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OWINGS MILLS -- Questions and answers surrounding the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL draft. Subscribers, please keep reading for further details.

csteuber FloridaBasedFan: I think it's legit that the Chiefs are interested in Matt Ryan. I also think it's a bit of a smokescreen. I think in the end you will see a trade. I think the Baltimore Ravens will look to move up to acquire Ryan and the Chiefs will move back and draft Branden Albert.

Chris, do you think Aqib Talib's admission of drug use is really hurting his stock as much as the rumor sites are saying?

csteuber 1,0OrioleWay: I don't think Talib will be hurt too much by admitting he used marijuana. I think it hurts Mario Manningham more because he lied. Talib is a top-ten talent, who will most likely be a top-20 selection.

do you think the ravens will trade up for ryan given the uncertainty?

csteuber Bej6789: It will cost them their first, third and maybe a fifth.

chris, if the ravens miss out on Ryan what are their chances of getting one of the top 4 at #39

aaronwilson It's No. 38.

csteuber 1,0BlindGopher: I think scouts and NFL personnel finally had a chance to view more film on Albert and his ability translates best to being a LT at the next level.

wouldn't the cost to trade up from 38 to the mid 20's be higher than trading up to 5 or 6?

Csteuber RodGreen: I think the Ravens like Ryan; they also like Joe Flacco. I think it depends on who they're more intrigued with.

FloridaBasedFan: I think if the Ravens don't draft Ryan, they will get one of the top-four; possibly Flacco.

Chris, do you think any top-rated player in particular is going to drop bigtime, ala Brady Quinn last year?

csteuber MdTerps: Not really; it's almost the same.

What do you think the trade would look like to move up if the Raven's don't have a 3rd

csteuber 1,0OrioleWay: The only player who's slotted to be a top-ten pick who may slide a bit is Darren McFadden. But it won't be much of a slip. He's a top-three talent who will most likely be selected at No. 6.

Chris, curious as to how you and other pros approach your mocks- do you base it off of bpa, needs, talking to teams, etc?

csteuber Bej6768: That's a tough one... maybe they would trade a future third?

aaronwilson Do you think McFadden will have problems in New York City given his family background and his problems? Could be a bad combination with him suddenly being a multi-millionaire.

what kind of value would a future 3rd hold compared to a current 3rd rounder?

csteuber BlindGopher: I factor everything in when I'm conducting my mock draft. I try to make it as realistic as possible. Sometimes it's well received and other times people hate it. But it's important that I stay true to my beliefs.

Aaron Wilson: Honestly, I think McFadden is set up for disaster.

csteuber Bej6789: Probably a little less value, since the draft class next year isn't solidified. But every year a third round pick has value.

are Pacman and Chad Johnson going to get traded this weekend?

How does Jared Allen probably being dealt affect what the Chiefs will do?

csteuber 1,0RodGreen: First off, trading Jared Allen depletes their defense of not having a playmaker. The Chiefs are in trouble. They have holes all over the place. I think they have to draft for need and they can also draft the best player available, regardless of the position. K.C. is a mess right now.

What do you think the Falcons do at 3?

could the saints possibly trade up into the top 5?

1,0or is anyine in a position to move up into the current top 10?

csteuber 1,0Bej6789: I think the Falcons will entertain the thought of drafting Matt Ryan, but I think they're smart enough to know that they can wait to draft a QB in the second round, and upgrade their defensive front with Glenn Dorsey at No. 3.

who besides Dorsey would make the Falcons pass on Ryan?

csteuber RavensCountry: I think the Saints will trade up with the Patriots and draft Sedrick Ellis at No. 7 and the Pats will move back to No. 10 and draft the best CB on their board, possibly Leodis McKelvin

if you had to guess right now, what are the odds that Matt Ryan's there at 8?

csteuber 1,0FloridaBasedFan: If not Dorsey, it will be Ryan

1,0what about "the big 4" who do you think will pick Ryan, Flacco, Henne, and Brohm, and where?

csteuber 1,0Bej6789: I'd give it a 15% chance Ryan is available at No. 8. A team will move up with the Chiefs, Jets or Pats if Ryan is available.

csteuber 1,0RavensCountry: I think Ryan ends up in K.C. or Baltimore; Brohm ends up in Atlanta; Henne to Chicago or Minnesota; and Flacco to Baltimore or Miami

Expanding on FloridaBasedFan's question, if they could not make a deal to get up to #5, would the Ravens be more likely to move back from #8 or move up from #38 to grab one of the others?

csteuber 1,0FloridaBasedFan: Two trading partners are possible in the first round, the Chargers, who don't have a second or third round pick and the Jaguars who may not find the board to their liking at No. 26.

1,0what would it cost to move back into rd 1, since atlanta and Miami will probably draft a QB early in rd 2

csteuber 1,0OrioleWay: I think Godfrey and Porter would have the most impact for the Ravens. They're both playmakers and solid cover corners.

1,0My biggest concern is atlanta with their 3 rd 2 picks

I like Porter....thoughts on end of 3rd DE or OLB

what do you think of antoine cason

csteuber 1,0ChrisQ: That's possible if they're unable to move up to No. 5, but the Ravens could also use a CB and a OT.

csteuber 1,0RavensCountry: I think the Dolphins and Falcons will try to move back into the first round to draft the QB they like the most as well. The Ravens will have competition trying to move back into round one if they don't get Ryan.

Wow...those late #1's will become valuable

csteuber 1,0Bilbo: Darrell Robertson and Chris Ellis are possible in the third round.

aaronwilson The Ravens project Godfrey to safety.

How about the kid fromHampton?

Chris, what will it cost to move from 8 to 5?

Looks like Porter's our target if we get Ryan in the first

csteuber 1,0Bej6789: I like Cason, but he doesn't have the elite quickness I'd like to see in a corner. He's best suited to play in a cover 2 scheme. He's a playmaker and has good ball skills... probably an early second rounder.

Projection for Crabel from MI

aaronwilson They had a private workout with Porter.

csteuber 1,0AaronWilson: Godfrey has nice size to be a safety.

aaronwilson DeCosta said they viewed him that way. Also likes DeCoud. And Tyrell Johnson.

since the Ravens just lost Quinn Sypniewski... what TE's do you think are worth targeting in the later rounds to fill his spot?

csteuber 1,0Bilbo: Kendall Langford? He's a good player. He struggled a little bit this season, but he has good upside. I'd like to see him improve his quickness off the line, but that will come with more seasoning.

aaronwilson Craig Stevens is one tight end the Ravens have been talking about. I would think Brad Cottam, too.

csteuber 1,0Bilbo: I think Crable will be a mid-to-late third rounder, possibly early fourth.

Bilbo2> I like Ellis and Lagnford with our supplemental at the end of the 3rd

Any interest in Tashard Choice or Josh Barrett?

csteuber 1,0Bej6789: If the Ravens drafted Brian Brohm, they could draft his Louisville teammate TE Gary Barnidge in the fifth round.

aaronwilson They like Choice, haven't said as much about Barrett, but they met with him at the Senior Bowl, scouting combine and sent Mark Carrier to his Pro Day.

Hey Chris, what would it cost to trade up to say #5?

aaronwilson Barnidge is another tight end Eric DeCosta has been talking about.

1,0What about a mid round DE?

1,0any names / sleepers that jump out?

csteuber 1,0Bej6789: I really like Choice; he showed me a lot this past season and at the Senior Bowl. I think Josh Barrett is a stud. He was a top safety after his junior season. He had a lot of injuries this past season and didn't play too much. But he has great ability and will be a steal.

what do you think of Antuan Molden?

csteuber 1,0Tsizzles: It would take the Ravens first, future third and a fifth.

csteuber 1,0MdTerps: Molden is moving up the charts really quick. He will be a second round pick. He's a big kid with a great frame. He's extremely quick and has good ball skills. He's gaining a lot of momentum.

If Ryan falls past 3, given that the Jets are supposedly interested in him (according to Peter King) at 6 as well as other teams wanting to move up, do you think the Ravens will move up to 5 to secure Ryan? Also, wouldn't the cost to move up be equal to or less than if we had to move back into round 1 if we missed out on ryan for a second tier qb?

aaronwilson No, I don't think they will trade up.

aaron, chris says we trade up to 5 for Ryan or back up into the first for flacco Brohm or Henne? Do you agree here. If so it seems we won't have many picks this year after all

You think the Ravens say put?

aaronwilson As Eric DeCosta said, you only trade up for Michael Jordan. Matt Ryan isn't Michael Jordan. So, no, I don't agree.

Will the Ravens pick up a vet QB for 1 year or will KB be the one show to whatever rookie we draft the way of the NFL?

aaronwilson I think they stand pat or move back.

Won't the Ravens have to move back into round one then?

aaronwilson They'll probably talk to Byron Leftwich and Daunte Culpepper, lower than 40 percent chance they pull the trigger.

How's minicamp been since the injury to Syp?

aaronwilson I think Chad Henne would still be there.

Assuming Ryan in the 1st, what CB in 2nd?

aaronwilson He tore his ACL.

1,0do you think this emphasis for this draft will be primarily offensive based or defensive based?

aaronwilson Hard to say what's left, maybe Tracy Porter or Patrick Lee. They don't seem real high on Antoine Cason due to lack of speed.

aaronwilson Offense, mostly.

Are Jags fans as pissed about Leftwich as we are about Boller?

I thought you said earlier that we really liked Cason?

aaronwilson No, I don't think Jacksonville cares. They have David Garrard.

haha TSizz takes that one personally

So based off of this, you don't think the Ravens get matt ryan i take it?

aaronwilson They like him, but they don't think he fits their scheme.

aaronwilson No, I think he will be there at No. 8 as long as Atlanta can get Glenn Dorsey.

1,0who do you think fits their scheme best?

aaronwilson If not, then it probably won't happen.

CB wise?

aaronwilson A bump and run type guy like Leodis McKelvin.

lol perfect...too bad we're using ryan on that pick

aaronwilson Talked to his agent this morning. He's still hoping to wind up here.

1,0QB wise?

aaronwilson McKelvin, that is.

Ryan too!

aaronwilson Matt Ryan or Chad Henne would be great fits. I think Joe Flacco isn't as high percentage, but they love that kid.

based off of some of your posts in the forum... i get the feeling that insiders with both the falcons and chiefs think they in no way take Matt... how accurate do you think they are?

aaronwilson I know Ryan likes Baltimore, too.

if we were to draft Ryan in the 1st, we would look at hardy or kelly in the 2nd if they were to fall?

How does the trade of jared allen affect what the chiefs will do? does it make it more likely that they take ryan and then a lineman?

aaronwilson I could see them going receiver. They have been exploring the possibility.

Remember, they need cornerbacks, too.

WR at 17 makes sense...OL early

aaronwilson Mike Jenkins and others could be there at the Vikings' spot.

then again, they know the draft is deep at that position

So our preference at CB in the 2nd is......

1,0so the 4 teams that might think of drafting a QB ahead of us may possibly skip on Ryan?

aaronwilson Patrick Lee or Tracy Porter. They like Brandon Flowers, but they know he doesn't run fast enough.

If malcom kelly's there in the second do you think the ravens bite?

who are they high on at reciever?

aaronwilson Yes, I think they will.

aaronwilson I don't think Kelly will be there. I think he will wind up with the Redskins.

Who do you think the Ravens are quietly hoping falls to the second?

aaronwilson Ravens like Kelly, Nelson, Hardy.

3rd rounder I like is Crable...great pass rushing LB

aaronwilson Flacco.

has philip wheeler been mentioned at all?

1,0What about a stand up pass rusher?

how important is DE? if we get Ryan in the 1st, and if the BPA at 38 were a DE that slipped through, would they take him? Like maybe calais campbell?

\ aaronwilson They scouted him, but they are mostly talking Day II inside linebackers like Beau Bell from UNLV.

If you had to put your money on one player in round two that the Ravens would take, who would it be?

aaronwilson Haven't once heard them talking about Campbell

aaronwilson I know they like Nelson.

Any chance Abib falls to us in the 2nd due to "issues"

aaronwilson Lawrence Jackson would be a good fit. Maybe Talib falls that far. The man has a lot of issues. I tend to doubt it, though. He can play and he'll be a first-round pick.

... Do you think Jackson would fall to the end of the 3rd?

aaronwilson Maybe, there would need to be a run on other spots, though.

1,0any potential first rounders that might fall to rd 2?

aaronwilson Aqib Talib, Brian Brohm, Dustin Keller, Kenny Phillips, Felix Jones could slide

aaronwilson Jackson could also project to outside linebacker.

Oh my fault... tracy porter*

Late round WR"s?

what the hell was that?

aaronwilson Porter can cover, he's tough and he has a good backpedal, good ball skills.

aaronwilson Dexter Jackson Donnie Avery is rising fast, could go in second or third round.

How about OT Hills? Possible Raven target? \

aaronwilson Him or Collins. They also like Zuttah and Schwartz from Oregon. And Sam Baker.

aaronwilson They like Rice, but they want a power back. They like Forte, Johnson, Hightower.

1,0nnot Choice?

aaronwilson Already mentioned Choice earlier.

Overall feedback form minicamp?

Aaron Wilson It was tough, guys are being challenged mentally and physically. Their heads are spinning a little. It's a lot to take in, but Harbs said he was impressed.

who do you think is commanding the huddle better, Troy or Kyle? in terms of morale, leadership, and hesitation in the huddle... who is running the offense better

aaronwilson I thought Kyle threw better, but Troy seems more confident. I think Kyle is learning the offense faster.

He always was a quick study

aaronwilson It's so early.

aaronwilson I think both quarterbacks looked decent, but the receivers were awful. Clayton looked solid. Williams and Figurs were not good. Figurs was garbage. Dwill is healthy. Just looked rusty.

Aaron Wilson Scandrick visited the Ravens and could be a third-rounder. 4.32 speed. They had a workout with Terrance Wheatley, too.

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