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adamcaplan Talking to Scott Brunner his personal QB tutor, another tall U of Delaware QB, he wanted him to sit for two years maybe play a little in second year

durability? do you think Joe will hold up OK under the pounding that NFL QBs get?

adamcaplan but with this team it won't happen

adamcaplan TO: He knows how to get out of the way

adamcaplan sometimes he holds on to the ball a little too long but then again, his WRs weren't very good they didn't win their battles enough

do you think it was a good trade for the Jaguars to give up what they did for Harvey?

What do you think about Tavares Gooden?

adamcaplan AA: Talented developmental LB

adamcaplan FOR: I guessed it right after I heard they got the pick they wanted the best pass rusher in the draft for a 4-3 and they got him true edge rusher is Harvey

I figured the ravens could have gotten more then two thirds and a fourth but I guess they wanted the picks

aaronwilson I hear Zbikowski's kind of stiff, a bit of a freelancer, too, a la Ed Reed. What's your take on him? Tough kid, though

What about the Washington trade do you think he will be a good nickel

adamcaplan AA: Good Senior Bowl week, that helped him

adamcaplan PD: That's the role for him he got benched last season Walker in dime that's the target role for him

aaronwilson Washington has 4.29 speed, but he lost confidence ever since Chad Johnson burnt him. Benched after three games and replaced by Stanford Routt.

good hopefully he can back up Rolle in a pinch

aaronwilson Kind of small, too. Not a tackler. Reuniting with Chuck Pagano, his secondary coach the first two years of his career, could help.

I have heard that Nakamura will be a "guided missile" on special teams.....any thoughts on him?

adamcaplan AA: Speed is only good if you can play at a high level

adamcaplan FOR: Overachiever, fans will like him

aaronwilson Adam, do you think Marcus Smith could be a sleeper? He played very well against Antoine Cason last year. Seems like a kid with upside.

adamcaplan AA: Yes, that's why their secondary struggled last season

adamcaplan AA: He has nice size, could make roster

aaronwilson By the way, guys, make sure you check out Adam's post draft insider column. It's on the club level.

adamcaplan as #4 role.

adamcaplan the scheme that Cameron is bringing in is QB friendly so I expect Flacco to grasp it

will landry be the definite starter, or will there be a chance for competition with tom z?

aaronwilson Adam, what did you make of the stories circulating about the Rams' demands for the second pick? Looks like some national guys got spun around like a top by their sources as far as the trade talks not already being dismissed well before they were on the clock. What was the buzz in New York about that situation? adamcaplan the agent has only one holdout Kyle Brady back in 1995

adamcaplan AA: The Rams did want a lot so teams weren't willing to give that up, like the Saints

adamcaplan so they got Ellis instead of Dorsey

adamcaplan RAV: I'd expect Landry to still start at least this season

adamcaplan FOR: Yet Belichick was pissed he got him 12 years later

Joe Linta is a former football coach at Yale, also represents Browns coach Romeo Crennel. He's a good guy, well-connected, hard worker, he's going to do a fair market-value deal commensurate with the 18th pick slot.

was there really any danger that the Jets were going to sneak in front of the Ravens and Grab Joe Flacco?

adamcaplan TO: There were 3-4 teams that liked Flacco, ATL-they got Ryan, GB-their head coach talked at length to the U of D coaches last week NYJ-they had a private workout recently and he was great there They wanted to make sure they got him Henne was next I'm told no Brohm in the picture they would have skipped the QB

aaronwilson Do you think Matt Ryan will have a hard time in Atlanta or do you think he'll turn them around?

adamcaplan AA: Their OL is terrible

adamcaplan that's the scary thing

Sam Baker are you kidding me?

adamcaplan FOR: They did reach surprising a RT or guar in the NFL not LT

they could have gotten him in the second...if not oh well cause hes not worth two seconds

adamcaplan FOR: We'll never know

adamcaplan that

adamcaplanbut he had a second round grade from most teams

adamcaplan What will be interesting is if Flacco has a great training camp and Boller looks like, well Boller

adamcaplan and Troy Smith looks like, well Troy Smith

Adam, do you think Nakamura can make this team? adamcaplan FL: Sure if he dresses, it would be for specials

any of the draft picks you see not making the team? adamcaplan RAV: Lets get through the minicamps first

aaronwilson What do you think of Jameel McClain, a Philly kid, linebacker from Syracuse? Seems like their best undrafted guy so far.

What do you think of the Fabian Washington trade?

is there any of the Ravens picks that you consider a reach?

adamcaplan but most should

adamcaplan based on depth

adamcaplan AA: decent developmental prospect

adamcaplan ROD: They had to get a nickel I told you guys Walker couldn't do that

adamcaplan he has to play in dime he can't cover speed WRs

aaronwilson Yep, Walker couldn't even get it done last year in Green Bay. Rode the pine.

adamcaplan Washington doesn't play to his listed 40-time

but he still has good speed

Adam: What is your take on the Ravens not taking a DE at all in the draft? Is it a sign that they are content or that they didn't see the value? Pryce/Suggs/Barnes enough for now?

adamcaplan TO: Specials could have been better last year

adamcaplan PUR: Rex Ryan is pretty good moving guys around so he'll be ok

I was wondering why they took Ray Rice over a corner...Ray Rice is a great pick, but there were no good corners there?

adamcaplan 2009 they address CB/DE

purplepoe Aaron: Rolle out as in cut or out as not starting and being the nickel?

aaronwilson Plus, Stover has a weak leg for kickoffs and they cut E.J. Cochrane recently. Maybe Harbs is trying to have the best kickoff team in the league. Walker, by the way, does have one redeeming quality: He's a heckuva punt gunner.

adamcaplan FOR: There were decent CBs

adamcaplan but getting a high end RB was a need as well who could do what Rice can

adamcaplan they lacked speed at RB

aaronwilson Not starting, demoted possibly, but Washington will have to have his game face on and Rolle will need to have epilepsy issues for that to happen.

adamcaplan he will catch passes

adamcaplan Cameron loves to use RBs on screens

adamcaplan Lorenzo Booker averaged about 6 catches/game over like last 5-6 games last season and Ronnie Brown would have caught at least 80 had he not gotten hurt

aaronwilson Do you think Rice will be as durable in the NFL? Kind of small, but he is tough. Do you think he'll be a good pass-catcher out of the backfield?

is Oniel Cousins a finesse guy or a technique guy?

adamcaplan AA: He's solidly built

adamcaplan I would expect 7-10 touches/game

are there any free agent TEs left that could help the Ravens without hurting our cap situation?

adamcaplan Good interior lineman, he might have gone a tad high but good upside could start some day

adamcaplan TO: Not really Just blocking TEs

adamcaplan FOR: He could

adamcaplan but probably guard for now

aaronwilson I would stay away from Dominique Byrd, too. Headcase from USC that the Rams cut.

what about Hale?

the tackle they landed in the 4th

6,0Rice should at least be good in bad weather,,,,He is from way up here (Potsdam NY) and all we get is bad weather

adamcaplan AA: Gawd, and I'm still trying to figure out why they drafted him

adamcaplan FOR: Developmental OL may not dress on Sunday's upside

aaronwilson Big Mormon kid, DeCosta compared him in terms of temperament to Tony Pashos and Marshal Yanda. We'll see.

How about Allen Patrick? a very late pick, any thoughts?

Whose drafts did you like and not like?

adamcaplan TO: Practice squad or cut

adamcaplan no room

adamcaplan AA: Most drafts were good

adamcaplan I thought Chicago would draft a QB

that was a surprise

adamcaplan I got their first round right

adamcaplan but after that I thought for sure they would take a QB

I thought we were going to get Branden Albert

adamcaplan but I like Matt Forte

who will do better in 2008 Ryan or Flacco?

adamcaplan TO: Hard to say

hopefully neither cause they both wills it Aaron, do the new OL picks suggest Brown moves to center?

I thought he said we were going to get Branden Albert, why didn't we?

aaronwilson I don't think the new offensive linemen change Brown's status.

aaronwilson They're still trying to go with Chris Chester.

I get the feeling that Flacco will be starting sooner rather than later as long as he doesn't look like a complete noob. Is that likely?

aaronwilson They didn't grade Albert high enough to go there and their fallback plan on Flacco took precedence.

how many LBs does a team normally carry because right now we have 11 including special teamers (stills, ayanbadejo) and our draft picks this year (not including udfas)

aaronwilson It's going to be hard to keep Flacco off the field, especially given the competition he's facing.

aaron, we do not have a veteran back-up at center unless Brown moves over......is Brown our back-up center when the season starts??

aaronwilson If memory serves me, Baltimore usually has about nine or 10 on the active roster.

aaronwilson Yes, Jason Brown is the backup center.

He still takes reps at that spot.

This new guy they brought in Adam Kraus played center at michigan

I can see him getting a spot

aaronwilson Yep, but he's undrafted. Not a great athlete.

aaronwilson He's not bad, and he does have connections with Andy Moeller. I want to see him play more before passing judgment.

6,0Have you seen any of the newbies around yet?

aaronwilson Just Fabian Washington.

Is it perceived that Flacco has good pocket prescence because Jaws said he struggled against the zone blitzing team Villanova?

aaronwilson That's one game.

aaronwilson And his left tackle at Delaware was a slap.

how good is gooden, was he high on their board, i mean will this guy see any PT, i really think Barnes is going to turn out well, is he in the immediate plans

Is there any realistic hope that Gaither will straighten up and fly right? or did we waste a 5th round pick?

aaronwilson Gooden was regarded as a potential second-round pick.

aaronwilson They are worried big-time that Gaither will never get his head screwed on right.

aaronwilson He was chronically late for things last year and is skipping weightlifting, meetings, etc.. this offseason.

aaronwilson One time he said he had car trouble.

So drafting Cousins and Hale is pretty big indication of what we think about him?

Any chance that Gaither gets cut this year if he continues to be a Slacker?

aaronwilson On Gooden, I mean worthy of second round for somebody.

aaronwilson I think Cousins is more of a guard down the road.

aaronwilson Hale is more of a right tackle.

aaronwilson Might allow them to eventually push Yanda inside to guard.

aaronwilson I don't think they plan to cut Gaither at this point. Could it happen? John Harbaugh could answer that better than I could.

aaronwilson Cousins has also played LT and RT, could be a swing backup. Sort of a poor man's Jeremy Zuttah. Good athlete, needs more seasoning.

I guess what they did was draft Oline who can play multiple positions so they can have more competition?

aaronwilson That's the idea: to create depth and competition and versatility. And inject toughness. Similar theme at safety and other spots.

we are LOADED at Guard, but I'm a little worried that someone could offer Jason Brown enough money that we would have to let him go.....any progress in signing Jason Brown long term?

do they feel content with the corner situation, I mean with washington in the mix, is our corner problem to them as big as it is to the message boards

aaronwilson Jason Brown's agent said the talks have only been preliminary discussions.

if anyone wanted to do that, they would've done it during the draft

aaronwilson No, they know that the cornerback situation could be a problem. They are just hoping they get lucky with this one. They're betting that he can be decent. He's so much better than David Pittman and Derrick Martin, so it's a solid move.

6,0I like the idea of flexible depth...after last season you never know what position we are going to need back up for (or back up 6,0for the backups)

expect any June 1 corners to get in the mix

I think DeCosta had a huge part in that trade because of how he drafts CBs, I think he knows he's not good at it so they didnt draft any

aaronwilson I don't think they'll go for any more cornerback depth.

aaronwilson Eric was concerned about the guys that haven't worked out at cornerback. That's why they wanted to get a new one.

Aaron, Can PAGS can turn around Fabian Washington????

aaronwilson They wanted to get Mike Jenkins or Brandon Flowers, but it didn't work out.

is zbikowski expected to really push landry for the starting spot?

aaronwilson I think Pags is a good coach. I like his chances of helping Washington regain his form.

aaronwilson No, I don't think Zbikowski is going to start.

i was super shocked the passed on McKelvin was he #1 on their board aaronwilson He was their top-rated cornerback, but not their eighth-best player. More like top 15.

did they ever seriosly consider rivers

aaronwilson No, they didn't.

i'm curious who they turn the card in at 8 for

I thought Rivers was crying because the Bengals told him they weren't taking him

aaronwilson Didn't need him or have a sufficiently high enough grade to get him. Eventually, he starts. Nickel back at first.

there is NO depth behind Trevor Pryce....if he goes, so does our pass rush.....any chance we sign a back-up DE? Free agent?

I'd cry because the Bengals did take me...

aaronwilson I think they would have picked Gholston if he had made it to eight and Ryan was gone. They still like Antwan Barnes. He's getting a lot better. In pass coverage, too. Hard-working kid.

has he been workign on his technique?

aaronwilson Not as one-dimensional as before.

Could Jarrett Johnson be challenged this year?


aaronwilson I don't think he'll beat out Jarret, but I don't think Jarret gets many third-down reps.

aaronwilson Antwan looks like he's about 240, 245.

. and I was impressed with Gholston....damn

aaronwilson There was no way he was going to get past the Jets. Not with McFadden and Ryan gone. He was their Plan C.

We're we tempted to trade Suggs at any time during the draft

Aaron: No.

so is the future LB corp set? Barnes, Burgess, Gooden, Suggs, and Scott and Johnson

aaronwilson I think they're in good shape at linebacker now.

aaronwilson They need Barnes and Burgess to progress as well as Gooden, Jones, etc..

Aaron: After looking at the draft and reevaluating my intial thoughts (i didn't like it) I'm thinking one thing. The FO truly believes that this team can compete this year. What do you thinka bout that?

aaronwilson I could see Jarret sticking if he plays better this year. He's a Rex Ryan favorite.

aaronwilson The idea is to see if Harbs can win with Billick's players, giving them a kick in the ass.

aaronwilson They have already had preliminary talks with Bart about a new deal.

if they change barts schemes from a year ago, he will have same season as his pro bowl yr

aaronwilson And he definitely wantes to come back.

cant make him drop back into coverage so much

I think we're going to go back to our old form = Thugs

aaronwilson I thought they underutilized him as a blitzer, though.

i agree

aaronwilson Actually, Harbs is trying to reform the team some. A lot of squeak clean draft picks.

aaronwilson The Gooden pick was excellent. We called it, too.

aaronwilson Red-star signifies toughness, character, attitude. Rice is a great person.

how about the kid out of Oklahoma

aaronwilson Tough kid, hard runner, former safety in junior college and briefly at Oklahoma. Waited his turn to play. Never complained.

Ozzie newsome said in his press conference that Marcus Smith was a Slot receiver, do you agree with that?

aaronwilson Cousins is a good project, Hale is tough, somewhat limited athletically. Smith is more of a special-teams guy. Could compete in slot over the middle. Good at breaking tackles, after the catch.

how has Dwill recouped from his injury?

aaronwilson Motivated kid, played one week after his mom died of an aneurysm and excelled against Antoine Cason.

Aaron what do you think of the 6-5 reciever we just signed?

aaronwilson Demetrius seems like he's rounding into form. A little rusty.

Yeah, I read about him and cason too

aaronwilsonGood possession receiver, the kid from Minnesota. Slow, though. 4.6. Very productive good blocker, good hands.

maybe hes a TE project

aaronwilson Not a tight end. He's a receiver.

have we added another TE to the mix? now that Qsyp may be gone for the yr

aaronwilson Scott Kuhn, Louisville, and Joe Reitz, former basketball player at Western Michigan. Reitz is 6-7, 270. Up from 255 pounds, his basketball weight.

how is Wilcox since his surgery?

aaronwilson I think Goode may only be coming on a tryout basis, the Maryland kid. A Maryland official told me he might be going to the Redskins, too.

where did Haynos get drafted? if at all

Wilcox is getting better.

undrafted, Packers

aaronwilson Crummie went to Chargers.

henderson the vikings

aaronwilson Lattimore to Cowboys.

aaronwilson Ball may or may not be coming here.

Any updates on Suggs and his grievance hearing?

aaronwilson No date set for Suggs.

aaronwilson Not a high priority for the union, I've been told.

I don't understand how the Ravens haven't demanded a quicker settlement. Do they not want to push it in case they lose?

aaronwilson: Not a huge priority.

Are any players going to have a Haloti Ngata/Demetrius Williams type situation about graduating?

how is our secondary shaping up?

aaronwilson Secondary still needs work.

aaronwilson The settlement date is out of the Ravens' hands.

how about Fabian...starter or nickleback aaronwilson Eventually, he starts.

aaronwilson Nickel back at first.

aaronwilson Wouldn't be shocked if Suggs held out if things turn ugly in the contract talks.

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