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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers regarding the Baltimore Ravens, free agency and the draft with scout.com NFL expert Adam Caplan and Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson:

aaronwilson Adam Terry is the frontrunner to start at left tackle at this point.

I guess its me but I'm not very high on Terry I do think Yanda is good

adamcaplan Terry isn't anything special

adamcaplan Gaither has much more upside

Adam Terry played exceptionally well at LT but did poorly at RT

aaronwilson Do you think Demetrius Williams could eventually be better than Mark Clayton?

adamcaplan TS: I don't see him as a LT for the long-term

aaronwilson I wouldn't say it was exceptional. More like solid to average.

adamcaplan AA: Williams has explosiveness to his game

Where do you see Ravens going first round

adamcaplan Clayton is better with run after the catch.

I heard there is a possibility that next year may be an un capped year is that true?

adamcaplan PD: QB/DE/CB possibly

adamcaplan AM: 2010

aaronwilson Adam, what do you think Baltimore will do in the draft with the eighth pick under the assumption that Matt Ryan will be unavailable? Aqib Talib? Sedrick Ellis? Vernon Gholston? Mike Jenkins? Ryan Clady? What's the most likely fit and value given what you heard at he scouting combine?

adamcaplan Although I can't see it in the end, too much money on the line

8 to early for the CB's out there

adamcaplan AA: Ryan could go anywhere from 1-15

adamcaplan seriously

6,0Any new talk about Strike or lock-out?

adamcaplan WAY: Not yet though it will be dealt with at the owners meetings next month

adamcaplan AA: Ellis won't make it to BAL

adamcaplan he's going top 5



aaronwilson What do you think of some of the other alternatives to Ryan I listed?

adamcaplan Clady will be there

adamcaplan it comes down to what they think of Gaither

adamcaplan Talib is a little later

They won't go RT

Is Clady worth the #8 pick though?

what do you think of Flacco in the 2nd round?

How serious was the pectorial injury to Clady

aaronwilson I think Talib would be a good fit, too, even though he's not as fast as Mike Jenkins, Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie or Leodis McKelvin.

adamcaplan DM: As I suggested two months ago, that's the guy who they would look at but I don't think he makes it to them

adamcaplan I'll be at his pro day next week

adamcaplan> McKelvin has return ability

Will Brohm go in the first round

aaronwilson Do you think Chad Henne or Brian Brohm will be available at No. 39 and worth it if Joe Flacco climbs into the end of the first round?

PD: 50-50

Is there any hopes of us taking Gholston if he falls to us?

adamcaplan I really like Flacco and Henne

adamcaplan either one would fit what BAL wants to do

6,0I'm thinking Rogers-Cromartie might work for us

adamcaplan power run, vertical passing game

adamcaplan WAY: He's really raw

adamcaplan but talented

adamcaplan DRC

adamcaplan Had a great Senior Bowl week

adamcaplan TS: Probably a bit too early

adamcaplan but we have two months before the draft

DRC looked good today in the drills adamcaplan pecking order isn't set yet

adamcaplan PD: Very athletic but needs work in lots of areas

aaronwilson What kind of chance do you give Cam Cameron of turning this offense around with this uncertain quarterback situation? Could a real guru finally be in town now that Brian Billick is gone?

o good question aaron

adamcaplan AA: He's a good QB coach and offensive schemer so he has to have a good QB to work with

would you give Troy Smith a shot?

adamcaplan It's a situation that's very fluid now

adamcaplan lots can happen

adamcaplan TS: I can't see it

adamcaplan is what he is, erratic accuracy

adamcaplan strong arm

6,0thats what I was worried about too

aaronwilson Are you a Josh Johnson fan? John Harbaugh seemed to like him and he played for his brother, Jim Harbaugh, at U. San Diego.

adamcaplan AA: No

adamcaplan he can't play

adamcaplan bad arm

adamcaplan good movement skills

Can't play? The dude lit it up at his shrine game

what are his chances in the NFL

adamcaplan TS: MY mom could light it up against that competition

Shrine Game is vanilla

return man?

adamcaplan had a bad combine workout

fair enough

Best QB possible for 2nd round all things considered?

adamcaplan I got a complete report from a QB coach

adamcaplan on the QBs

adamcaplan Hemnne and Flacco looked best, others were mostly bad

aaronwilson How would you rank the top six quarterbacks based on that report?

adamcaplan Brennan wasn't too bad

adamcaplan AA: As of now, Ryan, Henne, Flacco, Brohem

adamcaplan Brohm looked decent but lots of NFL people believe he won't be very good

Is that the Ravens order?

adamcaplan most upside of the QBs-Flacco

adamcaplan has a chance to be special down the road

adamcaplan NEMO: Ask me a few weeks before the draft

aaronwilson What do you think of John Harbaugh and the coaching staff he put together?

adamcaplan on that stuff

adamcaplan we're into free agency now

adamcaplan AA: Good guy and I'm told he can handle the lockerroom

adamcaplan which as you know is huge with Ray Lewis etc.

IS Asante going to the Browns

adamcaplan PD: Can't see it

aaronwilson And what should we expect in the AFC North as far as free agency from the Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns outlook? Just the basic skinny.

any odds of bring Bryant Johnson in?

adamcaplan Nemo: Henne

adamcaplan could be there

adamcaplan TS: Probably now

adamcaplan not

adamcaplan he thinks he could start

adamcaplan and that won't happen with BAL

adamcaplan TEN wants him

adamcaplan MIN will look

but he did grow up here and might want t come back

he could probably start in BAL given his size vs our WRs

adamcaplan RAY: He could care less

adamcaplan he wants to start and get paid


adamcaplan sure he would like to play at home

adamcaplan but players want to get paid

adamcaplan and get a starting role

adamcaplan with Mason back

adamcaplan forget it

adamcaplan and Williams is really talented

adamcaplan and the Ravens like him

adamcaplan AA: CIN won't do much in free agency, will look to draft, PIT same thing

Do you think Jason Brown will be scooped up by another team?

adamcaplan as always

adamcaplan CLE will look for NT and OLB

adamcaplan Calvin Pace possibly

adamcaplan RAY: He'll be back

aaronwilson There's some concern around here that Jason Brown is vulnerable to an offer Baltimore won't be able to match. His agent told me he's likely going to get the second-round tender, about $1.4 million.

adamcaplan NEMO: They want to get at least two free agents

aaronwilson I think that's what he should be tendered at.

adamcaplan AA: NO would look at Brown

adamcaplan they will lose Faine as I reported today

adamcaplan But I think in the end Brown will be back

adamcaplan unless another team signs him to a big RFA offer sheet

adamcaplan Be sure to read my free agency blog

aaronwilson Guys, be sure to go to Adam's free agency blog on the NFL experts page. It's filled with stuff that's not being reported anywhere else. He has a huge headstart on free agency over the usual suspects national guys.

adamcaplan most of it you won't read anywhere else

adamcaplan I decided not to work on the college kids much at the combine and just do free agency stuff so I'm ahead of the others


Who was the most impressive CB at the combine and will that player be at #8?

Hey Adam, why in the world didn't Woodson workout? his stock is dropping fast right?

adamcaplan ME: He was terrible at the Senior Bowl, not sure what's going on

adamcaplan basically any chance to go in first three rounds is gone

where will Moss end up

adamcaplan PD: I think he will be back with NE adamcaplan in the end

adamcaplan they will let him see what the best offer he can get

Is TO moving?

adamcaplan NE: Nope

adamcaplan On Hardy, off the field issues

adamcaplan may drop

Mike Jenkins or McKelvin?

for Baltimore

McKelvin is well liked

return ability helps

any word on Gary Guyton's stock after the combine? he's looking at picks 10-15

Basic question...will Harbaugh influence our draft in any way different from BB?

How about Jenkins on the grade and the character front?

But he's a small school which is always a concerned

AA: I haven't heard yet

where does Dre Moore fit in at the next level?

adamcaplan NE: Not sure yet on that. But Ozzie will get final say as usual

adamcaplan but with imput from coaches and scouts

adamcaplan Guys: That's all the time I have, see you next time

Thanks, Adam. Great stuff. thanks a bunch Thanks thanks Adam Thanks Adam any word on any other players restructuring?

any FA OLineman catching Ozzies eye?

I believe they met with Vernon Gholston and Sedrick Ellis.

Chris McAlister is a candidate, but no movement afoot. It's believed they can afford to tender their restricted free agents and franchise Terrell Suggs following Jonathan Ogden's restructure that we reported here last week.

do you thing they will be there when we pick

Ozzie can't afford the free agent linemen.

I don't think Jordy Nelson is that high on their list, but they respect him.

The Brown thing...what does your gut say? I have hoped he'd stay a Raven..

then he cant afford my love

I think he stays.

do you think Mcnair is gone

60-40, he stays.

If he gets in shape and possibly plays ball with them with his contract.

60-40 Brown or McNair?

i'll have to call ozzie and change his mind on jordy

His agent is expecting him to be retained and start and the organization keeps saying to not rule him out.

do tehy have confidence in Yanda if he needs to step in as a guard?

if Brown moves on

Yes, they think he would be best suited to play guard actually, but he's their best right tackle at this point, so he stays.

Assuming Jason Brown does stay, could he be moved to Center if flynn is cut?

Yes, he could play center. Ideally, they don't want to move him, though.

Adam says they like Gaither Do you think he will be ready to start this year or 2009

He's an anchor at left guard, but he needs to get in better shape. Tends to balloon up too much.

With Ogden retiring, the Oline could use a huge makeover on the interior

Move Grubbs to LG, Brown to C, and move Yanda inside with hopes of drafting a nice RT

I think Gaither is more of a 2009 emergence. While Ogden hasn't declared he will retire, a team source told me they expect him to definitely retire at some point this spring.

how many wings did Brown eat in one sitting? wasnt it like 85 or something?

Can Chester put on the weight needed to be affective

and thats why terry wore that number

84 wings on a bet with Adam Terry.

Has our draft spot become a hot commodity with impressive combine performances for some of the top prospects? Has trading down become a bit easier?

I really don't think Chris Chester's body is going to allow him to pack on that many pounds. He actually needs to get fatter.

I'm assuming Terry's jersey change to #84 for that game was no coincidence?

I could see Cincinnati ringing the Ravens up if Sedrick Ellis or Rivers are still there.

I like Ellis!

Terry's jersey number was based on the bet.

Everybody likes Ellis. What an impact interior guy he could be here, even though they don't reall need him.

hahaha awesome

maybe Chester needs to learn from Brown how to pack in the food

So Aaron, what do YOU think of Henne. Adam said he thinks he will be left in round 2...

he can be his personal trainer

Gregg isn't getting younger and pryce may not be here next season so I'd get him if we could

I really like Henne's arm strength and toughness. You wish he were more mobile and taller ideally, but I like him. And I'm sure Harbaugh wouldn't mind having a Michigan man under center.


I think Rex Ryan could certainly find a creative way to utilize Sedrick Ellis in a rotation with Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata as well as using him as a defensive end in a 3-4 set, too.


Ngata and Ellis would just be rediculous, granted taht Ellis pans out as exected


As far as Chester, some people just don't naturally gain that much weight. He's very filled out at 300 pounds.

I'd love to get a big DE like Campbell, Ellis, Langford, or Harvey


There are a ton of quality ends. Six are going to go in the first round.

What's the deal with Harvey's weight? Is he 291 or 271?

Guy from Florida?


do you think the new oline coach can get something out of him. They were high on him when they drafted him

Apparently, he's 291, according to the official combine results.

thats pretty good, especially since he ran a 4.8

If so, I would take him at 8

he didnt lose his speed

I think John Matsko can develop Chris Chester, but he'll need to get bigger and tougher on his own.


40-yard dash speed isn't that important for a lineman. It's all about short-area quickness and power.

Harvey had a very nice combine given his surprise weight

I am really praying for Matsko to get the most out of this line, man.

I'm not sure if that wouldn't be a reach for Derrick Harvey at that spot. Not sure what separates him from the other candidates, including the cornerbacks.


Good prospect, but let's not turn him into the next Mike Mamula.

his connection with Gregg mattison?

That's helpful for the evaluation, but it doesn't always mean a guy will get picked. Same thing with the North Carolina guys for Chuck Pagano. Or Andy Moeller having coached Jake Long, who will be gone when Baltimore is on the clock.

I bet he'll make a push for Harvey or just put in a nice word


hell give an honest opinion

I'm sure he'll wave the flag, definitely, but the decision is up to Ozzie Newsome. Mattison is a really good hire, so is Pagano.

What's the word on Josh Johnson? If we like him, would we take him with our 2nd pick or try to trade back some?

So Aaron, if the Ravens are not active in FA, any guys in our division who will impact us?

i doubt hell push a guy he knows sucks, then he wont be trusted again

Josh Johnson isn't a second-round pick. He's more of a Day II guy.

or a guy he knows wont pan out as expected

Is there a corner that they could take at 8 is is that two hih for the CB's in this draft

I think Cleveland is going to be active.

I don't expect the Steelers to do that much in free agency, not their style.

are they going to resign Ben?

Corner can be addressed later, no?

I think Aqib Talib is worth it at that spot even though cornerback isn't a total emergency situation. They definitely need one. I'm also high on Mike Jenkins. The small-school guys may be too early at that spot.

lol, no they will let him walk after next year

sign him when in 2010 when there is no cap@!

imagine that....a steeler Qb behind a Ravens center

I expect the Steelers to give Ben Roethlisberger a new deal.

wide spread panic

that would be a disaster (the capless year)

I hope Gholstons there

Aaron, any idea if the Cowboys are really trying to trade up to #1?

they would be dumb to do so

I think Gholston might be there.

Take him

this is a draft where they can fill two holes and know they are gtting quality

Don't rule out that possibility if he makes it past the NY Jets.

he would be an awesome pickup

I think Dallas will resist that temptation.

will he be the pick if he is there


I think they would turn in the card if Jake Long, Sedrick Ellis and others are gone.

Turn the card in on Gholston.


I think that the Ravens could trade out if a DT falls, Cinnci and Denver will want Sedrick Ellis hard

That would be great if the others are not there.

Gholston and Suggs would be awesome

Would drafting Gholston mean the end of Suggs in Baltimore?

I could see Cincinnati definitely calling the Ravens if Ellis is there at No. 8. No, I think they would keep both guys.

That's a lot of money to tie up into the LB position

I think we stay if that is the case

He would be hard to pass up, though.

Ellis or Gholston.

Why give Marvin ammo?

I don't think Ellis will last that long, though. Such a good player.

Scott and lewis are FA after this year so they need LB's

And exactly why help Marvin Lewis' Bengals.

someone is going to fall

Amen, Aaron!!!!!!!!

If we get a 2nd rounder out of them hopefully someone that is good trade bait

Perhaps, but we won't know until the draft commences.

Were Harbs and Cam at the combine?

So H has talked to 70% of the team. How do they seem to like him.

are any UMD prospects catching the Ravens eye?

The entire scouting department, coaching staff except for Cam Cameron (family reason), executives and medical staff attended the combine.

Dre Moore, I bet.

They like John Harbaugh a lot.

Do you think the ravens are looking for a bigger CB like McAlister or a more slim built CB. My preference is for the more sold type CB

Not sure if Dre Moore is on their radar or Erin Henderson, but both guys are good players.

I think they would like Aqib Talib. Remember the smaller cornerback that didn't become a Pro Bowl selection when they picked Duane Starks.

He was still good for us though

Superbowl XXXV: INT Duane Starks for a TD...memorable moment

I really like Talib. He's not super fast, but he's a playmaker

I know, but it was a reach.

T, why do they fall off when they leave the Ravens though?

Talib ran a 4.47. Not bad at 6-0, 200 pounds. we run a B-more system! :-D

Mike Jenkins reminds me of McAllister, given his build and press ability

Yea, but he's no DRC

Because some of the guys are made to look better than they really are due to the system and the talent around them. What about Ray Lewis little brother? Is he on the Ravens radar? Isnt the draft deep with RB so we can finally cut bait with Anderson

Jenkins was shorter than expected at 5-10, 197.

Keon Lattimore? C'mon, not even a lock to get drafted.

There are a ton of better running backs.

Just being Ray Lewis' brother buys him nothing in the draft.


But I thought the Ravens would bring him in.

same...just because of Ray...

Not for RB...

UDFAs don't get 1st round money money*

No, they're not going to draft Keon Lattimore just because he's Ray Lewis' brother.

the safety from Notre Dame looked much more athletic than I thought he would today

Keon is a decent athlete. Maybe for special teams as an UDFA

He's a pretty good athlete. Good boxer, too.

yea, Zbikowski did look alright

he'd be a nice fit for us

Dawan could be our next B

I could see him coming in as an undrafted guy as a favor to Ray Lewis, but it would be awkward to cut him if he's not good enough to make the practice squad or active roster.

What about Barrett though? Sub 4.4 at 220+ pounds!?!?

Dawan could be our next bart scott. move him to LB :-P

Barnes did it at 240...is that not impressive?

That's a reach on Dawan Landry. He wouldn't be big enough to shed blocks.

It was a very good dash time at his size, yes.

And we drafted him...lol

who do you like for a right tackle for the ravens

At this point, Marshal Yanda.

do you think the ravns think that is a real need? Yanda would make a much better right guard

I could see them bringing in a right tackle at some point in the draft to add some flexibility, though. Maybe Tony Hills.

I don't think the Ravens are that worried about right tackle right now.

didnt Otah fall on a lot of peoples boards because of a sluggish performance?

Tony Hills Rawks! Im a huge fan of him!

Yes, he's sliding.

Tony Hills is a nice prospect.

maybe hell be there in round 2

Improve that line, man. I would think he would definitely still be there.

what round aaron?

Second, third at the latest.

how about Cherilus? I like him in the 2nd a lot

i really hope the ravens trade back, there is a lot of talent to be had I thought they'd take Henne in round 2 if he is there

I am hoping harbaugh is a trenches guy like reid is. Bukd uomthe D and O line

He's a really good prospect, too. Outstanding upside.

oops i meant build up the o and d line


Harbaugh said he believes the game is won in the trenches.

Couple more questions, guys.

No more Dilfer seasons, pl


sounds like a hint why is Peyton manning forehead so big? < what do we think of Brian brohm?

They like his productivity. They wish he had a stronger arm. There's some concern that he might be the next Chris Redman.

will we draft a center

Yeah! Center

who do you think it wil be

I doubt it's a big priority. Maybe in Day II.

The Bowling Green kid or Mike Pollak from Arizona State.


i hope flynnn plays for free this year if he comes back


gotta run, thanks Aaron

Ha ha, no chance of that. I think they might need Mike Flynn still.

The Bowling Green kid is big and tough. The ASU kid is quick and can pull.

He can hold his own at the point of attack, too.

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