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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers regarding the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL draft with scout.com NFL expert Adam Caplan and Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson Subscribers, please keep reading for further details.

What do you think about McNair's abrupt retirement?

adamcaplan It makes Baltimore's draft situation even more interesting

adamcaplan Timing was interesting

adamcaplan If Ryan is gone, you have to assume CB

Ok...we all knew this was coming, but who is your gut feel who makes the Ravens draft board if Ryan is not there?

adamcaplan or LT

Henne in rd 2? Flacco late rd 1?

adam, do you think if McKelvin and Ryan are gone, the ravens would pick ellis?

adamcaplan NEM: Boller will be put to the test

adamcaplan and he's on a one-year deal

adamcaplan passing game actually could be better

adamcaplan McNair became a check down QB

adamcaplan couldn't throw with any heat

They want take a QB at all costs in the first, Adam?

how many one year deals is this for boller?

adamcaplan RAY: No, would make no sense

adamcaplan NE: Ryan is their guy

adamcaplan then CB

Assuming that we do not draft a Corner in round 1, who will be available at pick #38 Flowers? King?

adamcaplan RAV: I would think Flacco

adamcaplan based on scheme

aaronwilson Adam, do you think the Chiefs are sincere about Ryan or just smoke-screening. I tend to think it's the latter and they are just going to draft an offensive lineman like Branden Albert or Ryan Clady. Could you envision the Ravens trading up with New England or Kansas City?

they wouldn't reach for Clady would they? adamcaplan and he had a great private workout for them

adamcaplan RAY: Only if all CBs they like and Ryan are gone.

So the whole league knows are board now?

adamcaplan TO: Flowers might be

aaronwilson This is Kyle's first contract extension. Last year was the final year of his original rookie contract.

I would cut the draft off if Ozzie said he was trading up past 7

adamcaplan I don't think they would go for King

6,0I bet Troy Smith will be working his butt off now trying to earn the starting spot

adamcaplan AA: I think they want to deal down

adamcaplan Look in my blog over the weekend, will have something on Smith

4,0good or badf? 4,0bad*

Why do the ravens want to deal down?

aaronwilson Who are good candidates for trade-back scenarios? Do you think there's any way Darren McFadden could still be on the board at No. 8, which could give them some bargaining power?

adamcaplan RAY: Intresting


adamcaplan CC: If they think they can get the player they like lower

So, not going for a QB in the first if Ryan is gone then?

adamcaplan AA: Too many teams want to deal down, not up

before CHI, MIN, and the whole NFCN in general, IMO

adamcaplan Saints want Ellis

if we were to draft a corner at #99 who would be available? Scandrick? Lee?

adamcaplan they need a DT badly

What player(s) would they be interested in if they traded down? How far do you think they'll go?

adamcaplan CC: Best CB available

adamcaplan or Albert

adamcaplan To: Lee

adamcaplan Scandrick has a late third early 4th grade

4,0aaron, can you post a link to adams blog this weekend when it goes up?

Do you think KC drafts Albert? Kiper/McShay seem to think so..

adamcaplan RAY: It should have been on the front page

Has there been any buzz in any of the NFCN boards about wanting to pick a signal caller in rd 1?

adamcaplan CC: Possibly

aaronwilson Adam's blog is linked high atop the club level.

adamcaplan because of his versatility

4,0o ok

So who are the ravens targeting in a trade-down scenario?

adamcaplan RAV: MIN likes Brohm

adamcaplan but in second

aaronwilson His blog gets constant hits. I recommend hitting refresh on it several times per day.

adamcaplan CC: Again, best CB still on the board adamcaplan Rogers-Cromartie makes sense for their scheme

adamcapln he may not go in top-10

adamcaplan him and McKelvin could go anywhere in top-15

You don't think they kind of ruled off Talib/Jenkins for character problems are are scared off by a guy in DRC whos from a real small school?

if we take OT at #8, who is really the best for our new (Cameron) system? Clady? Otah? Williams

Likely partners for a trade down?

aaronwilson What are you hearing about character issues and medical red flags as far as Talib, Rodgers-Cromartie, Groves, etc..?

4,0not Otah

4,0way too slow

I just think how interesting it is how many links we have to so many teams we're playing against this year.

adamcaplan NE: No way to tell, there are a lot of teams that will talk to teams ahead of them

is there a chance the Ravens choose McKelvin over Ryan?

adamcaplan but no one wants to pay what it costs

adamcaplan unless players start to drop farther than expected

adamcaplan FOR: Nope

adamcaplan AA: Talib has a lot

Will Dorsey make it out of the top 5?

adamcaplan Groves is ok

adamcaplan same for ARC

So Ravens WANT Ryan bad then if he is there

adamcaplan RAV: Not past 10

adamcaplan NE: Yep

adamcaplan RAY: He'll go later in first

Your real number 1, 2, 3

you dont think they ruled out talib/jenkins for character issues and are scared off by DRC because of the small school????

adamcaplan CC: I don;t think Talib is even a lock for first round


aaronwilson Cromartie has one kidney.

adamcaplan Small school kids are ok usually

4,0Where is Jordy Nelson in your opinion. I have him ranked early mid first, others have him mid 3rd.


adamcaplan tape shows it all

I feel DRC is way overrated anyways

adamcaplan RAY: He has a third round grade

What do you think about Xavier Adibi? (LB from VT)

but could go higher

so if we trade down, you think we go best CB available, i dont get who we would be interested in first-rounder-wise, except MCKELVIN???

the best man guy I would guess

adamcaplan CC: Best CB available, LT possibly

adamcaplan RAV: Small but talented

Do you think Gaither will pan out though?

adamcaplan FOR: Great senior bowl practices, combine

adamcaplan RAV: Not sure they are sold yet

Brain transplant

adamcaplan they see the upside potential but he's not ready to start

do you feel Gosder Cherilus is going to make it to the Pittsburgh pick? I would not like to see him in Black and Gold

adamcaplan FOR: That's the area

4,0way too slow

I just think how interesting it is how many links we have to so many teams we're playing against this year.

adamcaplan NE: No way to tell, there are a lot of teams that will talk to teams ahead of them

is there a chance the Ravens choose McKelvin over Ryan?

adamcaplan but no one wants to pay what it costs

adamcaplan unless players start to drop farther than expected

adamcaplan FOR: Nope

adamcaplan AA: Talib has a lot

Will Dorsey make it out of the top 5?

adamcaplan Groves is ok

adamcaplan same for ARC

So Ravens WANT Ryan bad then if he is there

adamcaplan RAV: Not past 10

adamcaplan NE: Yep

adamcaplan RAY: He'll go later in first

Your real number 1, 2, 3

you dont think they ruled out talib/jenkins for character issues and are scared off by DRC because of the small school????

adamcaplan CC: I don't think Talib is even a lock for first round


I do...cont brennan, adarius bowman

Adam, as of now, if we stay with the 8th pick ..who do you think will be available that we select and the Pats select?

adamcaplan CC: No way to know who would be available, but they want Ryan then the best CB there at #8

PATs will likely go CB not LB like some say

Ok, I know I have heard rumblings about it, but who have the Patriots been high on in their board?

Aaron says 33% for Ryan...you agree?

do you feel the Jets are a wild card for Matt Ryan?

So who does OAK want:

Gholston OR McFadden?

aside from McKelvin

adamcaplan FO: No, I think they will give Clemens another shot

adamcaplan CC: Probably Gholston

adamcaplan but knowing the way Al Davis thinks, McFadden is a possible pick

Do you think Atlanta will pass on Ryan, especially since they seem to be targeting Henne?

And, im not sure of your mock, but where do you have Ryan and McKelvin going right now?

adamcaplan RAV: Owner loves Ryan but I say the GM goes for DT or OL

any more word on Jared Allens possible trade to the Bucs or Vikings?

adamcaplan CC: I haven't done a mock

aaronwilson What do you think the Jets are most likely to do at No. 6?

adamcaplan may next week, we'll see if I have time

adamcaplan FOR: Couldn't have more word, that's where it's it

hes definately worth a first, and if he goes to the Vikings, thats a scary Dline

adamcaplan The issue now is what happens to Jason Taylor

and Oline for that matter

Adam...you must see some "late round gems" who will go begging. Thoughts?

adamcaplan MIN needs to pass rushers badly

adamcaplan they don't have one

Who do you think is the best fit for the ravens at RB in the later rounds? We need a backup

Allen plus the William beasts

adamcaplan NE: There are a ton

adamcaplan look for my notes next week

If we draft an OT at #8 who is the best for our new system (Cameron's system) Clady? Williams? Otah?


Tashard Choice compliments McGahee well

adamcaplan this week is typically slow

adamcaplan Ravens have to get a RB with size



adamcaplan in case McGahee gets hurt

Thanks, Adam. Will keep an eye out.

Halito Ngata: Third down/short yard back


adamcaplan they need a big back for the scheme they run-power

talk about a change of pace

adamcaplan TO: Otah probably is a good fit

adamcaplan if they traded way down

Why not? Bettis did it?

adamcaplan Williams needs to get stronger

adamcaplan RAV: He does but they need a power back

I am going to assume all of the QB questions have been asked and that I should just wait for the transcript?

adamcaplan Sleeper--Xavier Omon

whata bout Matt Forte?

adamcaplan 5-6th area

adamcaplan FOR: He'll go second round probably so no


adamcaplan and as much as I like him, he can't block

adam, how do you feel about Philip Wheeler? he looks good on paper.......

do you see anyone else sliding other than the obvious guys (Talib, Manningham)?

adamcaplan TO: Solid second day LB

Any thoughts on where Ocho Stinko lands

So what bruising backs do you see that could be the second head of a hypothetical "two-headed" RB system

adamcaplan FOR: There are over 30 players who have red flags


adamcaplan BL: CIN 85 = NFCE

adamcaplan RAV: As noted, Xavier Omon-built like Derrick Ward

you dont think he leaves cincy?

Cinncinatti will take a $8 million cap hit if he does I tihnk

adamcaplan GEN: Team doesn't want to take a step back

adamcaplan they have no one who can step in

Ok. Just thought he was your late day sleeper. Gotcha

adamcaplan RAV: He is and he happens to fit their scheme

Nemo69 Did Ravens scout Omon?

adamcaplan NE: Sure


adamcaplan they scout every player just about they have to

adamcaplan their mid west scout's job

Ok, so how do you think Cameron will integrate his offensive play calling around the Ravens, and do you see any centerpiece for his scheme?

adamcaplan he;ll go rounds 5-6

so is Otah going to bust? I forget where i read it but a scout said he didnt no the fuss...he has slow feet and not the best mechanics.

adamcaplan RAV: Same scheme, won't chance much, that's why he was hired

a candidate to bust I should say

any thoughts on Ahtyba Rubin

(NT), Ourlads had us picking him at #99 on their mock draft

adamcaplan power rush, vertical stretch

adamcaplan TO: Decent mid rounder

Instead of checkdown, checkdown, checkdown, punt?

adamcaplan FOR: Some like Mike McGlynn better

adamcaplan RAV: Exactly

4,0Otah will only be a RT. So he may not bust, but not quick enough to be an OT

adamcaplan Look for Demetrius Williams to be a much bigger part of the passing game

adamcaplan if healthy

4,0thank god

aaronwilson What do you think about Baltimore meeting with all these big receivers? Do you think they might pick one at No. 38 if they get Matt Ryan at No. 8? Seems like some of these guys should still be there. Who do you think would be worth it at No. 38?

adamcaplan they feel he has the game to make plays down field in this scheme

do you think that Demetrius Williams supplies that vertical stretch that Cam likes to utilize? or do you think we'll need to draft someone?


adamcaplan AA: They would like to get one but no, I don't think they take one early

oh sorry you just answered that

aaronwilson Gotcha

adamcaplan My sense is QB, CB early

adamcaplan LT

aaronwilson Makes sense to me.

adamcaplan WR later

I know I brought this up before, but what do you think of the safety class overall? Any Ed Reed type protegees that Ed Reed can tutor?

adamcaplan I tried to tell you guys a few months ago that CBs is a major need

take a risk on Adarius Bowman?

Adamcaplan RAV: Top heavy

adamcaplan FOR: Late, sure

adamcaplan can't hurt in rounds 6-7

thats how i feel

aaronwilson I talked to that RB Hightower's agent today, Tony Agnone. He said interest is pretty high on him for a second-day guy. What do you think about him?

So after Phillips, that's pretty much it?

Ravens have 9 picks I think. Is this draft deep enough to heal them at a lot of positions?

adamcaplan Hightower should go in around 5

adam- can you give us a sleeper CB that we might snare at pick #99 or pick 106? or will the well be dry by then?

lots of visits

aaronwilson Well, the Arkansas State safety visited. He's pretty good, too.

Charles Godfrey: Over or underrated? Maybe feel his athleticism is going to get him overdrafted

adamcaplan TO Zack Bowman

4,0Tyrell Johsnon aaron?

Forgot about him. Thx aaron.

adamcaplan his knee checked out

adamcaplan well

adamcaplan FOR: Tyvonn Branch from Ucconn, solid third rounder

heard he is getting good looks

Who do you think starts against the Bengals at the opener?

maybe even second round

adamcaplanRAV: What position?

at the QB?

adamcaplan QB-BOller

adamcaplan not other choice

Cam needs to work his magic

I hurt all of a sudden.

adamcaplan Although Ryan could shock the world

4,0really? I have heard Troy is the front runner?

adamcaplan if he is picked

You think?

Do you think that the Ravens will trade up past Atlanta to secure Flacco? Henne? Brohm? if we do not get Ryan

training camp is going to sort that out

adamcaplan Ron Jaworski told me he thinks Ryan could play this season

In rd 2, yes

Payton Manning style

adamcaplan TO: Depends who falls

but also Kyle Boller style

adamcaplan But ATL likes Flacco a lot

How about flacco?

Why is Ryan so great to Jaws?

adamcaplan TO: In regard to ?

Its JAWS...

adamcaplan NE: Classic drop back passer

trade up to beat atlanta to him?

(no offense to sports


adamcaplan TO: Depends whoelse is on the board

adamcaplan and depending what they do with their first pick

is Andre Woodson going to go before the 4th round begins? If he tore up the SEC he cant be that terrible

Aaron Wilson I doubt he goes until the fourth.

aaronwilson Guys, ready for your questions.

Has chris chester been eating his muffins?

aaronwilson He's up to 305 pounds.



It sounds like the store is resting on Matt Ryan. True?

powerlifing is going to do the team good

6,0What were other players saying today?

And what about Sypniewski and Wilcox? And Heap for that matter?

Did Cam have any noticable reaction today


aaronwilson I think they still want Ryan at No. 8.

Aaron, you said you had some things to say about McKelvins visit yesterday...what was there to report

Did McNair Surprise them today or did he see the writting on the wall

aaronwilson A lot of the players were shocked about McNair's move. Some of them were angry.

Is he there, though, ya think?

Who do they want to be the starter?

aaronwilson We didn't see Cam Cameron. Practice was closed.

I keep hearing people say Gaither is NOT ready to start; why exactly is that? strength? knowledge?

Mason one of them?>

I can imagine a lot thought he should wait until after next weekend

aaronwilson McKelvin had an outstanding visit, made a good impression.

Who do they want to be the starter?


Aaron, GAITHER was the starter not Terry at LT to open minicamps? Any idea WHY?

4,0I kind of wish they told everyone it wasnt a good visit

Gaither has had some issues about work ethic and approach, but he has a lot of talent.

aaronwilson I think the Ravens want to start Kyle Boller. A lot of players support Troy Smith, though.

4,0This may sound dumb, but do you konw who Ray supports?

So does this decision impact JO's?

Aaron, why was Gaither the starter, and not Terry, to open minicamps? I do think Terry sucks, Im wondering if you think Ravens noticed?

does "work ethic" mean that he does not know the plays? or does it mean he is not lifting the weights? or both?

aaronwilson Ray is a proponent of Troy Smith actually.

4,0I knew i still liked Ray!

aaronwilson Gaither has issues with studying yes. Same as in college

4,0When he has had suggestions for the team it has often turned out good.

hardly a shocker on that one - given his recruitment for a new qb before Mac

so Yanda is the starter at RT?

Do you think with an average offense, we could have become a perrenial playoff team since the championship year, even now?

aaronwilson I don't know because we didn't get to watch practice to see who lined up where exactly.

aaronwilson I do know that Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Trevor Pryce and other veterans attended the workout.


aaronwilson Yanda is the starting right tackle.

terry sucks, im wondering if you have heard the ravens staff has discovered that fact

6,0do you get to see practice tomorrow

aaronwilson I think they are not real high on Terry, but the idea may be to see if Gaither can cut it as a starter since they already have a lot of film on Terry. It might not be a true indicator of the status actually.

aaronwilson Yes, it's open to the media.

so is there renewed optimism with Suggs contract since he graced the facility with his presence?

Harbs looked really stressed yesterday and today (in photos); is that my imagination or do you think he is feeling the pressure?

aaronwilson I knew before they announced it that something was up with McNair, but it was a moot point at that hour. We put a blurb up on the club level.

And what was that whole thing about Suggs showing up "on an act of good faith?"

aaronwilson Suggs' presence is mostly public relations. It doesn't really affect the negotiations. His agent had him call ESPN to try to get some good PR. It really doesn't mean anything. Negotiations are on hold.

aaronwilson And no date has been set for the grievance hearing.

Over the offseason workouts, has it looked like Jason Brown has lost some of that bad weight he carries?

any idea how long it will take to resolve Sugg's grievance (LB/DE)?

OK...Honestly, is Harbaugh's "100 mph" attitude REALLY going over well with the team?

aaronwilson Jason Brown is in much better shape. Under 325 pounds.

aaronwilson Has lost a lot of weight. Is feeling and looking much better.

he probably just wants to lay in bed and not lift all the time

If hes under 325 (BROWN), what did he used to weigh (about)?

hes playing for a contract 6,0don't we all?

aaronwilson Since no date has been set for Suggs' grievance, I would think it takes at least a few more months.

Jason Brown---it's his contract year!

aaronwilson Jason has weighed in excess of 350 pounds before.


aaronwilson He carries it well.

aaronwilson Very good football player.


He has always looked out of shaped

aaronwilson We know that Kyle was the starter. He's the frontrunner for the job at this point. aaronwilson Harbaugh designated Chester as the starter a while ago.

Aaron, please let us know how Troy does tomorrow. Pay close attn to QBs

aaronwilson I have some questions over whether Gaither has actually been given the job. The plan is for him to compete with Adam Terry. Terry is also recovering from minor foot surgery, so I wouldn't overreact to practice reps.

terry, brown, chester, grubbs, yanda

do you think Troy Smith will get a fair shot at starting over KB? or will Harb's go with KB because "he gives us the best chance of winning",(ARGH!)

Oh wow. I think Cameron is the most amazing, brilliant mind if he can do something with the proposed starting lineup...

as of now as the starting squad IMO

other than Brown and Chester, anybody else capable of playing C

aaronwilson I think they will likely have them compete, Kyle and Troy, but Kyle has a legit shot at holding the job.

aaronwilson Brown and Chester are the only centers on the squad currently. They worked out a few guys a few days ago, Smith and Mcrukowski that can play inside, too. They didn't sign either player, though.

4,0I really hope Harbs doesnt base most of it off practice, but almost all of the decision based off the preseason games

aaronwilson That's a natural reaction.

6,0Will this have any impact on JO's Decision? and when the heck are we going to know

Who would be the VET DOUBTERS? Any examples?

aaronwilson J.O. isn't going to come back this year.

PS 08 if he's lucky

aaronwilson I didn't see Matt Ryan, but I did see Brian Brohm. I knew they had already met privately with Brohm. I saw James Hardy today. That kid is huge.

aaronwilson Ray isn't shy about complaining. Never has been.

Brohm was back again today?

aaronwilson Hardy is tall and fairly thick.

Looks like an NBA small forward.

"small" forward

aaronwilson I was referring to yesterday on Brohm to his question.


Bart Scott primed for a better yr?

Anyone think Brohm is a system QB? Brohm=WC QB

doesnt seem like a fit...ryan/flacco does

aaronwilson I've talked to Bart and he's real excited about this year and proving himself again. Last year really bothered him.

henne, too, not quite as good

aaronwilson I don't think Brohm is their guy.

Rex had bart in pass coverage too much last year...he needs to go back to the scheme that allowed him to play like 2006

aaronwilson I think they prefer Ryan, Flacco and Henne.


6,0Have they had Henne in for a visit?

Aaron yes.

bart will be a beast

I don't either, but all the "Brohm"ine int the water might have gotten to some people

aaronwilson I think Bart will get to blitz more this year. But they have to improve the other players in pass coverage to unleash him on third downs again. Otherwise, it could be more of the same from last year.

you need corners to blitz. The injuries killed us last year

aaronwilson Big-time.

Is Wilcox and CMAC 100%? Cody too?

hypothetically...if Smith gets and eventually earns his starting role, and we ended up having an Anderson/Quinn situation, which of those 3 QBs would handle it the best?

aaronwilson Wilcox isn't quite there, getting better quickly.

aaronwilson Cody is supposedly 100 percent.

And what about Ryan's defensive scheme? think it will change much?

was Cody in drils?


aaronwilson C-Mac says he's 100 percent, but I tend to doubt he's all the way back.

aaronwilson Want to see how he backpedals tomorrow.

Let us know about CMac, Cody, etc

aaronwilson Practice was closed, so I didn't watch Cody yet.

how healthy they look

aaronwilson Tomorrow will be more forthcoming.

Today was mostly about McNair.

You get too see whole practice?

And have you gotten to talk to our new "Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator"?

or opening 15 mins?

aaronwilson As for the hypothetical, I think Brohm or Henne would fit in well.

aaronwilson I've talked to Rex Ryan several times.

aaronwilson Rex Ryan is good people.

We get to watch the entire practice.

any change to his defensive style?

I'm looking forward to the report tomorrow, then

aaronwilson Keep in mind it's just a minicamp, so you don't draw too many lasting conclusions. aaronwilson Rex still plans to be aggressive, hard-hitting and blitz-crazy. Same ol' Rex.

6,0Brohm would be a good fit for Atlanta, I think. Although I guess they might be reluctant to draft him given his Petrino connection


As of now, who do you think the ravens 1st round pick will be, considering all?

I know I would.

aaronwilson I think if Matt Ryan is gone, they will draft Leodis McKelvin. If both players are gone, they try to trade back or draft Sedrick Ellis.

Landry progressing well this offseason? Need a safety with more than 0INTS

aaronwilson Landry appears much leaner this offseason, looks like he has dropped a few pounds.

aaronwilson Looked more ripped up than usual.

aaronwilson Probably trying to get faster, so good, yes.

aaronwilson I think they are not real high on Terry, but the idea may be to see if Gaither can cut it as a starter since they already have a lot of film on Terry. It might not be a true indicator of the status actually.

aaronwilson Yes, it's open to the media.

so is there renewed optimism with Suggs contract since he graced the facility with his presence?

And you will have a transcript or article on it? < Is Willis training with the same trainer as Ed/Ray???

aaronwilson I've seen Kyle a couple times and I thought he looked about 230. No appreciable bulk up. He gained some quality pounds last year.

aaronwilson No, I don't think he works out with those guys.

230 is good. About what he needs to be at

6,0Aaron, have any middle and later round names to keep an eye out for that you're hearing are on the Ravens radar?

aaronwilson Likes to work out by himself or at University of Miami.

as in, he actually uses the U's facility on campus?

aaronwilson Tim Hightower, Orlando Scandrick and the kid from Wheaton College (Ill.) Antwain Molden from Eastern Kentucky, too.

Dwan looking good too?

Working hard? Terry put on any good/needed weight?

aaronwilson Yes, the Hurricanes' NFL guys are always welcome.

aaronwilson I think Dwan has maintained his conditioning from last year. Made a lot of strides.

4,0I have heard Antwuan Molden has risen to be a late 2nd rounder

aaronwilson Terry looks about the same to me.

Decent depth=Dwan

aaronwilson I don't think Molden will go quite that high.

4,0In the IMD we took him with our 3rd

OK, aaron. Your pick for a sleeper in the draft...

aaronwilson I think Antoine Cason will be much better than many analysts project.

Think Mark will be muchhhhh better this yr?

aaronwilson Yes, I think Mark will have a resurgent season. Should be a better route tree under Cameron, too.

TSizz could've told me that lol Have all the coaches been around all the time?

aaronwilson Yes, Harbaugh says he has to kick guys out. He'll arrive at 5 a.m. and they're already there working hard.

aaronwilson These coaches are very intense.

4,0haha wow 4,0i like it

good, I like the sound of it Any coaches lazy that you know of? Seemed like Billick had some on the offensive side

get some players that think like they do, and I like the attitude at the least

6,0I'm amazed we don't see more burnout cases with coaches.

All the way down to the asst ST? good point HD

aaronwilson Haven't heard anyone called lazy since Jim Fassel around these parts or Chris Foerster.

6,0Any chance that Barnes takes over for Johnson in the starting lineup?

aaronwilson I don't think he's ready to be a three-down player, Barnes that is.

They want to bring in some inside linebackers potentially.

6,0Aaron,did you get a chance to talk to Stover today?

aaronwilson No, I didn't.

Stover career ending soon?

aaronwilson I doubt he will say much new tomorrow about Upshaw, but we'll try. aaronwilson I think Stover has got a few more good years left in him.

He was shaky last year

Still better than a lot though aaronwilson I wouldn't replace him until you have someone else in mind, and they don't at this point.

I dont know if hes "automatic" anymore inside 40

6,0Still probably the most dependable player on the team

Last question: how will Cam utilize FB


same as before?

aaronwilson He'll make him earn his way on the field. Could be less repetitions unless he produces.

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