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Questions: Where is Josh Barrett projected to go? Presumably early on day 2 or late in day 1, IMO. Seems the best SS prospect. Additionally, where is Jamar Adams' projected? (presumably rd 4 or 5)

Answer: Josh Barrett is considered a Day II selection. Third or fourth round. He has ideal size, but isn't as fluid in pass coverage as some other prospects. He is a hard hitter, though. Strong safety prospects are undervalued lately.

Here's's scouting report on him: "Has outstanding size, adequate speed for the position and sure looks looks pretty, but when they blew the whistle, he didn't make enough athletic plays. Has a tall deliberate pedal. Wasn't very aggressive, physical and didn't show much in the way of instincts. Would have to question his competes. Did not lay it on the line and any game viewed. Questionable ball skills and reaction to throws. Adequate range. Late round flyer based on his make-up."

As far Jamar Adams goes, he's projected between the second and fourth round.

Here's a scouting report from on Adams: "Adams is a hard hitter who's always looking to make the big play. He's aggressive and is always around the ball. He had a good senior season for the Wolverines and collected 92 tackles, 2.5 for a loss, a sack and three interceptions. Adams has good, not elite, speed. But he takes good angles in pursuit and is a strong tackler. He showed good instincts at the Senior Bowl and made a few big hits that received favorable praise."

Question: Could Shane Olivea be interested in Baltimore if the FO makes a run for him? This seems like a valuable FA move here.

Answer: There doesn't seem to be any real link here. There's zero buzz about Olivea visiting or talking to Baltimore team officials. I don't think his stock is real high right now. His reputation has taken a considerable hit based on last season's benching and his reaction to the demotion.

Question: Which round do you think Erik Ainge will be drafted, and do you think he has starter capability with some development down the road. Answer: Carries a fourth or fifth round grade, which I think is about right. Some analysts compare him to Elvis Grbac, but they don't mean it as a compliment. Very much a pure pocket passer, very limited mobility. I think he has some starting potential, but he needs a patient organization to work with.

Question: After seeing Cory Ross play at the end of the season, does he have the chance to be the #2 back? I think if he stays healthy he could produce some good numbers

Answer: I like Cory and admire his heart, but I think he's too small to operate as a primary backup. He's more of a third-down back than anything else. Nice quicknes and ability to cut and decent durability for his size.

Question: Aaron, 2 questions: With the possible trade of D. Hall from the Falcons to the Raiders for a 2nd round pick, I think that the Falcons may wait until early in the second round to use the 34th or 35th pick overall to address the QB position (Flacco). If so, do you feel that the Ravens will get Matt Ryan and what's the Ravens "gut" take on him? I know all about Chris' feelings on Brohm!

Also, what does the new coaching staff think of Troy Smith?

Answer: I don't think it necessarily locks the Falcons into the second round for a quarterback. It mildly increases those chances. They like Matt Ryan quite a bit and think it's a big drop between him and the other quarterback prospects. I think the Ravens aren't expecting Ryan to be available at No. 8. If he's available, it will be a welcome surprise and they'll turn the card in on the Boston College senior. As far as Troy Smith, they've been complimentary of him so far. They don't seem to think of him as a potential starter, but he's definitely considered to be backup material.

Question: Aaron, I was keeping an eye on DB Jack Ikegwuonu (sp ?), Wisconsin for the upcoming draft and I know he blew an ACL a few weeks back. Naturally, since then there has been nothing about him. But I was wondering if you know anything about his prognosis and was he talented enough that the Ravens would take a chance and take him, in one of the last couple of rounds, if the prognosis is favorable? They did this several years ago on a safety, can't remember his name, but it didn't work out. You never know we could catch lightning in a bottle this time!

Amswer: Ikegwuonu suffered tears of both his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments as well as damage to his kneecap and will need reconstructive knee surgery. The injury is expected to eliminate his chances of being selected in the draft, but I think he will be a priority free agent for a patient team. "He's screwed now," an executive in personnel for an NFL team said. "He wasn't going to be that high of a pick, anyway. Fourth round. "I blame the agent for talking the kid into coming out. Stupid. Because he wasn't a first-day player."

The player you're thinking about is Anthony Poindexer from Virginia. He never recovered from his injuries despite working diligently.

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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