside of Chris Long, who is the best DE?

1,0ForbiddenDonut: I look at McKelvin and I see a solid cover corner with very little ballhawking skills. I see Talib as a tremendous athlete who gambles a bit, but he makes plays. I'd rather have a playmaker who can turn defense into offense.

What round will Henne go in, in your opinion?

1,0Nemo69: If the Ravens stay at #8 and Brohm or Ryan are on the board, along with Talib, Jenkins and McKelvin, I'd like to see the Ravens go with Brohm.

In your opinion what makes Brohm a franchise quarterback over Ryan? Matt carried his team to victory on the road in numerous occasions

1,0CDiPiranha: Antonio played one game, tore his ACL, and that was it.

Chris, so you see Brohm as really special. Is the NFL consensus this way too? 1,0MdTerps: Outside of Chris Long the best DE is Vernon Gholston or Derrick Harvey. Calais Campbell is in the mix too.

6,0Flacco was at first all the talk, why has he fallen off the radar?

What do you see in Brennan? He's small, side arm etc...

ANtonio was the nickle at FSU (actually he played outside corner in passing situations). If you think that all of the highlights of Cromartie at FSU come from one contest, you're mistaken.

1,0Raven Steve: I think Henne will go at the top of the second round when it's all said and done. Remember Drew Stanton last year, Henne will go in that same area.

I keep going to various message boards with posters talking about taking Joe Flacco in the 2nd round. Do most GMs see Flacco in the same light, and if so is there a chance he could be taken late in the first round?

1,0bej6789: Ryan also completed just 58-percent of his pass on 600 attempts. Plus he threw 19 interceptions. I know he didn't have many offensive weapons, but 19 interceptions without an explosive receiver tells me he forces the issue too much.

Hey Chris, has Ellis vaulted himself above Dorsey after the Senior Bowl? And could he make a good 3-4 DE?

1,0bej6789: Brohm is a complete QB. Althogh he doesn't have Ryan's arm, he has a lot of poise and is very accurage. I think he's the best option for a team looking for a QB.

my question is, with all of these glaring issues that seem obvious to posters, and even draft analysts like you, why do you think Ryan is still anticipated to go in the top 10?

1,0WayUpNorth: I don't think Flacco has fallen off the radar, I just think he benefitted from being in Mobile. He has a lot of tools and a team will take him on his potential, but he has a lot of work to do. Although, he has the strongest arm in the draft.

How much of Brohms stats are because of the scheme he plays in, in your opinion?

1,0FloridaBasedFan: Brennan is the most accurate QB in the draft. He has a funky deliver, but he has poise. He has to work on his footwork, but that will come with coaching and more experience at the next level. He has a lot of tools, and he has a stronger arm than many people think

What would be the ideal first round-2nd round picks to fall to the Ravens. I know I am asking you to be mind reader!

1,0CarolinaRaven: I think Flacco will be a second rounder. One team will draft him and make him their pet project. He has a lot of tools and teams draft players on potential.

Chris, what rumors as far as strong player interest did you hear regarding the Ravens at the Senior Bowl? And what type of players do you think John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron are likely to want for their systems?

whats your take on the 'second tier' corners: Patrick Lee, Charles Godfrey, and Tracy Porter?

1,0MdTerps: I think Ellis has to be in a 4-3. He's undersized and if he's in a 3-4 he'll get overwhelmed. I think Dorsey is still the top DT, but it depends on what team needs a DT that will determine who gets selected first. 1,0Ravens557: I think so many teams need QBs that guys like Brohm and Ryan will get overdrafted. If Brohm and Ryan were in last year's draft, they would be the fourth or fifth best QB.

I feel the same about Ellis and have stated so in previous postings. Good to see someone else sees him similarly.

1,0bej6789: What QB doesn't benefit from a system? I think every QB benefits from a system in one way or another. I think Brohm is the real deal and he's been a consistent performer.

I think Denver is going to make a run for Ellis via trade

Also think the same about this yrs QBs. That's why I feel they aren't of value at the #8 area

1,0Nemo69: In my last mock draft I had the Ravens taking Matt Ryan in round 1 and Rodgers-Cromartie in round 2.

Chris, are you sticking with that based on Aaron's question above?

1,0Aaron: I think the Ravens were looking at a bunch of players. Nothing really specific. I think the Senior Bowl is a place for teams to talk to players and get an idea of who they're personally. I saw the Ravens talking with DEs, CBs, and LBs.

they talked to Cherilus too

1,0ForbiddenDonut: I think all three of those corners offers something different.

Patrick Lee is a physical corner with good size and skill. Godfrey is a finesse player who can be physical against most defenders. Porter is a great cover corner who plays soft, but he's dynamic on special teams.

Couple more questions for Chris and lets do about 30 minutes of Ravens questions.

Chris, what are scouts around the league saying about Tashard Choice? I know he doesn't have elite speed but I think he is going to be a good back.

Thanks for the input on QBs, Chris. I agree with CDiPiranha that the QBs are oversold this year.

Whats your opinion of Jacob Hester?

Who are your second day sleeper picks

6,0Do you know if the Ravens "talked" to any QB's? I wonder if we are really looking for one

1,0MdTerps: I think Choice is a good runner and he's a classic north/south guy who can get on the edge. But you're right, he doesn't have great speed and that will hurt him. He'll be a third rounder.


1,0A lot of teams interviewed Flacco; actually I think almost every team did.

Chris, whats your take on OT Hill? He played every position on the OL in college. Will he be a capable filol in at G or T in the pros? Could he start? If so where (pos)?

1,0Florida Based Fan: YOu mean Tony Hills right? He's still recovering from a broken leg, but he's a good player who will have to prove 1,0he's healthy. Fourth rounder.

1,0Ok... I think that does it for me.

Chris, thank you very much. Great stuff.

Second that, chris

1,0No problem... any time.

Guys, please post your Ravens questions and I'll answer them one at a time. Aaron, word on a WR coach?

It's been quiet for a receivers coach. I think Mike Johnson isn't out of the running, but they've talked to a ton of guys.

What do you think we end up doing at the QB position?

is Yanda in the long term plans inside or outside? Any word on Browns contract?

6,0Any FA's out there that we might be interested in?

It's really hard to predict, but don't rule out them trying to resurrect Steve McNair even though it seems like a lost cause. For anyone who didn't read my front page article, Ozzie Newsome refuted a report that they were planning a trade for Donovan McNabb.

Aaron, isn't Steve...well, broken?

I think they would like to keep Marshal Yanda at tackle for now, but long-term he's a guard. They're likely to use a first-round tender for Jason Brown.

They would like to get a cornerback, but it's unlikely they can afford anyone. Terrell Suggs is your big-ticket free agent.

Aaron - any reactions around the castle today about the Super Bowl?

Do you think the Ravens do any roster trimming in the vets department beyond Ogden possibly retiring?

Steve is healing up well, and it was his non-throwing shoulder, but I agree the man is done.

6,0ANY progress with Suggs?

Everyone I talked to thought it was a really well-played game.

I think besides Ogden they wouldn't mind losing Mike Flynn.

Any words on Ogden?

has Chester been eating his PB&J sandwitches?

Aaron, are they looking at a new Center or do they think Chester can man the spot?

It's been quiet with Terrell Suggs, but Ozzie Newsome told me today that they remain in negotiations. It will either get done in the next few weeks or he'll be assigned the franchise tag. They would really prefer for obvious reasons to get a long-term deal done.

The Harbaugh, Ryan, Cameron trio seems to be clicking well. Is it your gut that it is really this good (Lord willing)

Ogden said he's leaning toward retirement. I believe him.

Good on Ogden

With Chester, you would hope he's bulking up, but I don't think there's a lot of frame to bulk up much more. He's already pretty stout for his height.

They aren't huge Chris Chester fans, but they aren't giving up on him yet.

I think it's a really good staff so far. The offensive line coach, John Matsko, and special teams coach, Jerry Rosburg, are really good hires, too.

Being that Harbaugh said you win in the trenches, do you see us continuing to add more lineman in the early rounds or through free agency?

I do think he'll want to improve both sides of the line with more of an emphasis on the offensive side. That was always an Andy Reid precept.

Aaron - Any words from the players regarding Billick?

They aren't shedding any tears.

At least most of them aren't.

Do you think Brohm is the right fit for the Ravens? I thought he wasn't franchise esque in a system designed for gaudy numbers. Aaron, any idea of the defensive alignment next season? 3-4 again?

It scared a lot of them who were caught off-guard by the swift action. Most of them didn't think it would really happen.

I'm not sold on Brohm necessarily.

3-4 again, Rex Ryan isn't changing.

And what do you think of Ryan as a #8?

6,0Are we going to have a Qb coach? Or will that be Cam.

What about Harbaugh, any reaction from the players yet?

I'm not sure, the interceptions scare me. Imagine how many he might throw in the NFL.

that thought scares me

I've talked to several players on Harbaugh in various Insider articles. They really like him so far.

What is Ray's reaction towards him?

6,0With what's coming out this year, I just don't see Ozzie taking a QB with our #8.

That said, I've been told that a lot of NFL teams like Ryan a lot, including Baltimore.

Ryan's delivery scares me...

Ray Lewis said that Harbaugh has an electrifying personality.

Aaron, have the Ravens ever experienced any Patriots cheating? videotapes, communication malfunctions?

especially when it delivers balls to other teams DBs

6,0Is right tackle a priority? Are they going to move Yanda to guard?

I don't know guys, I think Ryan's going to be good.

They are very wary about that stuff, but I've never heard of any pilferage of signals. I'm sure it has happened, though. It's a common practice that the Patriots got caught red-handed doing.

They aren't sure if they can afford to move Marshal Yanda inside. They might not have an adequate replacement yet.

WE NEED more OL's!

They know that they do.

any chance they stick Gaither over at RT

Yeah, isn't Jared out of position?

Maybe, but he's still pretty immature. He needs a lot of time in the weight room, too.

Aaron, any chance the Ravens ask Cam to try and work some magic with Boller this year and take a pass on the QBs this draft since even the best seem only mediocre?

I think Jared is better suited to left tackle until he gains more weight.

Except Terry sucks at RT

Possibly. Remember, Cam coached Gus Frerotte to his lone Pro Bowl selection and got Cleo Lemon to beat the sixth-ranked defense with a 315-yard game. He might not be scared off by these quarterbacks.

its a deep RB draft, is PJ Daniels going to be worthy to hold down a backup spot or is it a good time to find another RB

Terry will not be playing right ackle again.

any word on if Jason brown is moved to center if Mike Flynn is released?

I don't think P.J. Daniels is a big consideration for them. He'll be at training camp, though. I don't think he's that bad actually.

6,0Is Rolle coming back?

They're thinking about it, but they really think Jason is better at guard. My understanding is that Samari Rolle, Derrick Mason and Trevor Pryce are all in the plans.

at least they're considering it...

Unless Samari has more epileptic issues.

Can the Ravens be confident in Rolles ability to play the whole season though?

Whats the overall vibe about a contract extention for Ray Lewis?

I wonder what triggers his epilepsy....whistles?

The word was that we would not be active in free agency. Any possibles though.

That's a hard question for me to answer. I'm not privy to the doctor reports, but remember he was playing well after he returned until he hurt his shoulder.

No vibe on a contract extension right now for Ray Lewis.

Rolle was playing with some fire

Not sure what triggers his epilepsy. It's a neurological disorder.

It could be accumulated head trauma. It came on late in life, it seems. They will likely be quiet at first in free agency, more of a second wave of free agency player.

He has had spinal issues, too.

And concussions.

His body really isn't suited for the NFL and it's a testament to him that he has lasted this long.

Aaron, are they going to 'June 1st' anybody this year?

When you say a guy like Yanda, or Gaither are immature what does that mean exactly? Like does Yanda run around smacking people with wet towels, or what? what does immature in the NFL translate to

Maybe Steve McNair.

Gaither is immature in terms of being young and immature. Gaither is very mature mentally.

Immature in the NFL tends to be just understanding what it takes and executing. Gaither needs to grow up.

He was essentially a sophomore when he came out, right? Not really a full junior!

He's not a bad kid, but his judgment isn't always the best.

who works the hardest in the film room among the QB's?

He's young, hasn't played a lot of football. Gaither, that is.

Hell Gaither's still a boy physically

a manly boy

6'9, little boy

I would say Kyle Boller puts in the most hours, but Troy Smith is diligent, too. McNair doesn't need to study as much at this stage of his career.

Gaither still has a ton of potential, but there's a sense that he's not realizing that potential at this point.

He didn't play football until later in his high school career

He played one year of football at Eleanor Roosevelt, one year at military school and two years at Maryland where he struggled academically.

He needs a couple years to grow into being an OL

aaron, did I read you say the Ravens know they need help at RT?

are there any rivalries in the locker room? any drama?

Yes, they know that they need one of these tackles to assert themselves on the right side to be able to shift the line with Marshal Yanda going inside and Jason Brown moving to center.

Not that they're decided on doing that yet anyway.

Brown at Center is music to my ears

6,0Any idea when the first team meeting might be?

The usual offense vs. defense, the Ray Lewis clique. It's really not that bad at this point, especially with a new coaching staff.

Probably March

Any RT favorites other than Gosder?

Aaron, any chance on a 2-3rd rounder going to fill the RT spot?

if there is a good player there, why wouldnt they

Were thinking on the same lines Bilbo!!!

Unclear at this point who they want in the draft in terms of tackles, but Cherilus is worth a long look.

Any Raven favorites at DE? Ellis for VT I

I'd be pleased if Oz avoided QB and took the REAL BPA...

I'm sure they won't rule him out, but Ellis doesn't fit the 3-4 too well. More of a classic 4-3 guy.

Ellis has character issues and a bum right shouder

Could convert to outside linebacker maybe, but they already have Antwan Barnes.

I think the Ravens need a big pass rushing DE to sub for Pryce.....

Since when did Ellis have character issues? I heard he was a great guy at the senior bowl

I think he has had an off-field issue before, but I don't have the information in front of me. Will check it out for you.

Lawrence Jackson or Jason Jones

For those arriving late, there will be a complete transcript.

How about Vernon Gholston to fill our need for a DE?

Is he big enough?

Yes, they know they could use a defensive end. Gholston is likely to draw heavy consideration for their first-round pick.

6,0How long until our coaching staff is filled out AND who will Danny hire?

Is Robert Mathis big enough?

I think he has the frame to be big enough.

aron, have they started player evaluations yet?

Next week or so, there's really not that much urgency other than wide receivers or quarterbacks coach.

Aaron said we're going to stick with the 3-4

No, they haven't officially started player evaluations yet, but they have been watching a ton of film.

Are there any names known that we're looking at for QB coach?

Yes, they're sticking with the 3-4.

how can I get inside the war room on draft day?

Is John Fassell still with the organization?

Terry Shea and Pep Hamilton are a couple that have been rumored, nothing concrete.

maybe bring some donuts

You can't. Neither can I.

6,0Donuts might get you into the press room.

John Fassel is currently unemployed and hoping his dad gets a job so he go with him to Washington.

Spagnuolo could steal this job at the last minute anyway.

You're close enough for us, Aaron!

Nemo69 has entered the room (hostname: 6,0Aaron, totally off the you get to eat in the Ravens dining room or do you have to go out for lunch?

That Washington job is made for Fassell, he wants a job so bad he'd put up with having zero say in his coaching hires

I go out to lunch or order in. When we first moved to the new building, there was some talk about allowing us to buy lunch from them, but the idea went nowhere. It's fine.

Any attempts to trade up or down from #8?

Aaron, any chance you could ever film the war room on draft day. Do a documentary afterwards?

I'm sure they would like to trade down if possible. Hard to find a trading partner.

Why would they allow me into the war room? Or anyone for that matter.

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