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What are you hearing about Matt Ryan's draft stock following his workout? Herm Edwards didn't sound overly impressed, but it sounds like the consensus was positive reviews.

AA: His stock is fine, he won't get past > #3

If the Pats trade down, what other quality corners could the Ravens look at? Assuming day 2.

Besides mcKelvin on day 1?

Mike Jenkins, Talib

you think its a lock that at least ATL will take Ryan? (not necessarily a lock, but close)

GEN: ATL or MIA will most likely take a QB there

so I don't see Ryan getting past ATL


The issue is who will be the second QB off the board, Brohm or Flacco

Where do you see Olivea from the Chargers ending up by the end of the offseason?

Would Brohm be a consideration for some late round 1 teams like Minnesota or Chicago, and if so, who is better between Flacco and Brohm in your opinion?

GEN: Good question, he hasn't even had a visit yet

6,0Who within the top 10 do you see wanting to trade down. and who if anyone would trade up.

which is a surprise

RAV: Brohm could still go in the first round

But Flacco has the better arm, more upside too

Seems like Olivea's reputation took a hit when he was benched last year.

Apparently, he didn't handle it too well.

yeah, apparently

WAY: Too early to know anything on trades but we usually don't see much trading in the top-10

usually teams trying to trade from the 20's to the teens

If the Ravens were looking for a quality b/u to McGahee, who is better between Tashard Choice and Mike hart in terms of durability?

AA: Clary looked better in practice and took the job and never looked back

Gotcha, thanks

if the draft were tomorrow, who do you think the Ravens would take/end up with at the #8 spot?

Choice offers more upside of the two

and have you heard any rumblings from any other teams who could be signing Musa Smith? (such as possibly the Jets who had him in for workouts)

GEN, no way to know who would be there but I would say if all players they were looking at were there, Ryan, McKelvin

The Jets didn't have him in for the workout. It was canceled. He has been talking to Denver. The Jets opportunity dried up when they signed Jesse Chatman.

How much would the ravens have to give up in an attempt to trade their 2nd round pick to get Flacco??

GEN: Smith hasn't had a visit yet, was supposed to visit NYJ

It wasn't a workout to clarify. A visit was discussed.

STEVE: Depends on how far he drops

what might happen is some team trades back in the first round

Do you think it is likely for Ryna, Brohm, Flacco, and Henne to be gone before the Ravens pick in the 2nd?

The only RBs left in free agency worth anything are Smith and Ron Dayne What's your opinion on Ryan vs. Brohm? Pros and cons. Is Brohm's stock climbing at all or still likely a late first-round early second-round prospect?

MD: It should go Ryan, Flacco, Brohm, Henne

Why haven't the Ravens scheduled a private workout with Ryan yet? They had one for Flacco, and will have one for Brohm soon. AA: No, Brohm's stock isn't rising With at least 7 teams needing a QB, would a Boller trade seem likely, even though he hasn't learned Cameron's offense yet?

RAVE: No chance of trading Boller considering McNair's injury history

that's not to say that there are a lot within the organization that aren't keen on Boller and wouldn't mind him being traded.

STEVE: Teams have until the week before the draft to so do

teams don't usually do workouts until after pro days are over for the player

oh, no need to rush then

Are the Chiefs thinking of Ryan? I thought Herm Edwards really "schmoozed" him? BTW, Flacco also will be visiting some time before the draft

Right, like Brohm's Pro Day is March 24. His visit with Baltimore is April 15-16.

i think he already did here

NE: They are giving the sign that they are interested. They actually still like Croyle

So the visit to Baltimore is going to be a formal interview. Didn't he meet with team officials at the Combine?

There's plenty of gamesmanship this time of year. Herm thinks he's slick.

Flacco is expected to visit next month

Teams are allowed 30 official visits.

Croyle? Possibly not Ryan, huh, Adam. RAVE: What they will do is bring the player to meet with the offensive coaches, watch film, go to the chalkboard

I'm sure Ryan will visit, too.

NE: KC is looking for OT



their OL is terrible


Last year, every decent quarterback visited.


One year, Vince Young visited, too.

Draft one until we get it right. The list of QB carnage under Billick is bad....

What's Troy Smith's future look like with a potential 4 QBs on the roster?

Stoney Case was good

Grbac bad??

RAVE: If they drafted a QB as expected and McNAir is on the team, he may be cut

NE: He quit

Ahh, the stone man

he ruled

I know. QBs have been an issue, dont'cha know?

hey Adam, where did you go to college??

ST: Temple


home of the Owls

and bad football

but good hoops

Sadly, I live about 10 blocks south of Temple

NCAA upsets with

What's in Brian Billick's future? Has he be contacted by any teams or is he going to be the smartest guy in media this year?

and that coach with the bad reputation before he retired

What does Ray Rice's stock look like?

I agree, Temple is coming on

RAV: Second rounder

doesn't have the top-end speed

but good change of pace RB

I think Billick will be avoided like the Plague.

I went to school with the Philly 5. Marched on the Palestra! RAV: He may do some radio or Tv

NE: I play hoops on that floor a few times a year


if we were to get ryan in round 1, what do you think we do in round 2? cb?


why do some coaches think they are too good to go back to being a coordinator after being a head coach?

STEVE: Ego totally


RA: Cam has no choice

thanks, who might be there? cason?


Brian Billick is also co-authoring a book with Michael McCambridge about the state of the NFL. He recently visited soldiers in Iraq, too. He's building a house on the Eastern Shore and is enjoying his $15 million over the next three years.

What is your opinion of the DBs as a whole?

I've seen a lot of mocks recently projecting us to get McKelvin or Cromartie in the 1st and then Brohm in the 2nd, what do you think the odds are that Brohm actually falls that far?

6,0Hmm Billick sitting next to Cowher in the booth?? Not a picture I would want

he doesn't want to go back to being a coordinator raven

What is going on with Brandon Ore, I heard he was cut from the VT football team.

RAV: Up and down, not many top-end after the first few

What do you think of Eric Ainge and what round do you think he will be drafted. I think he has a good shot at being a good starting QB down the road a few yearss

hey Ravenlunatic, why do you have that soup thingy next to your name??

BREW: Erractic accuracy

thats a cup of joe

shows up like that on tape

BREW: rounds 3-5

for Ainge

haha, i said soup, my bad

now pepper

So if Ryan is there at 8 he's a Raven?

What about Rex Ryan and Cameron's possibility of HC jobs, assuming the team is playoff bound?

GEN: I could see that

Cromartie though, not sure if he's a CB or S

RAV: Ryan was close to getting one so he'll get one eventually

and altnernatively, if the Ravens pass on QB is likely to be there in Rd 2?

*Brohm, that is

Do you think Erin Henderson will be a 2nd round pick??

EARL: Brohm, Flacco, Henne

one of them should be there

probably Henne

how do you have them rated?

STEVE: Probably a little later

I'm sorry if you already answered similar questions

EARL: Ryan, Flacco, Henne, Brohm are my rankings

We'll have some exclusive info on the QBs as we get closer to the draft, you won't read it anywhere else

as far as what the Ravens are thinking

Ravens take Ryan if he's there?

NE: Have to


he won't make it there though

what makes flacco a better prospect than brohm, is it just mobility?

What do you think about their signings of Frank Walker, E.J. Cochrane and Nick Greisen?

CAR: Arm, willingness to throw it into tight quarters

rare ability

how about CB, Adam? Who are your top three Cbs?

AA: Walker is a dime CB, Cochrane is a camp K (was to give David Akers rest for a few camps). Griesen is a solid backup who can play a few positions.

McKelvin, Talib, Jenkins or Cromartie

That's a good order, Adam

I love Talib

CAR: Flacco moves really well for a QB of his size, over 6'6

INteresting, and the fact that McKelvin has some return ability certainly helps

say if NE takes McKelvin, is Talib worth a #8 pick?

EARL That's what I think he goes first

GEN: Probably not

better value later

in first


how high has Gholston's stock risen?

Is he challenging Long for #1?

6,0I like Cromartie, he seems to be able to think on his feet

MD: Top-10 for sure now

how would you rank Matt Ryan compared to recent QB drafts? who does he compare to in overall rating, not just in this draft?

WAY: His Senior Bowl week practices really helped him

Looking forward to your Ravens article, Adam

GEN: Could be best since Carson Palmer

NE: Will be in my blog before the draft

Great YEA, hat's what I'm talking about, Ryan is a beast

Ryan is polished, INTs will be corrected

decision making is something that is correctable

I gotta ask. Who takes the NCAA in hoops Adam and Aaron? I have UCLA

Especially now that Billick is gone!

really? even when teams who are in dire need of a QB like ATL have been rumored to passing over him in favor of the prospect of getting the likes of Brohm in the 2nd?

NE: Temple will upset MSU

I haven't done my brackets yet


Got Temple going far

GEN: It's hard to pass up a franchise type of QB

like Ryan

ATL: They also need major OL help

that would be the position they have to look at other than QB

if you were the Ravens would you consider trading up to pick #3 for Ryan is he that good or is Flacco a better deal in a trade down

ATL could have potentially one of the worst OLs

BREW: If the cost was fair, I'd look to move up

Roger that

That's the problem though in the top-10

more teams want to trade down than up

later all, see you soon

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