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What is the chance the Ravens get Gholston?

csteuber 1,0Slim... I think Gholston will be a top-four pick in the draft. Currently I have him going to the Rams. That would really give the Rams a 0nice pass rush with Gholston and Carriker

aaronwilson Chris, the Ravens have been paying a lot of attention to Leodis McKelvin, according to the folks down at Troy State. What's the chance that they would draft him at No. 8 if he's there and Gholston and Ellis are off the board?

aaronwilson Also, what do you think the chances are that Joe Flacco is still available at No. 38 of the second round for Baltimore. I would tend to think he might be gone by then. If they want him, which they seem to based on their interest so far, including a private workout Monday on the Delaware campus, it would seem like they might need to trade up to get him. What do you think?

csteuber 1,0If I were the Ravens, I'd watch out for the Patriots selecting McKelvin. McKelvin is my second rated CB, but he's a great cover corner who adds another dimension on special teams. He's not a ballhawk, but will thrive in the Patriots defensive scheme

Do you see the QB option in the second then? If so, which one is likely, Henne or Flacco?

aaronwilson Do you have any questions about Ryan Clady's toughness? I wonder about that and tend to think he might not be worthy of picking eighth overall.

csteuber 1,0I think the Ravens will have a unique opportunity to draft Brian Brohm, who I think is the best QB in the draft, at the No. 8 pick. But if they pass on Brohm, they will have to get above the Dolphins or Falcons in the second round to get Flacco; depending on what they do in the first round.

csteuber 1,0If I was the GM of the Ravens, I'd draft Brohm in the first round.

I'm surprised Brohm would be there

csteuber 1,0I don't like it when teams draft OTs in the top-ten. I always see value in the second, third and fourth rounds. Clady is an intriguing player, but I think the No. 8 spot is a reach for him. The only OT worthy of a top-ten pick is Jake Long.

Roger that

aaronwilson I respect your opinion, Chris. I just don't think they share that opinion, though. Lot of negative comparisons to Chris Redman, some dismissal of him as a system quarterback. Whether that's fair or not, I think it's how they perceive him.

We got burned on Redman big time

csteuber 1,0I think it's a mistake to label Brohm the next Redman because he comes from Louisville. When I watch Brohm on film and I've watched at least 15 games of Brohm, I see a player who compares to Carson Palmer.

aaronwilson Do you think Keith Rivers is the wild card of the top 10? Could he be the best overall player left at No. 8 if Gholston and Ellis are gone and it's between him and McKelvin?

Really...Carson Palmer? That is saying a lot!

csteuber 1,0Rivers is a stud. He's a great leader. He's experienced and he comes from a program that's used to winning. I think Rivers will be taken in the top-ten and is an option for the Ravens. But I think the Ravens should go after a QB or a CB.

CB being who?

csteuber 1,0Anyone who knows me understands that I'm a huge believer in Brian Brohm.

csteuber 1,0I'd go after Leodis McKelvin or Aqib Talib.

aaronwilson Do you think that Cincinnati or Denver would call Ozzie Newsome up in a trade-back scenario if Ellis or Gholston are still there at No. 8?

I think the Ravens are not going to go QB at 8

1,0I don't see either Gholston or Ellis being available at No. 8 So McKelvin is a good shot then csteuber 1,0I think McKelvin has a shot to be there at No. 8, but it all depends on what the Patriots do at No. 7.

aaronwilson Have you heard any derogatory character issues about Talib? A rival cornerback's agent has been spreading some nasty stuff. Hard to say if it's true or if he's just trying to knock down his stock.

Yeah, are the scouts really into character this time around

aaronwilson If McKelvin is picked by New England, what player do you think would be available and worth it for Baltimore at No. 8?

Brohn the man said, A

csteuber 1,0There is a lot of stuff going around about Talib, but what's true who knows. The one thing I know is that the kid is talented and has a bright future. This time of year is comical, because you hear all of these off-the-field problems. The last two players who were drafted in the first round who had sketchy pasts and were projected high first round picks were Randy Moss and Warren Sapp. How did they pan out?

Good point.

1,0I think Aqib Talib and Brian Brohm make sense if McKelvin is off the board. So Brohm in your opinion is better than Ryan

csteuber Brohm is better than Ryan

aaronwilson Gotcha

aaronwilson Why do you feel that way?

Ryan a stiff?

aaronwilson Doesn't Ryan throw a better football? I know Ryan tends to force the issue too much and throws interceptions because he won't check down when he should. What else do you like better about Brohm than Ryan?

Where do you see Harvey going, Chris?

Do you think Brohm's stock is down because of a perception that he was sort of coddled at Louisville and never left home? Unfair if that's why, but do you think that's one reason why many have downgraded him?

Sorry, if it has been asked already but a point was made about Flacco not being a team cpt thus that was a potential red flag, what is your take Chris?

How is Brohm's leadership?


1,0That link breaks down Ryan and Brohm


Do you think that matters that Flacco wasn't a team captain as a quarterback or is that irrelevant to you?

csteuber 1,0I have Harvey going to the Panthers at No. 14. I think he has a chance to go as high as No. 9 to the Bengals. But at this point he makes the most sense in Carolina.

Based on what you see, who is the best player NOT LIKELY to be taken in the first? There is always a freefall...

csteuber No, I think when you talk about Flacco him playing at Delaware matters more than him not being a captain. The level of competition he played against in school is far less superior than what he will face at the next level.

aaronwilson Do you think having recent former college assistants on the staff like Greg Mattison (Florida) and Chuck Pagano (North Carolina) will give the Ravens some edge in scouting? I've heard Mattison is very knowledgable.

csteuber 1,0The best player who I've seen that may not be selected in the first round is Trevor Laws from Notre Dame. He's an absolute beast!

I've seen a lot of him. He is a beast

csteuber It's always good to have some college guys on staff, because they've scouted top players and know what they bring to the field each game.

is Trevor the DT that tore it up in the Snr Bowl?

aaronwilson That was Ellis.

csteuber 1,0Ellis and Laws tore it up all week at Senior Bowl practices and in the game.

there was an ND guy too, iirc but thanks

Will the college guys by homers for guys from their schools though?

Laws tore it up and was from ND

aaronwilson Any sense yet of what the Dolphins are going to do? Chris Long, Jake Long or Matt Ryan. The Tuna has played his cards pretty close to his vest, but there's precedent for drafting a quarterback first overall with him picking Drew Bledsoe in New England.

Chris, given the dearth in qbs for the 09 class do you think there will be an early run for some of the guys projected to go in 2-3 rounds?

csteuber 1,0No, because if college guys in the NFL played favorites, then the Titans would have selected Matt Leinart over Vince Young when they brought in Norm Chow.


csteuber 1,0I still think the Dolphins will take Chris Long. If they take Matt Ryan, that's a big mistake.

Is the 09 class of QBs that good, BG? I heard otherwise

csteuber 1,0I think you will see at least three Qbs taken in the second round; possibly four.

Do you think Jake Long will wind up in St. Louis? They seem to like him and need him since Alex Barron has been a disappointment. nemo - just the opposit, terrible class so this year's class could go quicker than what value would suggest

1,0I think the pick will be between Vernon Gholston and Jake Long for the Rams, depending if Chris Long is off the board.

Is there a good chance the Ravens trade down and get another 2nd

chris, are you getting the feeling that the falcons would like to get jake long or glenn dorsey before they take matt ryan? i've been hearing that a lot from falcons fans, but we all know how fans are.

What happened to Flowers from Va. Tech? It seems like he's falling in the draft.

1,0I don't see the Ravens trading down. There will be a lot of quality players at No. 8

you have somewhat of an out of consensus view on Brohm, what is it that you see that perhaps others aren't recognizing

BG, link posted above to comparison 1,0I think the Falcons favor Brian Brohm. I spoke with Brohm last night and he wouldn't come out and say it, but I got the feeling the 1,0Falcons said something positive to him.

So Ravens take QB in 2nd if Ryan and Brohm are gone

1,0Flowers should fall in the draft; he's slower than a street sweeper. I don't know why he was projected so high in the first place?

Two questions: Are you going to be in New York to cover the draft? And if the Dolphins draft Chris Long and the Falcons draft Brian Brohm, do you think the Ravens would draft Matt Ryan at No. 8? 1,0I think others are blinded by Ryan's leadership ability, but are overlooking his poor decision making.

thanks nemo - missed it csteuber 1,0I won't be in N.Y. for the draft; it's a waste of time. I will be in front of my HDTV all weekend long watching the draft. If the Dolphins take Long and the Falcons take Brohm, the Ravens will take Ryan

Is that the scuttlebutt

you think the falcons would take brohm at #3?? or are you saying they'll go after him in 2, or make a move in the bottom of 1 to get him?

csteuber 1,0I'm saying that the Falcons seem to favor Brohm over Ryan. If they take him at No. 3; I don't know. But I think they would like to draft him.

aaronwilson Are there any flaws in McKelvin's game that should concern teams? I've heard he's a great kid who had academic problems and that's why he didn't wind up at a bigger school like Alabama or Auburn. Is he smart enough to pick things up at the pro level?

Raven31 has entered the room (hostname: aaronwilson And do you rate McKelvin higher than Talib because of his superior speed and perhaps better character?

csteuber 1,0McKelvin's not dumb, but I question how fast he will pick up a pro defense. Also, he's not a ballhawk. He's a great cover corner, but doesn't have good ball skills.

aaronwilson Talib has much better hands, right?

csteuber My top-four CBs are: Talib, McKelvin, Jenkins, Cromartie

a lot of people are really high on rogers-cromartie. where do you rate him compared with mckelvin, jenkins, and talib?

csteuber 1,0Yes, Talib is the best ballhawk in the draft!

1,0But, I think Cromartie will be drafted before Jenkins because of his ascension

AARON, ARE YOU BUYING THIS BROHM CANDY??????????? It is against everything I've heard.

aaron, so it's looking like there's a great chance of matt ryan being there at 8. if that's the case, do you think a guy like reggie smith or antoine cason will be a possibility in 2?

I'm not a big Brian Brohm fan, but I respect Chris' opinion and will take it into account.

isn't brohm's arm strength a little questionable for pro level?

Okay but do the scouts in the NFL buy it I think they could go cornerback in round 2 if they land Ryan, yes.

i guess it only matters if the falcons scouts buy it.... Ryan had a good line but crummy receivers

I worry about Brohm's arm strength and that he was coddled at Louisville. I worry about whether he's tough enough to take over the huddle.

Who said the Falcons were smart anyway?

Roger that

hey are smarter than they were a year ago

have you heard any interest out there in Shane Olivea? he could at least provide quality depth at OT

True, Tom Dimitroff is no dummy, but Arthur Blank could still be meddling.

and he has worked with Cam before.

I've heard of zero interest in Shane Olivea at this point, but I'm sure his name has come up.

and he could come cheap

Keep in mind they don't have much money left after signing Griesen, Walker and Ayanbadejo.

It appears the Rolle restructure didn't lend immediate cap relief.

any chance of further re-structures? could they be waiting until after the draft

Nothing brewing right now.

Aaron, last night was cool with HaveYouHeard. I was on a long time. Catch you later, man!

Thanks, see ya.

what do you think their plans are for the ol now that JO has all but said that he won't come back

Adam Terry at left tackle, Marshal Yanda at right tackle.

They don't want to go for the big line shuffle I outlined right away.

thanks - depth is pretty shaky

I know, so do they.

i have to run, thanks Aaron and sorry I missed last night

any chance of looking at a center in the draft then?

Aaron, Steve B talked about being competative year in year out...

looks like the top rated guys could probably be had in round 3

Not a huge priority, really.

do you think he will change the FA policy of the team

I think they'll be aggressive again when they have cap space.

you know, signing againg vets versus younger guys

Well, I think they would all oprefer to get free agents in their prime rather than just past it or toward the end of their prime.

out of curiousity, any news on Musa Smith or Mike Anderson getting interest from other teams?

Musa Smith's Jets opportunity dried up when they signed Jesse Chatman. His agent, who reps Champ and Boss Bailey, is trying to leverage a one-year deal out of the Broncos. He might be able to do that. Zero interest for Mike Anderson so far. I think he'll retire probably.

re the FA we signed genuine depth or did we shoot our wad on ST only players

Greisen is basically a backup, but he's reliable. Walker could help, but he really bombed last year in Green Bay. And Ayanbadejo is purely a special teams ace, but he's the best one out there. I would say they're just depth and special teams. Nothing too earthshattering or expensive.

any interest in OTs in the draft that you know of?

Doesn't Ayan think he is gonna see LB playing time?

Even if just a backup?

They have some interest in Ryan Clady, Chris Williams and Tony Hills. Jake Long obviously won't be there when they're picking. I don't think they will draft a tackle in the first round.

Ayanbadejo isn't really a linebacker. Maybe Rex will write him into the playbook for a few schemes, but there won't be any major role. He's pretty small at 228 pounds.

Brendon knows why he's here.

Think the Ravens will work a deal with R Lewis this season?

he is a fan/bosses favorite

Maybe. It will depend on how he plays this year, how much money he wants, what Ozzie Newsome thinks, what Steve Bisciotti wants, John Harbaugh's opinion, etc.. Really fluid situation. Taking a guess, I would say it's a maybe, a strong maybe.

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