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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers about the Baltimore Ravens' outlook for the upcoming NFL draft. Subscribers, please keep reading for further details.

what are front offices thinking about the draft changes? will there be enough time for trades and such?

Hey Chris, glad to have you. I'm a Brohm fan too!

Who is the best CB in this year's draft at this point?

csteuber 1,0MDTerps: I think they're happy to see the time cut down... it took so long to get through the first round. I think they can complete trades in five less minutes.

Will we still have all the melodramatics of players already signed?

csteuber 1,0Lboogy: I'm glad to hear you like Brohm as well; he's the best QB in the draft. My top rated CB is Aqib Talib, but he won't be the first CB taken. Leodis McKelvin or the fast rising Rodgers-Cromartie will be the first CB taken in the draft.

By NE?

csteuber 1,0Nemo: I think you will still see the team with the first pick try to sign their top choice prior to the draft. That's always a big issue in the draft; signability.

csteuber 1,0Nemo: I think New England and the Ravens will look at a CB in round one.

What do you think about Antoine Cason?

Ravens take who NE doesn't?

Talib that is..

csteuber 1,0Lboogy: I like Cason. He's a solid cover corner. I think he's best in a Cover 2 scheme, but he can cover man-to-man. He has good 1,0ball skills and he's a savvy defender. The team that drafts him is getting a veteran corner as a rookie.

csteuber 1,0Nemo: I think the Patriots draft McKelvin and the Ravens get Cromartie.


Is that good value at #8? Any chance the Ravens and Chargers make a draft day trade for Charlie Whitehurst the Chargers need some picks and I read that Cam likes Whitehurst

Cromartie that is

do you think Brohm could fall to the Ravens in round 2?

Do you think the Rams will consider Gholston?

1,0Earl Weaver: I think Cromartie's stock is so high at this point, it's good value. He's an unknown in a lot of ways, because he comes 1,0from such a small school. But I believe in pedigree. I think Chris Long has a chance to be great because of his dad. I also like Cromartie's 1,0bloodline because of his cousin Antonio. 1,0Brewer: Hard to say if there will be a draft day trade between the Ravens and Chargers, but Whitehurst is a solid QB and deserves 1,0a shot to play.

Caplan felt that Cromartie may be more of a safety, do you share the same sentiment? I was under the impression that hes too light to be a safety

1,0General Hightower: I think Brohm goes in the first round; in the 20's. I think you will see a trade occur just like last year when the 1,0Browns got Brady Quinn.

What were your thoughts on Whitehurst comming out in the draft

1,0MDTerps: Absolutely. I think I'm the only one in the mock draft world that has Gholston going to the Rams. I think you will see Chris 1,0Long go No. 1 and Gholston go No. 2.

1,0Brewer: I thought Whitehurst was a solid QB at Clemson. He has a nice arm, good poise and makes good decisions. I was 1,0surprised that the Chargers took him in the third round a couple of years ago, but I guess they wanted to protect themselves from injury at the 1,0QB position.

Cool, Do you think the Chiefs going to Ryan's proday was a smokescreen?

Good question Terp

what does brohm bring to the table that flacco or ryan doesnt (other than better statistics)? i'm not sold at all on flacco

1,0MDTerps: No... I actually think the Chiefs are considering taking a QB. Remember, Brodie Croyle was a late third round pick. Nothing 1,0is guaranteed in the NFL. I remember when the Eagles drafted Bobby Hoying in the third round and he had one or two good games and then 1,0flamed out.

So Ravens think CB in round one

one or two good games and then flaming out, you say??? speaking of such patterns, what do you think of Troy Smith's possibilities of playing (good) this year?

Good question General

csteuber 1,0Carolina Raven: Prior to this season, Brohm was projected to be a top-five draft pick this year. He had a nice year statistically this 1,0past year and just because his team didn't perform around him does warrant his stock to drop so dramatically. But it's what have you done for me 1,0lately and NFL teams want a winning QB. That's the mistake this year, because Matt Ryan is going to get over drafted and a team will pay for 1,0their mistake.

aaronwilson In your conversations with Brohm and NFL scouts, how do you think the Ravens grade Brohm? Does Brohm think he's going to any particular team?

ow tall is Brohm csteuber 1,0Aaron Wilson: I think Brohm would have liked to have gone to Atlanta and be coached by Petrino again. I don't think he really 1,0cares where he goes just as long as he's a part of the big picture.

1,0Brewer: 6-3, 230

And if Ryan is gone (and the Ravens made a show of interest), then Cromartie if he's there?

1,0Nemo: I think the Ravens go corner in the first round, QB in the second round (Chad Henne?)

I don't understand why Brohm has dropped so far. Other than Louisville's poor performance this year, what are Brohm's biggest weakenesses? I think the "weak arm" argument has been disproved by his ball speed at the combine.

What do you hear about Talib and McKelvin's stock and potential interest/workouts/visits with Baltimore?

Lots of guys here like Talib

Is Keith Rivers sort of an X-factor in the top 15? Where do you think he'll wind up?

1,0Aaron Wilson: Talib is dropping of late due to off-the-field controversy. McKelvin is steady as a top-ten pick. I think you will see both 1,0players draw interest from the Ravens. 1,0Aaron Wilson: I think the Patriots could reach for Rivers at No. 7. But if they don't, I think the Saints bring him in with the 10th pick.

What's the word around the league on Eric DeCosta, the Ravens' director of college scouting, since taking over for Phil Savage?

1,0Quick note... my new two-round mock draft will be released before the weekend.

Where do you rate Henne, Ryan, and Flacco?

Harbaugh is making the veterans stay at Mini-camps. Old fashioned discipline guy. Do you think that gets reflected in who we draft too? Team first?

What do you here about Dorsey are teams backing off of him because of the leg issue

aaronwilson We'll be sure to put up a link.

csteuber 1,0Aaron Wilson: The Ravens always seem to find talent in the draft and their front office always gets high marks around the league.

csteuber 1,0Lboogy: My top five QBs: Brohm, Ryan, Henne, Flacco, Woodson

So Henne would be good value in round 2

awesome, I look forward to the new mocks

What are your thoughts on Ainge

1,0Nemo: Harbaugh is a helluva coach. I know him from Philly and he's a really good, hard-nosed coach. I think he will gain respect 1,0immediately in Baltimore.

Chris, what do you hear about this sleeper guard from Bentley? Supposedly, Baltimore is interested in him. I've never heard of the guy.

What's the skinny on him?

Stealth guard?

Those are good rankings. I think Henne is similar to Brohm. Solid production, good size, good intangibles, and comes from a tough conference.

1,0Brewer: This time of year you always hear a lot of crap and some of it you have to ignore, but with Dorsey, he plays a physical 1,0position and has to be healthy. I think there is something to the injury talk...

Boogy, good value in 2


We think alike!

Anyway Dorsey is available at 8 Is he hurt?

1,0Aaron Wilson: Late round guy; probable free agent.

Are you impressed with Cason? How high do you think he'll go?

1,0Nemo: He supposedley has a leg injury, but nothing has been confirmed. I think he slips to No. 9 for the Bengals.

And is Ryan Clady a potential top 10 pick or would that be a reach?

After we draft Cromartie then

1,0Aaron Wilson: I like Cason. He doesn't have elite straight-line speed, but he's quick. I like his ball skills and I think he will be a late 1,0first, early second round pick.

1,0Aaron Wilson: I have Clady at No. 12 at this point. A team may reach for him, but if the Ravens go for him at No. 8, it isn't too much a reach.

Which team is the most likely to draft Gholston? I was thinking Jets.

1,0Nemo: Yes, I can see the Ravens drafting Cromartie over Dorsey.

What about Philip Merling? He's been drawing comparisons to Trevor Pryce. Does he have that type of potential?

what do you think of a guy like Josh Johnson in round 4?

1,0Aaron Wilson: I'd say the Rams or the Raiders will get Gholston

Merling...what school?


clemson i think

Chris, do you have any "late-round gems" that might pay off for the Ravens this year?


Any small-school sleepers that are being taken seriously? Who's flying under the radar?

1,0Lboogy: Merling is a nice DE who's probably one of the most complete DEs in the draft. I see him being a top-20 pick and has a lot 1,0of upside, but I wonder how effective he will be as a pass rusher.

I know you like Brohm ,would you consider him a reach at the 8th pick

How bad are Blake's emotional/mental issues? Would you draft him or would you be concerned that he might be like an Alonzo Spellman problem child?

1,0Aaron Wilson: Late round sleepers...I like Tony LeZotte, safety out of James Madison. He's a tackling machine. 1,0Brewer: No, I actually think that's where Brohm should go at No. 8, but I don't think the Ravens will draft a QB that high. Chris real quick before you gotta go, what do you think of Josh Johnson, the QB from D-II?

1,0Aaron Wilson: I'm concerned about Tommy Blake. He has top-10 potential, but he's too much of a risk.


1,0General: I really like Josh Johnson. He has a lot of potential. He's got a strong arm, good accuracy and an excellent athlete. He's a 1,0developmental QB, but he has a lot of upside.

Hey Chris, looking forward to that 2 round Mock!

1,0Nemo: Yeah, hopefully I don't get too much hate mail! LOL! :)

None from here!

thanks chris, you have a good one, I look forward to your mock and any future chats we have before the draft, before you go into hibernation until next draft, when we call upon your wisdom lol

Guys, I've got time for about 15 minutes of questions when Chris leaves.

1,0Nemo: Good, bad, neutral, it's all good either way.

when do OTAs start?

aaronwilson April 17-19 is the first minicamp.

Aaron do you think MIA would draft Ryan at 1?

I really think there's merit to what Chris says about Brohm...I think he's worthly of the 8-pick, but is probably not a good value at that point

aaronwilson Offseason training program began Monday.

I wouldn't rule out Ryan going first based on Bill Parcells' track record. Remember, he drafted Drew Bledsoe first overall when he was in New England.

I wouldn't take Brohm at No. 8, but that's my opinion and I don't think the Ravens are considering him for that spot.

do the ravens feel like they HAVE to draft a QB this year...

Aaron have you heard how Flacco did when the Ravens brought him here for the private work out, and If the Ravens like him that much and fear the Bears picking him at 13,anyway we take him at 8

aaronwilson They know that next year is a weak quarterback class, so they would definitely like to find a future starter this year.

would they consider a trade up into the low 1st for Brohm or Flacco?

aaronwilson I heard Flacco had an oustanding workout. They aren't going to draft him eighth overall.

aaronwilson I think they would be tempted by Flacco, yes.

if so how seriously would they be about the move

If it came down to Flacco and Brohm, do you get the feeling the Ravens would go with Flacco?

aaronwilson Serious enough to talk about it internally and put out some feelers with other teams. Ozzie Newsome usually has a great feel for when he needs to pick a guy.

aaronwilson yes, they would go with Flacco.

your gut feel is we WILL have a QB in theis draft

aaronwilson Yes, I think they will draft a quarterback at some point during the first day.

aaronwilson Either Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco preferably.

gonna be fun to watch....

To be sure, if Flacco and Ryan (and Brohm) aren't there (which is likely IMO) will the Ravens be willing to take Henne?

other than getting blue in the face waiting for a move back to the first if they don't get ryan!

aaronwilson Maybe. Not a lock, but I think they respect him a lot, too.

aaronwilson Remember, Ozzie was willing to move around last year for Brady Quinn, but he lacked the ammunition to pull it off in terms of picks.

yeah, and were short a 3rd this year

goota go, thanks Aaron mdterps Quit (Web Browser closed) aaronwilson The Ravens tried to get him.

And they tried to get Joe Staley, but the 49ers leapfrogged them.

It worked out fine with Ben Grubbs.

Thanks for all the work you do settin up these chats...

aaronwilson No problem. I want the membership to be valuable for you guys.

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