Q&A with Alvin Porter

Name: Alvin Porter Position: Cornerback College: Oklahoma State Measurables: 5-foot-11, 175 pounds Age: 25 Hometown: Shreveport, La. Acquired: Porter was signed by the Ravens last year as an undrafted free agent.

Resume: Porter started the opening two games of this season at cornerback when Gary Baxter was ailing. Porter has 23 tackles, 21 solos and two pass deflections with one fumble recovery. Last season, Porter was one of only three rookie free agents to make the Ravens' active roster and finished fourth on the team with 14 special teams tackles to go with an interception. At Oklahoma State, Porter shined during the 1999 season with 45 tackles and three interceptions before being ruled academically ineligible by the NCAA.

Role against Cincinnati: Porter is a probable starter or significant contributor at cornerback in place of Chris McAlister, who has a badly sprained ankle. The Bengals' passing offense has improved greatly over the last two weeks with Jon Kitna throwing six touchdowns with no interceptions and completing 78 percent of his passes. Kitna has decent, albeit underachieving targets outside for Porter to cover, including Peter Warrick, Chad Johnson and Michael Westbrook.

Ravens Insider: "Do you expect to be targeted and singled out by the Bengals?"

 Porter: "That happens with any new guy. I strongly feel that will be part of their game plan is to come test me with me being a new guy, a young guy, not really proven in this league. Any offensive game plan will be that way."

Ravens Insider: "When a quarterback concentrates exclusively on you so much, does it offend you, or do you view it as a chance to make more plays?"

Porter: "It gets me excited because it gives me an opportunity to make plays and you can only make plays if the ball is thrown your way. I look forward to that."

Ravens Insider: "Do you expect to see more of Peter Warrick or Chad Johnson?"

 Porter: "It ain't like we're running left or right cornerbacks. I might see either one."

Ravens Insider: "Being undrafted and missing your entire senior year of football, do you ever pinch yourself to make sure you're really playing in the NFL. At any point, did you ever feel like your career was over before it ever really got started?"

Porter: "Yeah, I did, but in my heart I knew I was good enough to play at this level. In my heart, I always believed that. Because of that, I never quit. I never gave up."

Ravens Insider: "Are Rex and Rob Ryan the main reasons you're here because they knew you from Oklahoma State?"

Porter: "Definitely. I probably would have never been heard of here in Baltimore. I thank them because they put the word out about me and Baltimore gave me an opportunity and I took advantage of it."

Ravens Insider: "What would the Bengals' scouting report on you look like?'

Porter: "I really don't know. I think they would be saying, ‘Here's a young guy. He's unproven. We're going to test him and see how he holds up.' That's the thing about this league. They might catch a ball here or there, but I just have to go on to the next play."

Ravens Insider: "Without a large film library on you, there's not much they can say about you, right?"

Porter: "That's exactly true. It ain't like they can look at a lot of film and say, ‘This is how he plays. This is exactly what he's going to do.'"

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