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OWINGS MILLS -- Find out the latest information regarding the Baltimore Ravens' draft outlook and other buzz surrounding the AFC North team under new coach John Harbaugh's direction. Here's a VIP transcript featuring questions and answers with Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson and NFL draft expert Chris Steuber. Subscribers, please keep reading for further details

6,0Which QB's are going to mess up in the Combine and cause their position to fall?


Is Cherilus the best RT in your opinion and do you see him as a 2nd or late first rounder

6,0I was just looking at the list of centers, anybody we should keep an eye on?

Hi Chris, Please give your opinion on how realistic the Draft value chart is. I would think at todays prices for #1 thru 5 draft picks the chart almost all but rules out a trade up by any team.



Florida Based Fan: Teams rely on the draft value chart. That's a system that was created to show fair market value for draft picks.

Chris, do you think the Ravens are likely to go with a defensive player like Vernon Gholston or Sedrick Ellis if Matt Ryan is off the board when they're up?

When you say JD Booty will be exposed at the combine I take it you mean his value will jump. Where do you see him after a good combine?

6,0Another area I think we need to keep an eye on is CB is there any that could merit a 1st round pick?

Aaron Wilson: Now if Matt Ryan is off the board and Brian Brohm is still sitting there I'd go with Brohm. But if both QBs are gone and Gholston and Ellis are available I'd go with Gholston because of his ability to rush the passer.

Florida Based Fan: When I say Booty will be exposed I don't mean in a good way. I think he's a mediocre athlete with a good, but not elite arm. I'm curious to see what he runs in the 40.

Any chance that Brohm has to wait a long time to hear his name called? Some analysts are pretty down on him lately.

Do the NFL teams share that opinion?

Way Up North: There are a lot of good corners in this draft. Here are some potential 1st rounders: Aqib Talib, Mike Jenkins, Leodis McKelvin, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Reggie Smith

Aaron Wilson: I'm probably the only analyst really high on Brohm. I think he's a top-ten talent and before this season he was considered to be the No. 1 pick in the draft. What did he do to be demoted?

With what your hearing around the league do you think there is any chance McFadden falls to #8?

Florida Based Fan: I don't think McFadden gets past the Jets at No. 6. I think he will go as high as No. 1!

6,0Didn't Brohm have some injury problem?

I don't know. I guess there was some perception that he lacked toughness or durability.

Chris, who is the consensus #1 receiver in the draft?

Switching gears, who are the players you are most excited to watch at the combine and do you think many of the top players are going to work out, including the quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm? Thanks.

Way Up North: He suffered through some injuries. He injured his thumb last year and missed some time. He also hurt his knee and missed time. But he was healthy this year and did well on an underachieving Louisville team.

MD Terps: My No. 1 receiver is Malcolm Kelly. I think James Hardy has an opportunity to elevate his stock dramatically at the Combine.

Aaron Wilson: I'm really excited to see Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson run. I want to see if Jackson clocks in the 4.3's. Johnson will run a high 4.2. Also, I think Colt Brennan will rebound at the Combine.

hey guys I am UF grad student and I was wondering what you thought about Derrick Harvey and Cornelius Ingram Travers 329: Harvey will be a top-15 pick. He's an outstanding pass rusher, but has to improve his run defense. Ingram is a nice TE prospect who will get a look in the 3rd - 4th round.

Any chance of Maryland linebacker Erin Henderson sneaking into the first 40 picks? And do you think that Chris Long will blow everyone away at the combine. He was talking big to Peter King about how he was going to test. Physically, is he someone who's going to run very fast or lift a lot of weight?

At this juncture any thoughts as to who our divisional rivals will be targeting in the first?

Aaron Wilson: Henderson has a chance to move up the charts! He's a big 'backer with a lot of game. He will standout at the Combine, but has to run well. Chris Long is exceptional. He's going to be a great pro and will have a great workout in Indy. You're looking at the first pick in the draft!

Chris, tell everyone what your typical day is like at the combine? I'm guessing press conferences, hallway conversations, a lot of writing, schmoozing at St. Elmo's. How much face time do you get with the NFL brass?

Blind Gopher: The Bengals need defense, primarily a DT or a LB, possibly targeting Keith Rivers or Sedrick Ellis. The Steelers need help on the O-Line; Jeff Otah is a possibility. And the Browns don't have a first round pick, but they need a DT. Joe "Red" Bryant is a possibility.

Any chance Philip Wheeler is gone by the end of the 1st round?

what's your take on Frank Okam of Texas and where you think he'll go Aaron Wilson: The Combine is nuts. It's a day full of just what you said. There is a lot of eavesdropping, trying to get scoop and talking with people getting inside info. Oh and a ton of writing!

Plus, the world famous shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo's, right?

MD Terps: Wheeler will be a mid-second round pick; possibly a high second rounder depending on his performance leading towards April.

Guys, Chris is just here for a few more questions, so get them in now. I'm staying on.

CDiPiranha: I like Okam, but he disappeared at times at Texas. He has to play more consistent and get more penetration up front. He's too big not to be a force up front.

What type of player is Wheeler in your mind?

Aaron Wilson: Absolutely!


Ray Rocks: Wheeler is very instinctive and can get after the passer. He has to stay disciplined and position himself better. He has to work on his tackling technique, but his ability as a playmaker is promising.

gimme ur take chris on Shawn Crable of Michigan & where in the draft you see him going.

What player would you compare him to? Are there any left tackles worth taking in the second, third or fourth rounds? CDiPiranha: Crable is intriguing, because he's a towering force. I think he has the potential to be like a Carlos Emmons; a player who's solid and can be disruptive in pass defense. He will be a 3rd - 4th round pick.

hanx chris, I see him going in about the 3rd rd also.

Ray Rocks: That's a good question... I can't really think of a player off the top of my head.

there are a wide variety of opinions on QBs in this draft. Who are your top 3 and why?

Guys, let Chris finish this batch of questions and then he's got to roll out. I'll be staying. I'm sure you guys have lots of Terrell Suggs and free agency questions.

I think a sleeper LT prospect is Duane Brown of VTech. He should be available in the mid-rds

he was a former TE who put on weight and is still raw but solid athletically

Aaron Wilson: There are some good tackles that will be available in those rounds: Carl Nicks, Anthony Collins, Mike McGlynn and Barry Richardson.


Travers: My top three QBs are: Brohm, Ryan, Henne...

in that order?

Travers: That's my order and I'm sticking to it!

Guys, let's get the questions rolling.

And for the latecomers, everything will be preserved in a VIP transcript as usual.

6,0Aaron will anyone from our new crew will be headed to the combine

thanks aaron

My understanding is the entire coaching staff is scheduled to attend.

Do you think an extension for suggs will get done? Or is this likely his last year?

There's a ton of work to be done interviewing prospects.

6,0Oh good, sounds like a shopping trip to me

I think Suggs will get a new deal, but it likely won't happen until well after the draft.

It will cost a ton of money. Like at least $25 million in guaranteed money. They will have to be creative to get a deal done.

And Suggs' agent will have to be willing to bend a little.

He drives a hard bargain. So do the Ravens.

6,0 Will it be before camp? Will he hold out on camp attendance

Negotiations have been amicable so far. I don't think a holdout is in the offing, but I could see him skipping minicamps. It's impossible to predict when a deal will be done without being privy to the faxes exchanged by the negotiators. Everything else is just smoke.

6,0Haven't you bugged those phones and fax machines yet

Are the Ravens happy with Yanda at tackle or are they looking to move him to guard soon?

I'm not currently involved in any corporate espionage. Big Brother might be monitoring.

Any of the players training at the castle or is that something that will start in a little bit?

Who do you see as the starting left tackle next year?

I think they like Marshal Yanda a lot, but ideally would like him at guard.

I think Adam Terry is your starting left tackle because I believe Jonathan Ogden is nearly a lock to retire. Would it shock me if J.O. returned? No, but his toe needs to improve a lot for it to be worth it for him.

Any chance for Gaither?

There are a lot of players training at One Winning Drive, including Steve McNair, Todd Heap, Mark Clayton, Jason Brown, Quinn Sypniewski, Mike Smith, Matt Katula, etc..

He has a shot, definitely.

But he needs to mature and lower his pad level and get stronger this offseason.

Do you think they will re-sign Scott before his contract is up? Are they willing to part with him?

Do they draft safety at some point with Landry disappointing this year? I think they are going to see how this year goes before they commit financially. They would prefer to resign him at a reduced price. Remember, he's not coming off a great year. I think they should try to sign him now, but I know his agent would likely bet on Bart having a big year and see if he can increase his leverage. I know Bart's preference is to stay here, but his production and price have to match up right with the Ravens' financial situation.

Have you had a chance to talk with McNair about his rehab?

I don't think they're inclined to draft a safety except for depth at this point.

I haven't had a chance to talk to Steve McNair. I have talked to Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron. They all say he's progressing very well with full range of motion now in his non-throwing shoulder.

What guys in the draft look like they could be good 3-4 DE's? Are the Ravens looking for someone like this or a passrushing OLB instead?

do you think that given the schedule, JO likely retiring, etc that the Ravens will establish more moderate expectations going into the season?

Any feedback from the Ravens on player evals?

I think Chris Long would be great in the 4-3 or 3-4, but obviously he won't be there.

What kind of offense will CamCam run? How much an on improvement do you see?

I think they're more inclined to go for a 4-3 edge rusher type like Vernon Gholston.

I think 8-8 is a reasonable expectation given this schedule.

It's been quiet on player evaluations although John Harbaugh told me this is a better team than people think it is.

Cam Cameron would like to run a similar attack to what he ran in San Diego with the Chargers.

I think he'll get them in the top half of the league in total offense.

Does that mean a lot of McGahee? But I don't know what he can do about their lack of a red-zone identity.

he can push for James hardy

Big-time. McGahee had better report in great shape because he's going to get the football a lot.

I'm sure Cam Cameron would love to have James Hardy, but this team has so many other pressing needs.

Seeing that they want to run a SD like O, does that signal that Smith would have a legit shot at the starter?

Not necessarily.

Is McGahee a good enough receiver to work in that offense every down? Do we have a RB that fits that mold?

I think they'll look at him, but I don't think he's anywhere close to being a frontrunner for the job.

that's the problem, there is no front runner

I think McGahee can be a three-down back. There's really nothing he lacks as a receiver other than not great moves after the catch.

Every quarterback on the roster has a flaw.

Or two or three or four..

Aaron: Where will you be watching the draft from?

From the same place I've been the past seven years: at the Ravens' training complex, on the first floor while the Ravens make their picks from the war room.

Any rumblings of Pitt regarding Faneca?

It's the best place to cover the draft if you're concentrating on one team. If you're covering the whole league, then you want to be in New York.

I think Alan Faneca is going to walk. He'll make a ton of money on the open market.

Any chance Ozzie will be moving on soon?

Not sure where he's heading at this point.

makes sense.

No, I think Ozzie Newsome is committed long-term to the Ravens.

I think the only job he would leave for would be the athletic director job at Alabama.

Other than Ryan are you aware of anyone that they are really high on?

Do you see Clayton finally breaking out this year bearing he is healthy?

I'm guessing you're just talking quarterbacks, so I'll add Joe Flacco to that list.

I think Mark Clayton has a legit chance to bounce back, barring more health problems.

Can we count on DeCosta being around for a while too?

I meant in general

Yes, I think Eric DeCosta is sticking around. He's under contract and no one has requested him for an interview elsewhere. Plus, he's not going to make a lateral move. If he's not a GM somewhere, he wants to be in Baltimore.

In general, wow, they like Chris Long, Sedrick Ellis, Vernon Gholston, Dan Connor, Keith Rivers, Malcolm Kelly, McKelvin, Talib, Jenkins and a ton of others.

It's a good draft. From talking to Ozzie Newsome today, I know he's excited about the crop of juniors.

connor. Ewww no.

That's the biggest challenge of the week, getting information on the juniors. If McKelvin has a good week any chance we draft him?

I could see him moving up from the low teens to top dozen if he runs really fast. I think the Ravens will be somewhat reluctant, though, given their bad experience with another small-school cornerback in David Pittman. They don't like to make the same mistake twice.

If you had to put percentages on the QB's starting chance next season, what would it be?

Although they have with junior wide receivers more than once with Travis Taylor and Devard Darling.

Wow, Steve McNair 40 percent, Kyle Boller 30 percent, Troy Smith 20 percent. That's if they're all healthy and they don't acquire anyone else or cut anyone.

wheres the other 10?

drafted player?

Give it to a rookie if they draft one in the first round.

if a rook drafted later clearly outperforms the others any chance he starts? Sure, there's always a chance, but the Ravens are understandably reluctant to go with a rookie starter ever again.

Kyle Boller was pretty disastrous.

pretty much


Will Heap be ready to put up Gates-like numbers next season?

Not sure where everyone is but a mtg post the combine, you probably have to limit questions. What is the FO thinking in terms of the secondary given Rolle, age,etc

If he's healthy, Heap could put up great numbers in this offense. It's designed for a tight end to thrive.

They are hoping Samari Rolle's epilepsy remains under control. I think they would like to get one more season out of him as a starter.

any words from the FO on the time changes for the draft?

I haven't gotten any reaction from them on that one, but I'm sure they can adjust.

They'll have to.

I'm sure that question will come up at the predraft luncheon, er, liars' luncheon.

AW, thanks a ton for your time and the chats - always informative and appreciated

just seems that 10 minutes will be tough considering how hard it was to get trades/picks done in 15 minutes...

Gonna be tough working out a trade in 10 minutes.

I think they could have always done it in 10 minutes. They were wasting time with the old format.

Talk to you guys soon. Tell your friends to sign up. Thanks.

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