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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers on the Baltimore Ravens with Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson and NFL expert Adam Caplan. Subscribers, pelase keep reading for further details.

Adamcaplan the ravens are having Tim Hightower in for a visit, good sleeper RB on second day

Aaron Wilson Interesting.

Adamcaplan Solid build, good fit for what they want to do

Aaron Wilson What's the latest on Joe Flacco for those who missed your latest blog item?

adamcaplan AW: He will visit the Ravens on Sunday/Monday

adamcaplan Just was at Vikings

adamcaplan Rams next week

6,0Any news on Chad Henne?

adamcaplan Other than his visit, that's about all the news there will be

adamcaplan Brohm was scheduled to visit as well, he worked out privately for them as did Flacco

Aaron Wilson Do you think Miami is more likely to draft Jake Long, Chris Long or Vernon Gholston or is all a big smokescreen? What do you make of the behind the scenes machinations going on at the top of the draft? And do you think Matt Ryan is likely to be drafted by Atlanta, Kansas City or New York before the Ravens could pick him?

adamcaplan AA: As of now, Probably Jake

adamcaplan but anything can happen

adamcaplan Ryan to ATL

adamcaplan would be my guess

21XXXV IF Ryan slips do teams like Chicago or other step up prior to us at #8

adamcaplan 21: No way he slips to #14

adamcaplan BAL would grab him at #8

Aaron Wilson How much did the revelation about the three flunked drug tests hurt Aqib Talib's stock? Is he beyond hope as far as maturing? Supposedly, there were other unspecified issues as well. What's your character read on him from your sources around the league?

adamcaplan AA: He could fall to the second round

adamcaplan Not good character

adamcaplan I have something I may put out before the draft on him

adamcaplan but as the saying goes, it only takes one team to look the other way

6,0I hear he's not too people friendly, fans wise

Aaron Wilson What do you make of Malcolm Kelly's outburst following his slow 40-yard dash times at Oklahoma? Isn't Bob Stoops and his staff popular with NFL coaches? Does this kind of disrespect affect his status?

adamcaplan AA: Very immature to say the least

adamcaplan My guess is he'll drop to second round. he was looked at as a late first rounder Aaron Wilson Do you think Cam Cameron is exerting a little influence about wanting a big receiver a la Vincent Jackson? They have been talking to a lot of receivers lately.

Any insight into potential trades prior to our pick @ 8? thanks

adamcaplan As of now: I expect the Ravens to get QB, CB, OL first four rounds

adamcaplan AA: Demetrius Williams is 6'2"

6,0any day 2 WRs that catch your eye?

adamcaplan but they are kind of concerned about what happened last year when he and heap got hurt adamcaplan BL: I usually hear about trades the week of the draft when the sense of urgency arises.

Aaron Wilson What's your take on Matt Stover's e-mail leaking out? Was there some sort of coup attempt in Hawaii that failed with Troy Vincent?

adamcaplan I do think the Eagles will trade Sheppard soon

adamcaplan RAV: Mario Urrutia

adamcaplan Not as fast as the guys who will go much earlier but he has upside and has great size

adamcaplan good hands

adamcaplan AA: Kind of an ugly situation which should be handled behind closed doors.

Aaron Wilson Do you think Baltimore if it misses out on Ryan at No. 8 would have to trade up to get a quarterback in the second round? Are there enough quarterback-needy teams where Ryan, Joe Flacco, Brian Brohm and Henne could all be gone by No. 38?

adamcaplan AA: Henne should be there at #38 or Brohm one of the two

Aaron Wilson I agree about the union thing. I think it's kind of funny that a kicker is the one taking on big, bad Gene Upshaw.

Aaron Wilson Who do you like better? Henne or Brohm?

adamcaplan if not, they will have to trade up

adamcaplan AA: Henne for this scheme much better fit than Brohm who is more of a WCO QB Aaron Wilson Of these players -- Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Jason Brown and Terrell Suggs -- who do you see getting re-signed over the next year and how expensive do you think it will be, respectively, in general terms contractually?

adamcaplan RAV: Again, trade stuff doesn't usually happen until the week of the draft.

adamcaplan But the ones I see being trades are Lito Sheppard and Jason Taylor

adamcapla AA: Scott and Suggs for sure they have no choice there

ForbiddenDonut do you feel that Branden Albert can play tackle at this level?

Aaron Wilson Who are some of your favorite sleepers in this draft?

6,0Ok. What have you heard about Limas Sweed? Is his wrist a potential liability?

adamcaplan I don't see why Biscotti wants Lewis extended.

Aaron Wilson Personal friends and Steve is a fan at heart. It clouds his judgment.

adamcaplan FOR: Yes, he can play RT for sure, and with a lot of work, could play LT in a few years

adamcaplan he has the feet and body to do it

adam RAV: Wrist is healed Should go 20-32 area

6,0I think that secondary play once CMAC and Samari got hurt will not happen again, IMO. Not after this draft

21XXXV Adam: Do you think Steve B will regret getting close to his players?

Aaron Wilson Do you think Ryan Clady is tough enough to excel in the NFL? I wonder if he's a little bit like Alex Barron or Kwame Harris?

adamcaplan RAV: Doesn't matter, both are over 30 and they must get CB help now

adamcaplan the worst thing to wait until they can't play anymore

adamcaplan 21: I think that's certainly a potential problem

adamcaplan AA: I would agree that he's like Barron

how far have Aqib Weed Talib and Manningman dropped

adamcaplan a bit

Aaron Wilson Any favorite sleepers on your radar?

6,0So you think we could get 2 CBs, or promote Walker to LCB?

adamcaplan FOR: I don't see either going in first round

Aaron Wilson No offense, but Walker couldn't even hold a nickel job in Green Bay last year or beat out William James in New York. I can't see it.

adamcaplan AA: Paul Smith-QB, RB-Chauncey Washington-USC

adamcaplan AA: Yep, Will James hasn't been good since he changed his name from Will Peterson adamcaplan Walker is a dime CB

6,0I thought he wanted out of GB b/c there was too much depth...

Aaron Wilson Nope. They didn't want him back.

adamcaplan RAV: Heck no they have no depth there

adamcaplan GB didn't want him


adamcaplan GB has no nickel

GBs corners are older than the ravens

adamcaplan and two older CBs Al Harris told me has two years left

<21XXXV> Does Gary Stills get cut? With the younger ST aces being signed, And Gary longer in the tooth...

Aaron Wilson Guys, they handed Frank Walker a job last year and a $1.24 million contract and he couldn't get off the bench. Very bad sign. Al Harris got blowed out by Burress in the NFC championship

Aaron Wilson Look at him as special-teams help mostly They're going to draft a cornerback.

<21XXXV> What does that say about our front office?

adamcaplan Problem is BAL doesn't have any experience behind the two starters so Walker will play

6,0Think they should draft two

adamcaplan RAV: I would take one in first two rounds for sure

Aaron Wilson They signed him on the cheap and are hoping for the best. Every team does that sometimes.

6,0like a band-aid on a open wound gash...

are the Pats going to be considering a first round corner?

Aaron Wilson Any scouting departments likely to move around after the draft? Don't those contracts usually expire around May?

Aaron Wilson Seems like Shack Harris is in a job-seeking mode.

adamcaplan AA: Yes, you'll see scouts move on after the draft, happens every year

adamcaplan FOR: CB for NE most likely

6,0I think McKelvin will still be there at 8, but what do the Ravens do if Ryan is there too?

Aaron Wilson What do you think about Orlando Scandrick, the Boise State cornerback? Pretty fast guy, 4.32 is smoking.

adamcaplan RAV: I'd take Ryan

adamcaplan AA: He may have moved up to third round I'm told he was given a 4th round grade at the combine

Aaron Wilson Where do you see Sedrick Ellis and Glenn Dorsey winding up?

adamcaplan AA: Ellis-CIN they had a visit with him Dorsey-OAK

<21XXXV> What do all the scouts see in Chris Long that make him #1 or #2. Really. Over Harvey, Gholston etc....

adamcaplan 21: Upside, safest player of them all FOR: CIN run d is pathetic

6,0What about any day 2 corners that catch your eye?

adamcaplan I don't but OAK going with McFadden

Gholston would be a fit in OAK

adamcaplan RAVE: Scandrick, Godfrey, Bowman all 3-4 area FOR: Sure but they need DT help bad terrible against the run

I cant believe the Kelly contract

how much is Ngata going to command after that? its ridiculous

adamcaplan FOR: And the thing is, who were they competing against to give them that deal?


adamcaplan And he's coming off of a torn ACL

6,0I just think AL Davis is losing his mind.

adamcaplan RAV: You think? when did you see that coming? <21XXXV> Do you feel Stewart's foot injury one he can fully recover? If so, where would he go if not he didn't have the injury?

adamcaplan 21: Late first

6,0Any more word on the schedule release?

Aaron Wilson April 15. If not that specific date, definitely next week, according to league officials.

<21XXXV> In a quote last week, Harbaugh mentioned that he would look to Ray plays off. This week Preston said Ray's weakness is pass-coverage, in TSN I may be blind, but that is one of ray's strength

Aaron Wilson I think he's lost a little range. If you recall how much depth he got on his pass drops in 2003 when he was last the Defensive Player of the Year, he doesn't cover as much ground now.

6,0I think it is, but he had little help behind him

Aaron who is your guess for us @ 8?

Aaron Wilson I was the one who asked Harbaugh that question and he didn't hesitate to say Ray will be taking some third downs off.

I am still worried about extending Ray

Aaron Wilson You should be.

Wasn't Ray torched in SD by Gates

they should just do what SD did with Seau

yea he was Aaron Wilson Yes, and he blamed it on the scheme. It was man-to-man coverage all the way. Ridiculous.

<21XXXV> Well, If Scott and Johnson have the same kind of year defending the pass it will be a long year

Aaron Wilson I'm not sure Johnson can run well enough to do much better in pass coverage.
<\ Aaron, do you think the Ravens have taken Talib off the board?

Aaron Wilson Not entirely. But he has been downgraded, I've been told.

6,0I think he took himself of the Ravens board

Aaron Wilson I don't think they will draft him. if Ryan is off the board, I just hope the Pats don't snag McKelvin that's a shame, I thought he would be really good hes good at rolling blunts 6,0He is, but why smoke so much? Aaron Wilson There are other problems with Talib besides the drug tests.

cuz he's an idiot?

Aaron Wilson I don't know him, so I can't really say why he did whatever he did.

<21XXXV> Kiper thinks Gaither has game to be LT. I don't If we are re-building, Why wouldn't we trade down, take Clady then go after a QB or DB with the next additional pick?

<21XXXV> Clady IMHO has the biggest upside at LT 6,0Yeah, what is Gaither's problem?


Aaron Wilson The reason why is because they really want to get a top-notch cornerback or quarterback. The quality goes down after the top guys.

6,0that article was an eye opener

Aaron Wilson Gaither is lazy.

smart can be dealt with, but the lazy is the real problem

Aaron Wilson Big ego, too.

Gaither's tude is just one more reason that we need a leader on O

<21XXXV> Does this organization really trust Chris Chester?

6,0how long do the Ravens keep him around as a project?

Aaron Wilson They trust him enough to give him a shot and not execute a line shuffle. Gaither will be here for a few more years at least.

<21XXXV> Because it seems like we have four guards, two centers and no tackles. I do think in late 06, Terry played well at LT who knows, maybe the powerlifting will pay off for him

<21XXXV> Can you tell us more about the OLine coach

Aaron Wilson I agree with you. To me, they are set at the guard spots. But tackle and center are potential problem areas. I think Adam will do all right at left tackle. He knows this is his time. I ran into him recently. He's recovering well from minor foot surgery and is full-go at all workouts.

6,0Oh, BTW, I saw an article about McNair training really hard to get in shape. Any validity?

Aaron Wilson Matsko is old-school, a disciplinarian, a very good teacher.

<21XXXV> Also, I hear that some of the players are working with their position coaches... How does the NFL monitor that not to classify as practice?

so where has Mike Jenkins stock gone? Not too long ago he was there at #8 but now hes waaay down. Is he still a possibility at #8?

Aaron Wilson The NFL only steps in if players complain to the union. The workouts are voluntary Aaron Wilson I don't think Mike Jenkins is going to go in the top 10. Character issues. Remember, he got tazed by the cops last year outside a club.

6,0class act.

how is the player sentiment toward Upshaw?

question, i thought the draft was going to start on fridays?

<21XXXV> Don't taze me bro, I like The kid from AZ CAson

6,0they have hated him for a while, but Upshaw delivers in a crunch

Aaron Wilson Several Ravens, including former linebacker Adalius Thomas, have made fun of Upshaw to me in the locker room. He's not too respected.

Aaron Wilson They like Cason, too. We reported his visit earlier this week. They are also having in Orlando Scandrick.

Scandrick is FAST

<21XXXV> what vets do you see a better than 50% chance of getting released

I would be curious to look back at the Fiesta Bowl game against OU and see how he did Aaron Wilson Upshaw isn't the brains of the NFLPA, anyway. Richard Berthelsen and Jeff Kessler, two lawyers, plot all the schemes and negotiate. Gene is a figurehead who has some influence with the owners, but he's not a negotiator.

Aaron Wilson Scandrick was set to square off with Malcolm Kelly. But Kelly got hurt.

Aaron Wilson Gary Stills, maybe Samari Rolle if his epilepsy prevents him from being active regularly.

<21XXXV> Can Jones, Prescott , and Barnes take the next step????

what ever happened to the draft starting on Friday night??

Aaron Wilson I think Barnes is the most likely to get a lot of playing time. Burgess and Jones have more to prove.

Aaron Wilson The idea had zero momentum. Most people would rather do something else on Friday nights than watch the draft.

If McKelvin and Ryan are there will it be Ryan

do you think they look to add an RB or TE

Aaron Wilson Yes, they would draft Ryan over McKelvin.There are plenty of cornerbacks to draft in the second round.

<21XXXV> In retrospect, Give me the Front Office opinion of Pittman, Martin, Prude and Winbourne. Would the real slim-shaddy please stand up..

Aaron Wilson They are actively looking at running backs. Tight end isn't a big priority. They met with Louisville TE Gary Barnidge at the combine.


what type of running back?

<21XXXV> If a team stretches that means a better player falls....

scat back like Slaton?

Aaron Wilson They're not real high on those guys, but they're mostly down on Pittman and Martin. Prude and Winborne haven't screwed up nearly as much.

or a tweener in between the tackles like Jacob Hester?

Aaron Wilson Someone who can catch passes, block and run outside a little.

I don't think Hester is their guy.

6,0no way

so someone like Kevin Smith or Tashard Choice?

6,0not Jacob

if Ellis is still there, do you think they would look to trade back - cinci and den could be interested


Aaron Wilson They like Choice. They have scouted him heavily.


Aaron Wilson I think they would be inclined to trade back, but they might not want to deal with Cincinnati because they're a division rival. Why would they want to help them?

<21XXXV> Was Robert McCune Resigned? I see him on the roster, he was a decent ILB out of Louisville?

Aaron Wilson Yes, they re-signed Robert McCune and Jamaine Winborne this week. McCune is a big, strong dude.

Not to help Cinci but it would probably net them a 6th plus moving back a spot 6,0So will Pittman and Martin go?

<21XXXV> Dre Moore ran the fastest time of any DT, lifeted well, and seems like a late bloomer, thoughts?

Aaron Wilson Harbaugh said he wants to give Pittman another shot. I'm sure both will make the team.

Are we looking for a Dafety for depth or someone to supplant Landry?

Aaron Wilson I like Moore. He seems to fit that Carolina Panthers mold.

Safety <21XXXV> which means we won't draft him

Aaron Wilson Yes, they have scouted several safeties, including Arizona State's Josh Barrett. They also are having Arkansas State's Tyrell Johnson in for a visit.

6,0Dre Moore might be a Jax rd 2 pick

heard anything about McGahee working out. IIRC, he could have been in a little better shape last year

<21XXXV> All of the doubters on Mario Williams vs Bush are thinking differently today..

Aaron Wilson I don't think he's been around. He likes to work out in Florida. Trevor Pryce and Ray Lewis haven't been around, either.

Aaron Wilson Exactly.

6,0yeah, he looked a bit sluggish on some stretch runs to the outside <21XXXV> I still believe, IMO that Chris Long is overrated

Aaron Wilson He could afford to get some more rest.

very diplomatic answer

Aaron Wilson What I don't like about Long are the lack of pass-rush moves and size. He seems like he's all hustle and strength to me.

<21XXXV> I also feel the secondary is only as good as a teams pass rush. Ours, needs some help <21XXXV> I would take Harvey over Long in a secondAaron Wilson I'm not sure if I would prefer Harvey ov

er Long. I wonder about Harvey's intensity. <21XXXV> Comments on Professor billick????

6,0OK DE on day 2

Aaron Wilson What sort of comment?

6,0oh wow. I saw that crap on Billick

I think Chris Long is much better than Gholston

<21XXXV> Towson

Aaron Wilson They would like to get a pass rusher at some point.

6,0Teaching some comms class at Towson

Aaron Wilson I guess he needs to stay busy. All he's doing now is writing a book.

and building that house right? Aaron Wilson I'm sure his class will be good. He's an interesting guy.

Aaron Wilson Yep, on the Eastern Shore.

6,0Apparently he wants to get a commentator job

wish him the best - Bruce's comments about him not being a field day general are spot on

<21XXXV> This year seems very weak at ILB and OLB, looks like decent depth at S, I also like value in later rounds on WR's The kid from Coastal Carolina??

he would be hilarious to listen to calling a game

Aaron Wilson He seems to be doing good. I think he'll wind up at FOX or CBS.

Aaron Wilson Safety class is awful, very little depth.

Aaron Wilson I don't think they're looking at that receiver in particular. More big-school guys.

6,0is Phillips rd 1 material

yea, LB and Safety are pretty weak CB, RB are stacked

6,0Better yet: CAN he be the next Ed Reed?

Aaron Wilson Late first round is about right for Phillips.

No, he's nowhere close to Ed Reed.

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