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adamcaplan The Ravens, I'm told, are really looking hard at Flacco

> > > adamcaplan will be in my AFC notes later tonight

> >Question: Really...not Henne?

> > adamcaplan: Nope

> > Question: What would it take to get high enough to get him

> > adamcaplan: That's the issue, probably would have to trade up

> adamcaplan: there are a bunch of teams really doing more homework on him this > week

> > adamcaplan: We're talking trading up in the second probably to the first

> >adamcaplan: As for Henne, I believe Flacco has a higher grade

> Question: Kiper and Mcshay were on SC earlier and said Ryan will be their > at 8 for B-more. Do you think that is true?

> > adamcaplan: KC won't draft him

> > Question: Do you think the Rams and the Falcons are going to swap picks?

> adamcaplan: so he doesn't go at #3? he could last until 8. As for ATL trade, they want a lot of picks

> > > aaronwilson: I've > heard that Baltimore ranks the quarterbacks this way: Ryan,Flacco, Henne then Brohm.

> adamcaplan: Pretty much what you have is their thinking

> > > Question: How do you see the first 5 coming off the board?

adamcaplan: This is an interesting draft because there are no franchise players. teams really don't know what others are doing

> >Question: How about an ATL and Rams deal swapping picks

adamcaplan: unless ATL wants Dorsey that bad, I don't see the point. I believed earlier this week Long but Dorsey probably makes for > sense for STL if they keep it from a needs standpoint

> adamcaplan: As for ATL, it's Dorsey or Ryan. The owner wants the QB to be the face of the franchise after what happened with Vick

> Question: Any big inside news this week on the top 10 teams that youve > heard? You said you bring the good stuff out this weeeeek,....

adamcaplan: Just your usual talk and everyone other than NO wants to trade > down

>> > adamcaplan: Check my NFC notes out earlier

> > adamcaplan: AFC goes up after the chat

adamcaplan: and then I'll update again on Friday

> > Question: ESPN said Adam Carriker is up to 315, why would STL take Dorsey if > that is the case instead of swapping with ATL for a late round pick?

> adamcaplan: He's not that heavy. He's playing out of position at DT. Unless they are serious about keeping him inside it has to be > Dorsey. if not, Long who would start and James Hall would be their third DE

> > aaronwilson: How viable is a trade-back scenario for Baltimore and how far do > you think they would move? Also, do you think they would that if? Matt Ryan is gone, which player would they choose between Leodis McKelvin > and Sedrick Ellis. Ellis would seem to be higher graded, but not as much of a need spot.

> > > adamcaplan: Funny, I just broke down what would happen if Ryan were gone and have those two are the picks. thing is Ellis would have to beat out Gregg who isn't bad

> adamcaplan: they don't need the DT as bad, more depth issue there

> > adamcaplan: CB again as you guys know I've been saying for months, they need a > young CB who can play now and McKelvin can play special teams returns too.

> > > Question: Are the Jets at all interested in Ryan or is it all smoke?? It seems > ridiculous to me since they drafted Clemens in the 2nd last year.

> > adamcaplan: He's high on their board but I do really believe the McFadden > talk is real

> > Question: Boldin is on the list of those requesting a trade

> > adamcaplan: Boldin won't get his deal now so he has no choice but to stay and ARI has no one to replace him

> > Question: if I were Buffalo? I would send #11 their way

> > adamcaplan: BUF needs a big WR but they should trade down to take Thomas

> > > > Question: Where is Lito getting traded?

> > >
> > Question: So Lito is sitting on the bench with the Eagles this yr?

> > adamcaplan : He would move to RCB. Brown as the nickel. Honestly, if I were the Eagles I would keep Sheppard, that would be > one hell of a secondary

> >aaronwilson: Harbaugh knows better than pretty much anyone to shy away from > Sheppard. He had to coach him last year.

> > adamcaplan: BAL wants a CB with a high upside that can play soon like McKelvin

> > >Question: What do you see happening with Kevin Jones and Shawn > Alexander?? Backups somewhere?

> adamcaplan: KJ hasn't had a visit since he was cut because he's not ready > and won't be until August at the earliest. As for Alexander, a team that needs an experienced RB

> > aaronwilson: From a personality standpoint, what do you think about McKelvin? > They say he's the kind of kid who embraces a challenge and won't be intimidated. It's too bad he's not a little taller with better hands.

> > adamcaplan: to be a #2. Pretty good kid, aggressive

> > Question: If not Ryan, McKelvin.? If not McKelvin, Elis?

> Question: Will Flacco be at pick 38, do u think?

> little to get him

> Question: cost?

> >adamcaplan: as for Flacco, depends where you're trading to

adamcaplan a few picks from where they are in the second to go up like 5-6 > spots won't cost much

> > > >Question: You think Flacco will NOT go in the first, though, right?

> >adamcaplan: He's projected to go very early second

> > adamcaplan: My guess is whoever wants him will trade over the early second > round teams to the late first to make sure they get him

> > adamcaplan: As I wrote today and this surprised me, GB is hot after Flacco

> > > adamcaplan: I may turn out to be wrong, I never thought they were serious about > a QB in the first two rounds but league sources say they are

> Question: So your thinking GB may go QB round 1?

> > adamcaplan: Yes

> adamcaplan: Rogers has only two years left on his deal and he hasn't started a game yet

> > Question: How long is the draft projected to go the first day? 3PM till > when???

>adamcaplan: Probably until 10 pm ET

> > > Question: Possible homes for Henne, Brohm and Flacco adamcaplan: HENNE: 5-7 teams picking in the third or second. Flacco-GB, MIA, BAL, ATL

> Question: Who are the Ravens interested in in rounds after round 1?

> adamcaplan: If they get Ryan, Antoine Cason CB 2nd, Orlando Scandrick CB-3rd or 4th

> > aaronwilson: What do you think of these Day II linebackers Ravens are > supposedly high on: UNLV's Beau Bell, Miami's Tavares Gooden, Iowa's Mike Humpal and Colorado's Jordan Dizon.

> > > adamcaplan: AA: Dizon is more of a weakside cover 2 WLB

> > < > > What do you think about RB Choice, OLB Crable > > > Question: 2 CBs?

> > adamcaplan: We're talking players they like

> adamcaplan: They are also looking at DTs

> adamcaplan: the big WR would come later

> > > adamcaplan: BTW, Clady is high on their board

> > > adamcaplan: looking at my notes I think Clady would go before Ellis

> > Question: They are not interested in Hardy, then?

> >adamcaplan: Mildly in the second

> >adamcaplan: not a huge need

> > Question: You think they like Clady OVER Ellis?

> > adamcaplan> they need depth From what I can see, yes

> > adamcaplan: could they take Ellis there if both are there at #8 and it comes > down to both? it's really close

> > Question: Need is more LT, but Ellis is better player i thought

> > adamcaplan: but Ellis is higher on their board

> >adamcaplan: but my sense is Ozzie takes BPA at need position

> > adamcaplan: that's why Clady could be the guy, very tough call

> > adamcaplan: If it was me making the pick it would be Ellis, bettr player and > person, some teams wonder if Clady has the driver to excel

> > aaronwilson: Clady seems soft to me, too. Just watching his demeanor and body language last Friday during > his visit to the Ravens' training complex

> > Question: Could Clady start rigt away or will he need to develop

> > > adamcaplan: Good question, my sense is he's more ready than Gaither

> > Question: Any chance we trade back and take DRC

> > adamcaplan: I know they would like to trade down and get more picks

> >adamcaplan: but it really depends on how the picks go before they pick and who > is left on the board

> adamcaplan: there are a ton of scenarios in the top 10

> > > aaronwilson: Adam, who do you think is the last man standing in the green room > in New York? Any embarrassing Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers moments on the horizon?

> > adamcaplan: I don't buy the Ryan talk about him dropping past 10

> > aronwilson: Gotcha

> > > Question: Will McFadden fall past 7?

> adamcaplan: IF NYJ doesn't take him, he could go in free fall

> > adamcaplan: I suspect CAR and CHI would look to move up or to DEN

> > Question: Would we be interested in Gholston?

> > Question: BAL wouldnt take him?

> adamcaplan: My sense is they don't like the fact that Gholston doesn't come > to play every game

> > > adamcaplan: very inconsistent

> > Question: Where do you think Chris Long ends up?? Think KC will take him > now that they lost Allen?

> > adamcaplan: He's another one who could go #2 or drop some

Question: What are the Chiefs doing at 5

> > > adamcaplan: My sense is Gholston

> >aaronwilson: Do you think Carolina is willing to move up to No. 7 if Matt Ryan > slides that far? I think Marty Hurney was bluffing.

> > adamcaplan: if he dropped to #5 That's the team that looks to go to 9-10

> > > adamcaplan: NE BTW would love to trade down

> > >adamcaplan: I don't think KC takes Ryan and NYJ too but you never know

> > adamcaplan: they were gaga over Clemens before the draft two years ago

> > > > Question: Has the question someone sked earlier about DWill getting snaps > with the first team

aaronwilson: Both Demetrius and Clayton took snaps with the first team.

>Question: Odds the Falcons don't take Ryan....Pretty slim, huh?

> > > aaronwilson: Very slim that ATL doesn't draft Ryan.

> > > Question: What does that mean for Mason?

> > > aaronwilson Derrick Mason is a lock to start. It doesn't affect him, but > Clayton will face competition from Williams.

> > >aaronwilson: Based on the minicamp, Clayton doesn't have too much to worry > about. Dwill dropped a lot of passes.

> > Question: I hear the Rams FO wants Long and coaches want Dorsey

> > aaronwilson: But the owner wants Ryan.

aaronwilson: Yes, there's a split there. Keep in mind these coaches might not > be long for their jobs. But the new front office boss, Billy Devaney, has job security. We'll see who wins.

> Question: What are you hearing about with STL and ATL swapping, is that a > legit possibility?

> > aaronwilson: I don't think STL and ATL swap unless ATL makes it really worth > their while.

> > aaronwilson> Jared Gaither has been acting up, skipping meetings, > weightlifting. Matsko has gotten in his face about it.

> > > Question: That guy is a head case Gaither

> aaronwilson: He hasn't changed.

> > Question: If they decide on Long why not grab the xtra pick?

> aaronwilson: I don't know what the exact thinking is in Atlanta and St. Louis. > Most likely they just make their picks at their current spots.

> aaronwilson: Well, Adam is recovering from ankle surgery. The good news is Adam > has put on some quality bulk, mostly in the upper body.

> > > Question: can you get his new weight when you see him?

> > > aaronwilson: I think Adam is about 330.

> aaronwilson: Jason Brown has lost weight, down to 323, from in excess of 350 > pounds.

> > aaronwilson: Eric DeCosta said he liked Jeremy Zuttah, Sam Baker, Geoff > Schwartz.

> >Question: Target OL?? Hills?

> > aaronwilson: Oregon.

> aaronwilson: They like Tony Hills and Anthony Collins, too.

> Question: Is our staff really UP on the Maryland guy?

> > < > > aaronwilson: They liked Dre Moore, too.

Question: When could we get Baker?

> > aaronwilson: Fourth round for Baker would be about right.

> > > Question: Would Crable fit our scheme?

> >aaronwilson: Bilbo, he would be a good player here. I am inducting you as the > president of the Shawn Crable fan club. I think he's drawn more interest from the Cleveland Browns, though.

> > aaronwilson: He's heavier than that. Schwartz, that is. Big dude, Tony Pashos type.

> >Question: Any talk about Josh Johnson, mabye drafting him along with whatever > first rounder we take

> aaronwilson: No, I haven't heard about a double quarterback draft. In all > likelihood, he winds up somewhere else. Josh has said that Tampa Bay is on him hard as he fits that Jeff Garcia mold. That makes sense to me, too.

> question: If the Ravens don't get one of the top 4 QB's what is their fallback > QB

aaronwilson: They have a decent grade on Erik Ainge. Bad mobility, though.

>Quessstion: Any DE favorites?

>aaronwilson: Lawrence Jackson would fit.

>Question: Isn't Ainge a project, Aaron

> > > aaronwilson: Ainge is more polished than you think.

> > what happened to Andre Woodson he disappeared

> > aaronwilson: Hi, Casey. That makes my night. Guys, feel free to ask Casey questions, too. He is our guest star.

> > > Casey: lol here is my sleeper pick at #8 ....Keith Rivers

> > aaronwilson: Casey covers the Ravens for WNST.

> > > aaronwilson: Not bad. Rivers is a really safe pick.

> Casey: ray and bart in final year of contract

> > >
> > Casey: i say yes

> > > Question: Casey and Aaron - with harbaugh as coach, are the pregame charades > over?

> >Casey: yea heard that Gaither is little overwhelmed with offense

> > > Question: What about Clady? It seems that if we're going to take someone, they > won't be as much of a project as Albert

> > aaronwilson: Albert is a really good player. He was one of their local visits, > very impressive kid from Glen Burnie High. Kansas City or New England may draft him.

> > Casey: but if albert is going to be a tackle which this team needs

> aaronwilson: Eric says he plays with a nastiness, but he seems like another > Alex Barron to me.

> Casey: clady doesn't make a lot of sense here to me

> > Louisiana.

Casey: dorsey will be solid....craig steltz .safety will be 5th or 5th > rounder

> aaronwilson: Clady has played both left and right tackle, but is a tad light to > anchor on the right side.

> > < > > Question: How about the CB

> > aaronwilson: I like Early Doucet when he's healthy.

> > Casey: jacob hester will be a very solid fullback for someone

> > > Question: what do u think of doucets falling stock?

> Casey: that is doucet's issue is his health

> Casey: matt flynn the qb will be undrafted guy (QB)

> > aaronwilson: Moore is getting drafted in first three rounds.

> > > Question: what's the story on booty?? Where are they projecting him to go now? aaronwilson: Booty is a fourth rounder in all likelihood. Just not an > impressive athlete or thrower. Smart kid, though.

> > aaronwilson Casey, do you think Matt Ryan makes it to No. 8? I'm beginning to > think he won't make it there. Seems like a long shot.

> Casey: i think the chances of ryan making it are a little better now

>Question: If Ryan and McKelvin are gone, and Albert, Ellis, Clady, and Rivers are > there, who do the Ravens take?

> Casey: atlanta i thought sealed the deal in not taking him when they got > picks for deangelo hall

> > aaronwilson: It all hinges on Glenn Dorsey.

> > Casey: i think the chiefs will now go 0-line or gholston then take henne, > brohm, of flacco later

> aaronwilson: I think he is worth it at No. 8. At the very least, Ryan is a > major upgrade in terms of accuracy, size and intelligence under center compared to Kyle Boller and Troy Smith.

> > Casey: the jets are the wilcard in my opinion....

> > > > Question: if ryan is gone at 8 do we need to trade up to get henne, flacco or > brohm?

> > > Casey: i don;t see ravens trading up

> >aaronwilson: Jets' beat guy in a SI.com mock draft I was in took Matt Ryan when > Darren McFadden went to Oakland. So, I took Leodis McKelvin for Baltimore.

> > > Casey: i will tell you this..having chance to talk to Matt Ryan at combine, > he is very impressive

> > > > Question: Injuries at all concern on Henne?

> > aaronwilson: Henne has intangibles, but is an average athlete in Ravens' > estimation. They like his toughness, but Peter King overreached with his > column yesterday.

> > > Casey: carries himself like a 10 year vet

> > Question: Henne just looks like a could by a solid but not spectacular player > but he's a team player who will be consistent

> > aaronwilson: He's pretty beaten up.

> Question: Aaron & Casey...so who wins the starting job..Boller or Smith?

> Casey: boller

> aaronwilson: Boller.

> aaronwilson: No matter how much Smith acts like he's been to 10 Pro Bowls. > > Question: Can Ellis play RE?

> > aaronwilson: Ellis is barely 6-foot-1. Not too many defensive ends that size > unless they can run like Dwight Freeney. Ellis runs a 5.1.


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