Week Nine Power Poll

After searching for weeks to find the best team in the NFL, I think we finally have a winner. The new No.1 seed is not a one week wonder like the Dolphins or Saints. In fact, I am quite confident in saying that the new bullies on the block will hold down the top spot in this here power poll through next week.

If you didn't guess who the lucky conquerors are by now, it's the Denver Broncos. And considering that they are idle this week, I'll guarantee that they won't lose a game this Sunday, thus knocking them off their newly acquired perch.


I know; I'm really going out on a limb with that prediction. Yeah, right.


Anyways, here's how the rest of the poll shakes down this week.


1. Denver (6-2): The Broncos have gone through almost every test a team can face. They played the defending NFC Champions in week one, and stuffed the high powered Rams back down to earth. The following week, they faced the Rams' rivals, San Francisco, and their potent rushing attack and stymied them too. Then after laying an egg on Monday Night football against the Ravens, the Broncos bounced back the following Sunday, drubbing the Chargers, giving San Diego their lone loss for the season. Last Sunday, they faced the juiced up, angry defending Super Bowl champions in New England and what did the Broncos do to them? They cleaned their clocks physically and mentally, quite possibly shattering their hopes to make the playoffs. And two weeks from now, Denver can drive the final stake into the hearts of their greatest nemesis: The Oakland Raiders.


2. San Diego (6-1): Can the Chargers keep winning, despite facing a fairly tough schedule the rest of the way? That's the big question right now. There's no question that they will make the playoffs with at least an 11-5 record. However, that mark may not be good enough to get the Chargers past Denver, forcing them to win in the playoffs as a wildcard team.


3. Green Bay (6-1): Brett Favre will play on Monday Night, mark it down. He's also the MVP half-way through the season. Without him, the Packers may have lost 2-3 more games than they should have. His stats through seven games aren't too shabby either. He's got the best touchdown to interception ratio in the NFL (14 touchdowns to 3 interceptions), a passer rating of 84 and Favre is completing 66% of his passes. He's producing these numbers with Donald Driver as his go to wideout, a decimated offensive line in front of him and a defense that has given him little support this season. Again, Favre is the man.


4. Philadelphia (5-2): So the Eagles face the third ranked rush defense in NY this Monday Night, and you'd think that they would take to the air more often, right? Nope, they ran the ball down the Giants' throats, netting a total of 300 yards on the ground. That's the Eagles for you. Once you think you've figured out their philosophy on offense, head coach Andy Reid fools you every time.


5. New Orleans (6-2): The Saints need to find a defense soon. Whether that means they have to call the military, Calvary, whomever to help out, they better think of something before they become the 2001 St Rams.


6. Miami (5-2): OK, so will the Dolphins fold down the stretch or won't they? I'm of the belief that they will make the playoffs this season, and possibly still win their division. I me

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